Dragon Nest ~ Big update coming soon

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Finally an important update for Dragon Nest players! A lot of players are Lv. 32 and it has been that way since March 20.

Tomorrow the level cap will be raised to 40. The big update comes with new quests, 11 new stages, 8 new monsters and 13 new boss monsters.
There is a special micro site about this big update, you can see images of the new stages and monsters and other cool stuff.
Click HERE to see~

Don’t forget to watch the YouTube video for the demonstration of the Lv. 40 skills. It’s amazing.

Cerberus Nest

I finally achieved level 32. Unfortunately for me, it is the maximum level. There is nothing much I can do… except hunting for Kerberos.

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Japanese Dragon Nest PV

As many of you may know, Dragon Nest is a new action RPG game developed by Eyedentity Games and has been in OBT since March in Korea.
Other countries have showed interest in this game such as China, Japan and America.
CBT is about to start in Japan, starting from April 28th. OBT is in late May and the official version will be presented in June.

Aside from Tespia, I have been playing this game nonstop. I am almost Lv. 30 and it’s so much fun! Since I’m leveling fast, I am facing a disadvantage.
The level cap right now is 32 and you cannot earn % at Lv. 32. I hope a big update with a level cap removal will come soon~!

Dragon Nest makes use of voice acting, which means you will hear many different voices from NPCs, monsters and skills.
Recently it has been announced that Japanese rockstar GACKT will be lending his voice to Belskard, the main villain in Dragon Nest.

To promote Dragon Nest in Japan, a promotional video has been released.

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This PV is so good. I watched it today for 3 times already. +_+
I hope Dragon Nest will come to America soon, so you can enjoy and have fun as well!

GMS ~ Grow Your Dragon event

The ”Grow Your Dragon” event of GMS is different from the one KMS held. In GMS, you have to send seven drawings, showing the growth of your Onyx dragon.
Some people uploaded their entries on DeviantART and various fan sites.

I came across a series of images which I found very good. I like the style and it’s very detailed~
A few days ago WordPress released a new feature: slideshow.
With that being said, check out the slideshow. ↓

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think we got a winner!

The images are from Kynim. She can draw really good.
My most favorite image is #6 Phierlon doing Blaze). #7 is good, but the 6th is better.
FYI: She renamed Mir to Phierlon.

Click here to visit her DeviantART to see her other creations of MapleStory.

What are your favorite drawings/images from the Grow Your Dragon event?

Dragon Nest ~ Level 15: Advancement to Priest!

Hello everyone, I’m sorry for the lack of updates of MapleStory, there has been no game update for the test server. I think next week, but we’ll have to see.
In the meantime I am playing a new game that went OBT not too long ago.

I’m definitely loving Dragon Nest and I’m loving it even more since I advanced to Priest.
The skills of Priest are so amazing. +_+

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Dragon Nest

I got bored of MapleStory, waiting for a new update to appear in the test server.

A couple days ago I tried a new game that just went OBT(Open Beta).
This action RPG game is called Dragon Nest and when I heard of this game I thought it would be an OK game, but it’s actually a really good game.

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Level 50 and 2PM event

Finally Level 50! Mir (dragon) evolved into a tougher dragon.

I got one amazing skill!! Magic Flare. It’s such a cool skill and it hits one enemy pretty fast.

Being Level 50 I can finally wear the Golden set.

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