MapleStory: Big Bang

The massive update has a name! It’s called Big Bang. No, I am not talking about the Korean boy group Big Bang but about an update, hehehe.
Nexon held a press conference in the Grand InterContinental hotel about the upcoming summer patch of MapleStory.

So what is the Big Bang update all about? If you been following my blog, you will know that a LOT has changed in the past two weeks.
I mean… Two new jobs!  The Battle Mage and the Wild Hunter, a complete overhaul of the game, signs of another job and an idea of how one new area will look like!!

This summer update will be the biggest ever in history, that’s a fact.

The official video for the Big Bang update has been released. I added my English translation. Check it out  ▼

[Alternative link]

The Big Bang update will be split up in three updates. The reason why it’s split up in three updates is because there is a story to each update respectively.
For more information please read more.

So what is the Big Bang update?
The Big Bang update is apparently too big to release everything at once.

On July 8th, a patch will be released that will contain the complete overhaul.
This means a complete reorganization & restructuring in:

  • Formulas
  • Monster balancing
  • Job balancing
  • Windowed mode
  • Support for 1024*786 resolution
  • Game UI skin
  • New skills
  • New EXP curve

The EXP curve is so good that 80% of required EXP has been reduced when you hit level 70.
The max. level requires half of the total existing EXP. That’s great. ^^!~

Since we’re getting new skills and our older skills removed, can we afford it to buy SP resets? No. We cannot do that! So therefore Nexon is giving us a free full SP reset.

On July 22nd, a counter movement called Resistance will be added to the game.

The Black Wings organization started their plan to revive the Black Magician in a city called Edelstein.
The city council, mine and the city were destroyed by Black Wings.

Now, a group of citizens from Edelstein built a hideout under the city
and named their movement 레지스탕스. (Resistance)
They have gained strength and they are planning to rebel against Black Wings…

Battle Mage
Combat type magician
Position: Tanker
Speciality: Aura skills

↑ Battle Mage’s Finish Blow skill

↑ Battle Mage’s Cyclone skill

↑ Battle Mage’s Dark Lightning skill

↑ Battle Mage’s Dark Genesis skill

Wild Hunter
Riding Archer
Position: Shooter
Speciality: Swallowing monsters

↑ Wild Hunter’s Flash Rain skill

↑ Wild Hunter’s Crossroad skill

↑ Wild Hunter’s Beast’s Anger skill

↑ Wild Hunter’s Sonic Boom skill

Pretty cool, eh? Make sure to see the Resistance playlist on YouTube!! Unfortunately a lot of videos are outdated since the skills were boosted and nerfed in later patches.
But with two jobs there must be a new area where you can advance into Battle Mage or Wild Hunter, right?

In March 2010 the MSEA crew uploaded photos of the Nexon office. And the curious me spotted an interesting photo:

Yes, an unreleased map! Two map icons were added in a recent Tespia patch and it confirmed my expectations. This IS Edelstein! Edelstein is the name of the new main area for Resistance and there is also a mine called Leben.
Photos were taken from the press conference and this just confirms it:

The Big Bang update is not done yet. A third patch related to Big Bang will be released in August!
On August 12th, a new reinforcement for Resistance will be added!

New support? What could this be? Let’s see.. We have the huge overhaul, the Battle Mage and Wild Hunter…

But.. I think I forgot about the Mechanic?

[Alternative Link]

The Mechanic is a Gunslinger-type Pirate. It can summon many robots and all the attacks need no bullets!

For more information about Mechanic, just search on my blog~
To end this blog entry, read the first part of the Big Bang comic. ^^

T/N: Kkyaak means a squeal

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290 Responses to MapleStory: Big Bang

  1. Expressiøn says:

    Wow. Nice nice =)

    • Jencalo says:

      the only reason that i can think of for them to reduce the exp curve is this one reason. they’re thinking of adding higher levels.

      • Rosh says:

        same here!

        • Anonymous says:

          Not gonna happen, that’d be MAD, and pointless, caus equips only go to lvl 120 (regular, excluding event stuff) and people would be like “wtf? I’ll never get there”

          • Martine says:

            Who says they won’t add new equips?

          • domingo says:

            thay will not make it over lvl 200 because thay want more ppl to be able to get that high and faster because there isn’t alot of lvl 200’s

          • Chris says:

            No! They gave a lower exp curve now because at first, when the game started there wasn’t enough content for maplers to do, so they raised the exp curve so that it takes more time for maplers to reach that lvl 200 goal so that maplers won’t get bored of the game and have the constant goal of wanting to achieve lvl 200. Since now the game has alot of content like more quests, etc. It is not necessary for the high exp curve, as players have lots more to expose to.

            Increasing the levels is just stupid. Why? because would it be fair on fangblade and other lvl 200’s? Who achieved lvl 200, and now what are they suppose to do? replay maple? and get to lvl 300?

          • FableKiller says:

            in fact on chaos update they are adding lvl 140 equips that you can make/get from PVP

          • peyton says:

            chris no one gives a fuck about fangblade and those losers..the game is gonna change regaurdless .thats how mmos work. major updates and nerfs here and there.

    • Ares says:

      Voldemort has once again risen!
      [Dark Magician = Dark Lord??]

      • Piness says:

        And the Black Wings are Death Eaters!
        The Headmaster of the school in Edelstein is dumbledore… Elex is Snape…
        the Black Wings are death eaters..

  2. Shdwstar2417 says:

    Saw this this morning. Cool.

  3. Expressiøn says:

    That would be cool to have a PQ against Black mage… like a PQ for lvl 200 and 120 (koc) xD

  4. Shdwstar2417 says:

    Technically he’d have to be stronger than Pink Bean….. So it ‘d be super hard .

    • andy says:

      ah u see shadow star pinkbean has a time limit. THats the only reason it is so hardd

      • Nano says:

        Well you see pink bean is not really that hard. You can check on youtube right now a NL can solo 4and 3/4 phases of the pink bean. which means if another person like him then pink bean can be killed by only two peoples.
        Don’t forget after the Big Bang the damage will be even stronger that means the NL himself can solo Pink bean

  5. frogogog says:

    lol black mage look like he has buck teeth…

  6. CautionSin says:

    OMG i wanna play as dark magician…. instead of full map ultimate, we’re talking full continent ultimate

  7. rauleli says:

    OMG the dark magician has resurrected. Which bishop did it?

  8. rauleli says:

    Gotta hand it to nexon for giving a good excuse for changing the whole game: “the black magician did it”

    I ♥ the comic and you too spadow (no homo)

  9. Shibii says:

    Ok I think I’ll go back on kms lol

  10. MRMAGICAL says:

    Haha i knew this was gonna happen and all i can say is… keep it up nexon!

    • Kyped says:

      This goes to all of the people screaming “keep it up nexon”: NEXON IS NOT THE DEVELOPER, but the distributer. NEXON has got nothing to do with how the game developes/new content. Wizet is the one you should thank. Nexon is a western corporation and the money sucking bitches who earns all the money.

      • Hanabira.Kage says:

        You’re talking about Nexon America. We’re talking about Nexon Korea.

        Nexon Korea merged with Wizet, so they’re collectively developing AND distributing MapleStory in Korea.

  11. Zenkishi says:

    We already have the Dark Magician job, Battle Mage, and The Blue Eyes White Dragon Job, Evan, I wonder if there is gonna be a Flame Swordsman job???

    • rauleli says:

      THis made me lol
      Flame sworsman job: page with fire charge

    • Raffaello says:

      We do not have a Black Magician job. The resistance is not helping the Black Magician. They are resisting him. This comic does not mean new class. It could mean, new area or new monster, or new pq. It could mean many things. But I think the the most unlikely thing it could mean is new class.

      • rauleli says:

        He said Dark Magician as in Yu Gi Oh cards

        • Anonymoose says:

          This may be pointless to mention, but the Dark Magician was originally called the Black Magician in Japan. And speaking of multiple names… I wonder if Nexon will fix the problem with the Black Magician being called 3 things in GMS (He is a Wizard, Mage and Magician). Anyway, enough of that.

          Personally I’m not surprised with the “Black Magician did it” explaination. What other than a supposedly all powerful being could completely change the landscape of every area in the game (or was it only victoria? I’m not all that sure).

      • seralyn says:

        useing the video as a refrence, we could expect an ENTIRE game change when it comes to graphics/map changes, as a refrewnce but not limted to, like whats happening in wow with its cataclysum patch, temporarly or permaninly changeing the maps, to show that the stroy line is progressing, or it could even mean new maps. that look like modified versions of the old ones, for people highe enough lvl to effecitvly use them, there are many things that it could mean :o

      • crapsode says:

        the comic isnt done yet….

      • johnny says:

        actually when they referred to the skills of the battle mage. the battle mage uses dark powers to fight such as dark genesis. -_- just some clearing things up.

    • hahaq says:

      I think maplestory should change name to Yu -Gi-StoryOh…..

    • Alsuke says:

      What happened to Red Eyes Black Dragon? NO NO NO, Wait, Harpie job

  12. rauleli says:

    I wonder whats going to happen after they release the black magician boss and after it gets defeated

    • SoBadAss says:

      Possibly an even stronger boss.
      maybe a rasied level cap to go along with it?

    • Luxeraph says:

      His followers will revive him again (or maybe us like we do with almost all the bosses) and then kill it again and on and on forever like in any other mmorpg, and also it wouldn’t be anything wierd if they did come up with someone even stronger than the black magician, just look at dragon ball.

      • Chronos says:

        Haha, so true. They will probably use the color gray next, and instead of the new boss being evil, he would be chaotic and nuetral.

  13. SixStrike says:

    Just told the GMS community, we need to get the word out!

  14. plsbanthem says:

    Yes Black Magician is here!!!

    I have been waiting for u! (I am playing aran lol, the one u freezed decades ago F5)

    But where are the other 3 heros LOL?

    Now that explains why the monsters will be stronger; its due to the return of the Black Magician, making them stronger.

    • crapsode says:

      i like your theory and yah where are the 3 other heroes
      there are some rumors about mech being a pirate hero

      • Ghost says:

        He could be part of the resistance

      • Alilatias says:

        Crackpot theory: Like Ghost said, perhaps the Pirate Legend IS a member of the Resistance. It would explain why they’re releasing him seperately from the other two Resistance classes.

        • Zacairga says:

          That sure would be…original of Nexon. I’d be caught by surpriise big time if they actually thought of a completely original idea themselves…

          • crapsode says:

            maybe the heroes willcome back when devastation starts
            and slowly all of them do thier parts?

        • Ghost says:

          Lol, I hope your wrong. The last thing we need is Nexon making 1 job from two branches.

        • BaasDualblade says:

          Yea, that would be cool…And including a storyline that he was a pure-hearted hero once, but the Dark Magician corrupted him with his powers…

        • Panda says:

          Late reply is late, but if you get this..

          The Mech. Is basiclly back up, because I was reading somewhere, here or otherwise, and the second update with the mech. class is called renforcements. So your Crackpot Theory Broke. c wat i did thar, crackpot, broke, Oh i’m so clever.

        • Austin says:

          No Mechanic is here Secret Weapon of Resistance thats why they release it last

  15. Marksman 47 says:

    I can’t wait for the next comic <3

  16. plsbanthem says:

    When Black Magician fought with the 5 heroes, he set fire to the town. It could mean Black Magician is fire-based and thus ice element weak…. which of course, fits perfectly for Aran to attack it once again.

    I hope Nexon add a new party buff called “The Heroes Reunion” where this a special buff granted to the past heroes who formed a party to fight against it. This buff could work like horntail buff…

    Ok just an idea of mine……….. dont flame me cheers^^

    • AwesomeAznBoy says:

      Don’t forget that the BLACK MAGICIAN FROZE ARAN. This means that the Black Magician has ice element as well as fire. Just Saying.

      • Zacairga says:

        Since this is Nexon, we can go ahead and assume they’re not being original with this…

        So I think it’d be pretty safe to say the Black Mage is very skilled with Fire, Ice, and Lightning spells.

        • Keitau says:

          Actually it’s pretty safe to say tht the black magician uses all elements including darkness and earth.

          • Zacairga says:

            I never said he didn’t. I just said it’s pretty much guranteed he knows Fire, Ice, and Lightning. I didn’t exclude anything.

          • Cody says:

            Plz be weak to holy Mr. Black Mage :D
            Paladins will own hopefully…

          • Ghost says:

            @cody: Yes, because they’ve been going through the Big Bang just to give Paladins the advantage at the end game.

          • Keitau says:

            LOL nice use of sarcasm ghost. Bt yea, the black Mage isn’t going to be weak agaisnt anything is wat we can assume.

      • dadsadadad says:

        actually it was just a inprison and by the way its called th BLACK mage so maybe darkness too

      • Thenwhatname says:

        Maybe he’s DOUBLE ELEMENTED!

  17. NovaNuvaMS says:

    lol if there is going to be a black mage boss or blackmage PQ the KOC won’t even stand a chance, which is sad T-T. The black mage is oviously mainly based on dark element/ negative energy or maybe it has all the 6 elements. i imagine blackmage raging, maybe he needs a host? omg blackmage u made the monsters stronger and thts why nexon is changing monster stats/levels. the Hero classes will pwn u blackmage!

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      Nexon could do something like this:

      The Queen’s Blessing
      A blessing bestowed by Queen Cygnus. Increases Weapon and Magic Attack by 50%, Weapon and Magic Defence by 100% and Accuracy and Avoidability by 30%.

    • Luxeraph says:

      Maybe they will get a bunch of new quest to try to help the civilians of the new stronger and more aggressive monsters, maybe even get a very long chain quest that will end in a myghty weapon being forged and only tradeable thru storage and only useable in the black magician pq.
      I mean the cygnus are more like the secret service at the orders of the empress.

    • you dont need to know my name says:

      ya heros will so ownage him even though me might die do to his big lightning ball or somethin in the vid other then tht we will have so much pwnage on him >=)bye bye blacky magey

      • StupidPersonIsStupid says:

        Or there won’t be a boss or pq? Nexon will just be lazy and say “HE’S DEFEATED, YAYAYAYAYAYHAPPYFACE” Since their lazy

  18. Jemkadetchy says:

    the black mage kind of has the resemblance of egroth

  19. Egimald says:

    Since they went and blamed the changes on the Black Mage, I wonder if they’re gonna change quests to speak of the Black Mage more.

    Like, take Ariant ( first half, not Magatia ), it had it’s own mini story that was going on, I wonder if they’ll drop that story and have the Black Mage have something to do w/ their troubles.

    That would make things interesting, having the story progress for the whole game xP

    • Egimald says:

      also, at 0:14 on the teaser video, I see the image used for a Battle Mage, some warrior, what I guess is a thief behind that, and the bird seen on the Aran images above them~

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      I hope Nexon doesn’t change Magatia’s awesome storyline. They will, of course, have to change the quest requirements a little…

  20. Kyped says:

    Good, I love how the guy on the video says “BIG BANG” :’D.

  21. OH SNAP!!! ITS HIM!!!!

  22. Voltaire says:

    ㅋㅋㅋ 이 포스트 볼니까 빅뱅 와 TOP 셍각이나 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그 만화가 아주멏있다! ㄳㄳ 스파도

  23. Xentar says:

    OMG… ok… preparing myself from now on… lot of changes, lot of features… a new game overall… wow.

  24. joey says:

    yay free sp resets ^.^

  25. EndsWithSho says:

    The comic alone looks truly badass.

  26. Gonpi says:

    I wonder if Orbis Exchange Quest still available after the changes?

  27. Alilatias says:

    Spadow, I have a Dual Blade-related question for you:

    Do you recall the masks? In KMST, they were untradable and Thief-only equips, right? What are the masks now? Common and account sharable?

    I ask this because some jerkwads at Basil are now harassing me over this issue.

  28. Shroum says:

    Im in love with the big bang font lol do want!

  29. Jose says:

    Is this patch happening for all versions on those set dates or just KMS?

    • Alilatias says:

      If it was happening for all versions, you’d think the respective sites for all versions would have mentioned it by now. Especially considering that it’s NEXT WEEK.

  30. Victor says:

    I liked that reference to the Korean band at the beginning! XD

    Good job on the update Spadow! Looking forward to all these updates to happen in GMS!

  31. RawVoltage says:

    Free SP Reset, Nexon<3 :D

  32. Ghost says:

    When they mean “a” free SP reset, does that mean all or just one SP?
    I’ve never brought SP resets before, but if it’s the same as AP reset, then we’re screwed…

    • Trinityblast says:

      Yeah, I’m hoping the answer to this question is all. Anyone know what the answer is?

    • Bnissley says:

      If it is just one then Nexon is a piece of shit company because 3rd and 4th job sp resets cost so much nx.

    • Yorckie says:

      According to Fiel, we are getting a new “Consume” item called “SP Initilization Order”. Restores all of your SP, then sets all available skills to have 1 SP in them.

      • Zacairga says:

        Lol. Looks like Ima still need some SP resets then.

        I do not want even one point in shield mastery, steal, or endure.

      • Secun says:

        The people that play KMST on Southperry said that it doesn’t give you 1 SP in each skill, but just resets all skills to 0, and that you get three, because you’re going to obviously want to test out your skills.

  33. Popsicklez says:

    hehe, he has a lirin’s ring…kinda awkward…
    i expect something dark in the next month or two…

  34. sarinomu says:

    Ahhh i c im gaining respect for Maple Again! :D well that means IM GOING TO MAKE A DUAL BLADE!!@! :P
    I blame the black mage too.

  35. Joel says:


  36. Bloodjedi says:

    WOW. This ties together EVERYTHING! MS finally gets the black mage story implemented, for both new and old players. GG Nexon/Wizet!

  37. DAggers says:

    Said by Spadow:
    Since we’re getting new skills and our older skills removed, can we afford it to buy SP resets? No. We cannot do that! So therefore Nexon is giving us a free SP reset.
    LOL Spadow, dun scare me eh,
    U say Nexon is giving us “A’ free SP reset…mean the cs one ,only one..?
    or they overally reset all our skill and then we can redistribute the sp agn?
    if only one, OMG =.=”
    Hmm..Spadow ,i remember u never say they giving us free “AP’ reset..
    So..Pure int build mage gg riaoz?

    • Zack says:

      i doubt we get ap resets, unless you’re level 200 you can always switch and add only luk for the next couple levels. even a level 200 can just get some luk equips to compensate

      • andy says:

        yeah i barely doubt they will but formulas for magic attk is changing so i think maybe magicians might get a free ap becuase they clearly have to reset there stats..@_@ its my theory it might not be true

    • Secun says:

      According to Fiel, this is a non-Cash full SP reset.
      Sets all your SP to 0. According to KMST players on Southperry, you also get 3 of them, because with all the new skills, you’re obviously going to want to test them out.

  38. Utahs says:

    Lol, like Barack Obama said “It’s time for a change!” xD Wild hunter is so sexy.

  39. Ghost says:

    How could they have a release date for the Mechanic job in August when it hasn’t even been introduced to KMST yet?

    Also, I could see the Big Bang as a re-opening for GMST, since it would be quite difficult to change so many areas of the game without it having some affect to non-KMS content in the game (Some Masterian Monsters and quests, LMPQ, etc)

    • Zacairga says:

      Mechanic class is probably going to either show up in the next week or so, or just skip KMST completely…

      And I doubt Nexon is gonna re-open GMST. While they do have GMST open again, they’re hiring content testers to play it instead… Which, looking at our terrible community, is actually pretty smart.

    • Spadow says:

      You forget that the Mechanic job is already in development and other people are testing it. Then the update will be transferred to the test server where the other many players can test it and after that it will be transferred in the official server. (KMS)

      • Ghost says:

        Yeah, but to already have a release date…. they would have to be pretty confidant there aren’t many bugs/glitches/errors on it. Imagine if they can’t release it on time (like what they said in their last conference)

  40. Mechaniceer says:


  41. Expressiøn says:

    Spadow, is Edelstein on a new island ?

  42. AntiAnomaly says:

    I really must say I rarely bother to use my wordpress for anything anymore other than to check to see if there is any delightful new editions coming towards maplestory, but I simply had to use it to comment on generally how pleased I am with this approaching update. The developers seem to be kicking it up a notch in plenty of more ways than one. First off the huge amount of effort they are putting into making the game a much more fun and easier experience for not only the long term players who have held in for all the years, but also the new comers is spectacular. Making goals a bit more reasonable and actually making it fun rather than frustrating to comfortably get yourself accustomed to the maple world and excel and a rather steady pace. Second thing Id like to say is that the new classes look greatly tied together. From the range of brand new fresh looking skills to the story lines that bind them to the game. The plot thickens and although it carries many twists and turns it is still rather entertaining to follow and I’m defiantly enjoying where they are currently heading with it. Something to actually rock the solid foundation that we are all so used to standing on and keep us on our feet is defiantly something I believe we can look forward to. The final and most important thing to me that I wanted to address is that I’m really happy with the actual coordination of changing maple up and making into even more of a cooperative mmo than it once was. My example is drawn from the base descriptions of the two separate resistance job classes(thus far). Under the battle mage it specifies its position is a “tanker” and wild hunter as a “shooter” meaning they are actually implying and addressing the main priority of each class in a party as far as its combat position goes giving you a solid idea to their importance or benefits that you would need or gain from teaming up with that class. This leads me to believe that we are heading toward a more dynamic and cooperative future to maple and I really do hope that is the case especially with all the exciting new content on the horizon. As I stated before I have high hopes for this update although to me it is quite far away. My kudos to the developers for such a greatly progressive update and my thanks to you spadow for sharing this information with us all. Anxious to hear more about this update as it unfolds.

    • Hanabira.Kage says:


      Please break the text up into paragraphs or something. It’s really difficult to read it like this.

      • Zacairga says:

        He gets a pass since it was in legible english, made snese, AND was positive in what he said.

        I agree wholeheartedly with you, man. Partying now will actually have a point after 1st job now. Nowadays most people train by themselves and refuse to share. This could be really great for Maple.

  43. oooopoooo says:

    ive been waiting for him to get resurrected since aran was released!
    great comic btw!
    also, werent there a special kind of golem for an evan quest?
    i think it was called “enraged stone golem”.
    not sure tho.
    and does that mean that all golems turned into “enraged”?
    and where athena pierce when you need her?
    and those chains….
    are those his chains or super balrog’s chains? (look at its dead hands, they have chains on them)
    its so epic!

    • dadsadadad says:

      oooopoooo when Aran was imprisoned(Froze) by the black mage he cursed him so he would be powerless untill the imprison (freeze) affect stopped

      now theblack mage is free!!!!! and proboboly the chains are from the curse

  44. bandanaboy says:

    If only the Anime version was this good lol

  45. Dusk says:

    Are we getting AP resets too or just SP?

  46. TehFrancis says:

    Protip: The Black Magician never died.

    According to Aran’s storyline, he was just sealed away after his final battle with the Heroes. The Black Wings have so far been working on undoing that seal and, judging from the Big Bang update, they’ve been successful.

    • oooopoooo says:

      with that piece of info, i have a theory of him returning!
      here it is:
      when the black mage got sealed away, hes body turned into some kind of goblin or something (Shammos) and the rest of hes humanity and magic etc got sealed away in the seal stones (just what i think, got no source).
      from the aran quests (didnt do all, lvl 64) we know that the black wings got the seal stones, and now they finally got shammos with the seal stones and unsealed them and got the black mage back.
      just my theory.
      if you find mistakes, correct me, ok?

  47. Expressiøn says:

    TehFrancis is right
    Wow Maple gonna be better than ever !

  48. MassCreed says:

    i realised that this is the only patch in maplestory history that has a trailer, and doesnt involve a new job.


    • Keitau says:

      umm it does involve new jobs. the mechanic, the wild hunter, the battle mage, those are all new jobs since they havent been released yet am i rite. if im not then wth is ur definition of a new job

  49. NovaNuvaMS says:

    i think i know the dates for the 3 jobs. the video spadow showed us has these dates, 7 8, 7 22, 8 12.
    7 8= July 8. 7 22= July 22. 8 12= August 12. Or could 1 date release the 2 resistance classes.

    The 3 dates will each have epic things going on. OMG cant w8! i wonder if the mechanic class is a hero?
    Im dissapointed about the heroes. They ‘re not appearing quick in the story lines, although i like the new updates :D.

    • Ghost says:

      Notice they both have a mage in their classes?

      • Zacairga says:

        …Mages are simple as hell to imagine…

        If they could make a bowman or thief class that’s actually original, though, they’d get some serious props.

        • dadsadadad says:

          Zacairga mages are simple but the battlemage is warrior+mage and normal mages are actually slow
          and have low HP

  50. WOA SNAP! I love the second Update
    I can’t wait to see the machanic

  51. Mannyyyyy says:

    Anyone have the feeling that the stole the idea of completly remodeling the world from world of warcraft: cataclysm? I sense a little bit of idea stealing :P

    • Mesniaa says:

      Did you get the sense that having your name as Mannyyyyy steals from the word many? or that coke steals from pepsi? What about socks being a stolen idea from mits, or vice versa?

      • Keitau says:

        lol it doesnt matter if it stolen ot not. all it matters is tht its coming, its gonna be fun, and we can lvl and move to diff towns easier

    • Genkishi says:

      I agree it totally sounds like WoW:Cataclysm….Deathwing = Black Mage ….Total devastation total re-vamp just like WoW…2 new races = 2 new jobs Lol alliances formed???sounds too familiar….gosh……

  52. MrYelnats says:

    Any changes to adventurer rings in these patches?

  53. Jagan says:

    I didn’t know any other way to contact you, but is it possible that you could upload the new KMST 1.2.322 UI.wz file for me?..
    I would really appreciate if you could :D
    Thanks for your time..

  54. NovaNuvaMS says:

    im not sure if the mechanic is a hero. The picture spadow showed us with the mechanic and the 3 question marks could mean hes the 3rd hero Ian. 3 question marks= 3 letters= Ian 3rd hero

    Omg its probably not Ian oviously i read the korean words of Ian in a youtube video and it doesnt match the mechanic class korean words or any of the 3 other heroes tht wasnt official.

  55. rauleli says:

    Who is Ian?

    • Zacairga says:

      A rumor that many idiots wholeheartedly beleive to be fact.

      • TehFrancis says:

        To further add to that, the idiocy implies Evan is the original Dragon Master, while he’s not. Freetz was the original, along with Mir’s parent who is the dragon who called Evan through his dream.
        In short, both Evan and Mir are only the successors of the Dragon Master legacy.

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  57. singga says:

    so far i think the new maps lack creativity to those in old times. As i think they are in the similar style with Magatia. I would want to see more like Ellin and the Thailand Siam rain foreset <3<3<3<3<3<3
    anyway work it out MS!!!! <3<3<3

  58. iRyahn says:

    Hmm, i’m kind of confused. We don’t have all the Heros released, nor all the Resitance and yet Black Mage is coming to dominate Maplestory so soon? :S

    We’re gunna get pwnd.
    The new Stat UI one reminds me of Wonderking so much for some reason.

  59. BlueRhinocerus says:

    Secun: According to Fiel, this is a non-Cash full SP reset.
    Sets all your SP to 0. According to KMST players on Southperry, you also get 3 of them, because with all the new skills, you’re obviously going to want to test them out.”

    Spadow: Since we’re getting new skills and our older skills removed, can we afford it to buy SP resets? No. We cannot do that! So therefore Nexon is giving us a free full SP reset.”

    So cash! Removed all of my SP worries.

  60. NEXON says:



  61. Greg says:

    What I don’t like is how Nexon/Wizet just dropped the hero classes. Like come on finish what you started.

    • Alilatias says:

      Hm, I wouldn’t be so sure about that. What Ghost said up there got me thinking…

      1) Why create Resistance in the first place if the Legends aren’t complete yet?
      2) Why is the Mechanic being released seperately from the other Resistance classes?

      Get where I’m going?

      • Spadow says:

        1) Storyline?
        2) ”The Big Bang update will be split up in three updates. The reason why it’s split up in three updates is because there is a story to each update respectively.”

        • Zacairga says:

          Then it’s clear you didn’t see where Aitilatilas was going…
          He (Or she, I don’t know you well enough to know) was implying the 3rd member of the Resistance could be a legendary Hero.

          • Spadow says:

            Currently the jobID ‘3500’ exists only in quest data and that’s going to be Mechanic. It’s not a legendary Hero.

            The three heroes are considered to be released next year. The background stories etc. have already been prepared.

          • Zacairga says:

            I see. I wonder why Nexon is holding them out on us…

          • Tyson says:

            NEXT YEAR????? iRyahn was right, we r gonna get pwned

      • Mechanic says:

        Well the mechanic is the backup

    • Spadow says:

      In a recent interview, a person asked what happened with the other three heroes and they were told that the remaining three heroes are considered to be released next year. The background stories etc. have already been prepared.

      • Keitau says:

        i hope is a magician who can use elements like wind and water. im tired of i/l, f/p , cleric or the dragon master

        • Ghost says:

          Why the hell would they make [b]another[/b] mage hero? In fact why would there be another mage outside the adventurers? The CK, legends, and resistance all have a mage in them. So unless Nexon makes another class (which would be horrible), we won’t be seeing anymore mages for a while.

          • Keitau says:

            I meant an addition to the adventurer class like the dual blades. Or maybe a hybrid of Mage and some other class.

          • Ghost says:

            There are already too many elements, and not enough elemental advantages to them. And it will require editing to the monsters that are effected by those. Plus you really except there to be much of a plot when compared to the DB? The last thing is even if they do make it, it will probably be overpowered too and create inflation on already expensive mages equips.

          • Keitau says:

            i guess ur rite. bt still say there should be a hybrid of mage and some other class. its way simpler tht way.

          • Ghost says:

            They do have that, they’re called Paladins.

          • Keitau says:

            really, ive never made a paladin or seen one b4. i always thought they were the opposite of dark knights. and tht they used holy elements instead of dark elements like the dark knight

        • dadsadadad says:

          Keitau there is already a mage hero the EVAN well evan is the desendent of the real dragonmaster

    • tim says:

      They dropped the heros so they could make a bowman not a crossbowman and a brawler not a gunslinger for the heros

  62. KID says:


  63. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just thought of 1 question.
    How’s the hp/mp recovery rate now?
    Still 10hp per 10 sec?
    Kinda curious since the hp/mp recovery skill are all removed…

  64. Expressiøn says:

    I think that Resistance will be another group of 5 jobs like Cygnus (Night walker, Fire Wizard, Soul master, Wind Breaker, Thunder Breaker) and Adventurers (Thief, Magician, Warrior, Archer, Pirate)
    But Resistance was created because they are opposite of Cygnus :

    Wind breaker use only bow => Wild Hunter use only crossbow
    FireWizard is like Magician Fire/poison without poison => Battle mage is more like cleric
    Thunder Breaker use only Knuckles => Mechanic use “gun”

    Then i’m not sure,

    Night Walker is like Assasin => Dual blade is like Bandit (Dual Blade is not in resistance, i know)

    And i don’t know for Soul Master =)
    They just create the opposite of existing jobs to satisfy all players

    • Zacairga says:

      Dual Blade is not like Bandit. You might as well say Ice/Lightning Mages are like Fire/Poison mages with that logic.

  65. Manaphy says:

    woah epic ~~ Black Magician appearing soon in the Maple World to give disaster !!
    I Love the big Bang update very much F2

  66. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    “P.S Kyaak means Squeal” made me lol

  67. FuryKnight says:

    Whoa. I nearly got a heart attack.
    I’m gonna buy a plane ticket to Korea and live there as an illegal citizen.
    Spadow, any word on when Nexon is gonna release this patch in other versions?

  68. NEXON says:

    Machinery are new job or a new system? Is a weapon, I think you should know the significance of the meeting released.
    Could you please tell me he was in the end is a new career, or …?

  69. Xentar says:

    All what i can say, is that i want the battle mage clothes…

    • Keitau says:

      same i jus hope they make a whole new set of equipment for it cuz its gonna be kinda wack if u have to use the same old magicians equipment.

      • Ghost says:

        I think they might have an exclusive weapon and one type of armor that will be equipable to all jobs. But require to reach to a certain level…

        • Keitau says:

          Well I’m thinking since they went through all the trouble of remaking maple, it should be kinda easy for them to make a whole new set of resistance exclusive equipments.

          • Ghost says:

            Maybe for cash shop items, but they wouldn’t do much without paying Nx

          • Keitau says:

            cheap nexon. at least make the lvl 120 timeless and reverse equipment like the ones the characters in the poster are wearing. i think tht would kinda motivate people to lvl to 120

      • ROFLMFAO says:

        although i know big bang is already released and stuff…i just thought i would like to say that there is a special weapon for the wild hunter and battle mage. They are the Special Revolution Staff and the Special Revolution Crossbow…I know by now u should already know this info..but if not…then here is info :P :D

  70. Harry says:

    Dear Spadow,

    I am part of a MapleStory news website called Maple-News and am writing you on behalf of the staff team. We are interested in talking with you about perhaps working on a column on our site.

    If you are interested please send us an e-mail at

    Thank you.

  71. Brandon says:

    Wow im surpried.
    I might actully play again.
    I quit because of that lightbulb and all of the anoyying stuff

    • Zacairga says:

      …If the game was so boring to you that you quit because of the lightbulb you may as well not bother coming back…

      • Chilly says:

        Aymen! LOL not meaning to bash yo ass dude but u quit the game over a light bulb … get over urself dude LOLZ! :P

  72. bandanaboy says:

    Hmm, “when” GMS gets Bm and Hunter, I wouldn’t mind getting the Bm’s hair style =D
    looks epic lmao
    (Also: I do like the New UI, So Shiny *_* )


  73. Daikukuro says:

    Nice new Theme Spadow!

  74. Draz says:

    “Big Bang” Will be a good title for New years GMS so maybe thats when we’ll get it

  75. Samson says:

    I Don’t want to lose all my cool skills and have new ones DX My old ones look cool enough. I like how they update and make their stuff amazing but taking out my old skills is a bit too far :s

  76. NEXON says:


  77. Mclena says:

    I can just see the Black Mage having a voice like Megatrons xD

  78. John007qwe says:

    1024×786 resolution? Must be a typo, it should be 768.

  79. Cosmo says:

    I’m getting the first of the three Big Bang updates now…
    I’m excited too… but the bad news for KMS players:

    Dual Blades has been removed from KMS (reason unknown; still investigating) the same time Big Bang was implemented…

  80. WhoGiveaDamn says:

    Who gives a fuck about the story…. AS LONG AS THE JOBS COME… THEN :D, Kk, Thanks bye.

  81. Erise says:

    Finnaly a story to maplestory LOL

  82. SixStrike says:

    I just noticed something… HOW DID GRENDEL LEAVE THE LIBRARY IN ELLINIA?!?!?!

  83. Captain herpderp says:

    The black mage is Shamus!

  84. Chilly says:

    1) IF there is a black mage boss i am positive it will be strong/immune to all magic types, because duh ppl they r releasing a new skill for mages caled “elemental reset” the same one with evans and blaze wizards.
    2) they kinda did a crappy job there with the resistance, in my opinion they should’ve worked on their legends and finished them first, and probably worked on more content in the game like new PQs n stuff, because honestly its getting obnoxious seeing a new class every couple of months and it becomes the current craze really, first arans, then evans, now explorers and in a week dual bladers, they should work on adding more content to the game than adding new classes.
    3) and i dont mind if they gave the dam explorers a decent storyline that consists of good EXP earning quests, because lets be honest here, they kinda gave a quest storyline for KOC, evans and arans into almost all of their levels, and explorers r the basic class of maple which they built all other classes on.
    4) in overall, shame on u nexon! u dont know what to add to the game properly :/

  85. Dylan says:

    `lol Just posting this in the “Big Bang” Update section too since it has to do with the Big Bang and Dual Blader.

    Spadow i want to know How the Dual Blade was affected after the Big Bang Update. I search You Tube and i only find a crappy video of a 5x DB showing the new parts of each town. I want to know how strong they are after the “Nerfing”, and if they did get nerfed badly

    Because i don’t want to waste the 34k nx for the skills (also in my server in GMS) everyone told me i cant get a MON. (pendent for GMS) and in the server i am in the Horn Tail pendent is like… 600m (small world), and i don’t want to waste 60 dollars + 34 dollars on a class that is not worth it .

    Please if you find a video of at least 3rd job (4th job preferred) of a Dual Blader AFTER the Big bang patch, can you please like give me a link :D. Its coming out Wednesday for GMS so yeah if you can find a video I’d really love to see one and appreciate it

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  87. FallenHero says:

    When does the big bang patch come to GMS i want it to come soo bad ><

  88. Pingback: Blog Maple Spadow 넥슨 : : MapleStory: Big Bang update teaser video (old) - Tube

  89. joe mcloud says:

    Wow, good job sealing him away Arans that lasted a long time. >.>

  90. xban says:

    jez there a so many jobs, how can all the jobs be balanced -_-

  91. Rawand says:

    Nice ! i love wild hunters and battle mage , but i saw the new victoria island and it SUUUCK ! . but i have one question , at which level u does the wild hunters get that black leopard or what it is for a pet . and is it for free or does it cost money or cash ? pls answer to my email !

  92. Oblivious says:

    Gee, dark genesis O_O
    I wonder, will quests/pqs still give the same amount of exp as before the patch or will it alter to a minimum due to the patch?

  93. ipobre says:

    i like the wild hunter being able to attack wile moving in his mount, and i just found out that the mechanic can fly!! xD

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  95. Thenwhatname says:

    Big Bang is obviously coming soon because they’re testing Tespia for bugs to make the Big bang release is not so…. Maplestorystory-new-release-ish… plus, opening Tespia’s really risky. They must be releasing it by November.

    • Zaira says:

      If they release it by November I will be very surprised because they always tend to take long time when adding things. Also even if they do add it in november i gaurentee there will be many glitches because every time they add a new job or just some cs items somthing goes wrong. I may look forward to the new jobs, but im hoping they wont mess up the release.

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  97. Jennifer says:

    I wonder when r they coming out and i cant wait :)

  98. XavierTenka says:

    I came

  99. calvinn says:

    awesome post! i wanna start mechanic!

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  101. bailey says:

    Im sure having a Drk night will own the black mages ass!! im sure all warrior classes will own. SO happy there giving us 60 acc with mastery helps out the noobs that cant get there hands on Maple weapons if they wanna be dexless. even with my 170acc dexless Drk at lvl 158 i still tend to get misses at Obv 5. pretty sad when ur wearing a 40 acc zhelm as well. Dex gear would still be great for the min damage tho.

  102. SanLeonMag says:

    When this pacth wil be for de maple global e.e

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  104. lollovethis2 says:

    it think that there would be a new kind of worrior or something b/c that made a new acher and mage

  105. Shawn says:

    The question is simple. Is it possible to bypass a LVL 32 skill? I.e. does Combat Orders stack with +2 All Skill Helmet stat for a +34 skill total?

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  107. Pingback: JapanMS will get the first update of Big Bang on Nov. 24 « Spadow's Blog

  108. Unknown says:

    One question, do skills like brandish still need mastery books?

  109. cheeznrice says:

    The Big Bang Update is supposed to be released in GMS sometime this winter before the end of this year. The question is when will winter begin and when will China receive it.

    • Spadow says:

      The Chinese version will receive the

      – 1st update on 1 December 2010
      – 2nd update on 15 December 2010
      – 3rd update on 29 December 2010

      I got the dates from the Chinese Big Bang trailer.

  110. noname says:

    does this means…golems are JEWISH?!

    • noname says:

      No, it means golems are stone, not Jewish, golem’s live around the sleepywood/hensys area for the most part. They come in different forms, SUCH AS, dark golems… mixed golems…


  111. ShadowDualer says:

    noname, stop making fun of Jews! >:( *throws a brick at Noname*

  112. cheeznrice says:

    Big Bang in about a month! =DDDDDDDD

  113. xXDual22 says:

    Hehehe i like this comic BUTUTTTTTTT please reply this PLSSSSSSSS :when does Resistance come in GMS big bang update or after or before pls giv wen it comes and complete date or like Nov._ _ or something like that PLSSS

    • Godzilla1168 says:

      the resistance is the 2nd and 3rd patch of big bang. The dates are unknown for right now but I would guess mid-december for the first patch cuz it said a few weeks on the GMS website.

  114. cheeznrice95 says:

    They just released Tespia for the Big Bang yesterday. There’s an announcement on It says it ends on November 22. Big Bang is drawing nearer. TIME TO LEVEL!!!! F5!!

    • cheeznrice says:

      Yes!!! I met my goal of 3rd job for my Gunslinger!!! I’m ready for ya Big Bang! Come tah DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. CaptainGodz says:


  116. kasoamix says:


  117. kasoamix says:

    go bandit

  118. kasoamix says:

    btw anyone know when gms big bang is coming out?

  119. pwnad guy dude someone lol i luv ur mom says:

    i hate db too i mean how could they ceate a cheapo class

  120. walter says:

    me parece bien el Wild hunter lo maximo kof95kyo

  121. Dragonbeon says:

    I simply want to say that the big bang,resistance, and everything is the greatest thing they ever thought of,sure they kinda overdo classes,but this one takes the cake, we will pwn with resistance,they are so epic!!,i want mechanic so bad,but until that comes out im getting wild hunter.

  122. cheeznrice says:

    They have an announcement on the Maple Story home page that says T-minus 6 Days Till Impact. Check it out for yourself. I’m so excited! It kinda sucks though because I have a choir concert on that day. =( Now I can finally get to 4th job in a week! =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  123. A MapleSEA Player says:

    i notice there is abit weird in the victoria island map….

  124. jack says:

    I Swear maplestory is so ******** with these new jobs

  125. kchen says:

    five heros: aran(warrior),evan(magician),wild hunter(archer),battle mage(magician),mechanic(pirate)

  126. taufiq says:

    when does mechanic come out in asia?

  127. D0raemon says:

    Big Bang coming out to MapleSEA!

  128. FishFan says:

    Hi, can any one tell me wats gonna happen to warriors with dex before big bang, after big bang?Thx D=

  129. Zac says:

    Are the characters that we have gonna be deleted?

  130. lullaby says:

    awesome :D

  131. Dundeey says:

    Spadow, can you (or someone else) please reply on me when comic #02 has come? :D thanks :D

  132. eric says:

    it’s so surprised! and i like the dark lightning . my battle mage’s level is 147.

  133. Ah Mok says:

    Spadow after chaos skillbook will gone ?

  134. demon slayer coming to gms

  135. BIGBANGloverkiki98 says:

    Aweeeh, I was hoping you were talking about the band BigBang, I love themm ): but oh well, still really cool (:

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