MapleStory Chaos coming soon…

30 minutes ago Nexon Korea started their press conference about the upcoming Winter update. And it’s BIG.
This just came in from the twitter of NexonKR.

After ‘Big Bang’ comes MapleStory Chaos! Like ‘Big Bang’, the ‘Chaos’ update will come in three parts:

The first update ‘Return of the Hero’ is also known as the reorganization update and will make the heroes stronger and better. ‘Technological Age’  is the second update that will add new profession skills for your character. And as last, ‘Super Fight’ is the last update to come in January.

But wait.. there’s more! Lv. 140 equipment sets will be added and new high-leveled areas as well! Read more about the second major update of MapleStory.

[Official MapleStory Chaos trailer – Please click on CC to see the English subtitle]

▶ The first update on December 16th: Return of the Hero (영웅의 귀환)

This update will focus on skill balancing and will mark the return of Dual Blade and the two heroes Aran and Evan. Everyone will be able to create a Dual Blade character again, but this is limited for the Winter season only.

Dual Bladers will be improved and will receive several new skills such as Blade Fury (left), Vital Steal and Phantom Blow (right).

The Aran class will come back with a new look, stronger and better. Arans will receive new skills like Combo Judgement. Combo Judgement can attack multiple enemies by dropping a giant axe. Monsters hit by the giant axe are frozen and will be suffering from damage over time.
A skill that can create an instantaneous combo count and more.

Some skills were moved to an earlier job advancement and had their combo count required changed.

The second hero that makes his comeback in the ‘Chaos’ update is Evan. The attacking speed of Evan was greatly improved. Along with Aran and Dual Blade, Evan got a bunch of new skills as well.

– Dragon Blink: Teleports you to a random location in the map.
– Dragon Sparking: With a certain success rate, you can deal extra damage. (The skill looks like Paralyze, look carefully in the video because it’s there)
– Protection of the Onyx: For a period of time, you can give you and your party members extra avoidability.
– Will of the Onyx: For a period of time, you can prevent yourself getting knock-backed from a monster’s attack and able to attack with your body.

In addition, all other classes were improved as well. ^^

▶ The second update on December 30th: Technological Age (기술시대)

[Alternative Link]

[Alchemy (Alchemist), Equipment Forging (Creator) and Jewelry Making (Jewelist)]

This is a really great patch since it adds refreshing content. In this update, the ‘Profession Skill’ system will be added to the game.
There are 5 profession skills available for to master. When your character is Lv. 30 or higher, you can learn up to 2 profession skills.

[What happens if you drink a Giant Potion?]

1. Herbalism: Collect herbs, flowers and seeds in Maple World. With that, you can make different herb oils. Herb oil is required for Alchemy to make a variety of potions.

2. Mining: Mine ores and crystals in Maple World with your pickaxe. It’s also possible to make refined jewels and plates from mineral ores.

3. Equipment Forging: Use refined jewels and plates to forge a lot of defensive armor and weapons.
4. Jewel crafting: Make accessories (earrings, rings, belts, face accessories, pendants and shoulder pads) from refined jewels and plates.
5. Alchemy: Use the herb oils from Herbalism to create a wide variety of potions. It’s also possible to disassemble and fuse equipment with Alchemy.

As you work on these profession skills, your character’s fatigue rate will increase. In order to decrease fatigue, you have to visit the respective NPC shown in the image above.

▶ The third and last update on January 13th: Super Fight (대난투)

[Alternative Link]

Finally after seven years of service, PvP will be added to MapleStory!
Players who are Lv. 30 or higher can enter the Battle Arena Entrance Portal and enjoy PvP mode.

In the PvP area, the players’ levels and stats will automatically be adjusted.
There are three modes you can enter:

Survival: Battle without restrictions and rules.
Team Match: Battle with teams within a time limit.
Ice Knight: One person gets chosen to be an Ice Knight. Other players will need to survive from the Ice Knight, because the goal of the Ice Knight is to freeze all the players in the map.

Players who battled in PvP mode can earn BP (Battle Point). You can make and buy items with FPs.

There is a bonus that will come with the ‘Chaos’ update. Nexon has said that there will be a new level 140 set of equipment.

[Destroyed Henesys town in the future]

And there will be a new area for Lv. 160+ players called ”Door of the Future”.
There will be a new storyline related to this map and there will be a new boss…

[MapleStory’s ultimate boss]

I’m really curious about the new area for Lv. 160+ players, it looks really beautiful. Who could this new female boss be? She sure looks familiar to me… Do you think what I think?
Since this is the ‘Chaos’ update, I’m wondering if there will be a Chaos Pink Bean…?

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472 Responses to MapleStory Chaos coming soon…

  1. bob says:

    new hero?

  2. Yosh says:

    Chaos…? Wow, interesting.. I wonder what’ll happen? New classes? Something to do with Dual Blades?

    • Weeee says:

      Chaos is a Massive Release too kMS soon too jMS then gMS
      PT 1
      Chaos has 3 Parts and Before when Resistance was out Dual Blades Can’t Be Created anymore.

      So Then Chaos Released New Skills to Dual Blades, Evan and Arans.

      PT 2

      Alchemy and All That New Skills were created too making people go WOW!!!!! (NOT WORLD OF WARCRAFT)

      PT 3

      PVP is Add Now and The Boss Is ******** of ********* and you have too battle her when your lv ***

      She Was Brainwashed by the Dark Lord making her stronger :D

      but then once you defeat her shes back to normal

  3. Dusekkar says:

    Let the wild speculations begin.

    • Nexblade says:

      yup and ill start >:P

      The new female boss looks like its the cygnus empress who is being mind controlled by the black mage after losing a gruesome battle against him and i bet that we are gonna see Ereve, the home of te cygnus knights, with a darker scenary and pupil-less cygnus knights as if they were being mind controlled as well

      speculation complete =w=

      • Anonymous says:

        well, i think she’s just a horny bitch that took some tylenol and had sex with the BLACK mage (lol) causing her to become evil / relieved from her hornyness and became the BLACK mage’s lover, so now they’re together forever, fighting along side and makin’ up rhymes. I even wrote a song for them.
        They’re no strangers to love
        They know the rules, and so do I
        A full commitment’s what he’s thinking of
        She wouldn’t get that from any other guy
        He just wants to tell her how he’s feeling
        Gotta make her understand
        Never gonna give her up, never gonna let her down, never gonna run around and desert her
        Never gonna make her cry, never gonna say ‘Goodbye’, never gonna tell a lie and hurt her
        They’ve known each other for so long
        Her heart’s been aching, but she’s too shy to say it
        Inside they both know whats been going on
        They know the game and they’re gonna play it
        Aaaand if you ask him how he’s feeling
        Don’t tell him you’re too blind to see
        Never gonna give her up, never gonna let her down, never gonna run around and desert her
        Never gonna make her cry, never gonna say ‘Goodbye’, never gonna tell a lie and hurt her
        Never gonna give her up, never gonna let her down, never gonna run around and desert her
        Never gonna make her cry, never gonna say ‘Goodbye’, never gonna tell a lie and hurt her
        ooooohhhhh -give you up-
        ooooohhhhh -give you up-
        oooohhhh never gonna give never gonna give -give you up-
        oooohhhh never gonna give never gonna give -give you up-
        (yea, then it kinda just repeats after that)

    • meshimaPoopManJizzz says:

      I got one! :)

      This is retarded; Empress Cygnus (I think) looks evil, but is for 160+, which Cygnus Knights can’t fight. Anyone else thinks that’s strange?

  4. Takebacker says:

    What’s that? 2 new classes at once AS WELL as the restructuring?

    One character holding a potion, and the other’s weapon is cut off but the hammer cross bandanna speaks a lot. I guess the left is an alchemist class, and the other is a forging class? First’s weapon is unknown, and the other uses BWs? Interesting, nexon.

  5. Shevalen says:


  6. Gaphary says:

    This is interesting. ..

  7. Daisuke says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! PvP?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! This is gonna be AWESOME

  8. arkangellink says:

    This should be interesting* makes mental notes of the dates to come check the blog when it gets around their*

  9. CzImGreen says:

    Whens Winter in Korea?

  10. Dotdot says:

    Omg if people find out that DB(assuming that they actually are only 10% sure)was actually a hero I can hear a lot of “I TOLD YOU SO!”. Now I will leave and go will go pray that DBs are not heroes.

    • cole says:

      dbs arent heroes lol. he didnt say they were and when u make a character it says the dbs are explorers :p

      • [Job Here]Att says:

        maybe its just a mystery made up by nexon. maybe its explorers during big bang and then hero in chaos o.O… just saying nexon can do whatever they want

  11. Zed says:

    if the new hero uses hammers and axes… PREPARE MERCHS BW will skyrocket even more

  12. AtomicAdam says:

    December – February (March)… Same as the rest of the Northern Hemisphere.

  13. NujabesIsAlive says:


  14. ede says:

    i think that one hold bomb not potion
    bomber man ?

  15. thesadface says:

    Darn. Pvp.
    More skills builds to consider =X

  16. Tanner says:


  17. ede says:

    its potion anyway


  18. Dotdot says:

    Predictions:-Hammer Girl-Hero
    -Alchemist-Another sub class like DB? or related to the Hero

    • Gunth says:

      Why would there be two warrior heros? Honestly.

    • Andreeew says:

      They’re not new classes (like Dual Blade is a new thief class).
      They’re just new skills existing 30+ characters can obtain. (Like Mount riding and Maker Skill).

      Personally, I like the Alchemy, although Jewelist also sounds nice.

  19. T.R.A. says:

    *takes a deep breath*

  20. Axxez says:

    Wow!! Pretty awesome new stuff coming our way! Niiiice. But I don’t have any more spaces in my main server I play on :( I have Mechanic, Wild Hunter, T/L mage, Aran, Dual Blade, and Wind Breaker. I wanna make spaces for the NEW characters!!! :( And I don’t wanna buy the increasing character slot cuz it’s cash. Well, THX FOR THE UPDATES SPADOW!!!

  21. Axxez says:

    A patch after a patch :D When GMS gets Big Bang, we’ll get CHAOS!!! xD I don’t think GMS can catch up to this patch madness :) Plus, if they keep coming up with new classes, won’t they run out of ideas?? xD

  22. GOGO says:

    another db job or is db finally planning its revenge againt dark lord?
    i love he sound of alchemist but rally ? another mage type class
    anyway nothing i can change…
    super pumped!!!!!!

  23. noname says:

    they sould make a job for the evil side. that would be way cooler.

  24. Hanabira.Kage says:

    I think the Dual Blades might become the Thief Hero.

    You know how Lady Syl just came up with this new fighting style utilising 2 weapons, right? NexonKR could just insert a section before that saying that she adapted it from documents recording the fighting style of the Legendary Thief that fought alongside Aran.

    • GOGO says:

      i think your right!
      i have officially quit maple global…… no sp resets or anything…….
      luckily i have a kms account cause of my korean friends
      cant wait !!!
      ths spadow.!
      how was your birthday?

      • Egimald says:

        *attempts to pull you back in*
        GMS is getting their resets tomorrow it seems, check the front page of the site~ (event lasts 1 week)

        • GOGO says:

          yah but my id is stuck……..
          i put in a ticket cause they said if you do that they’ll fix the id problem
          thx for letting me know
          ill definately playa again!!!

      • deathrebel666 says:

        nexon just posted the gms is getting sp reset scrolls for every character from the december 9 to december 15

  25. Panda says:

    Wow. Really unexpected. Like thats some mind blowing stuff right there.
    PVP, something people have been asking for since forever. Good lord thats going to be something.

    Something new with Dual Blades? I hope so, I’m loving my DB so far (Highest character I’ve ever had) He’s super fast, which is something I’m liking.

    ..And A New Warrior hero and Mage Resistance. Thats pretty much something I never saw coming. I was guessing more of a Warrior resistance and Hero Bowman or something. Either way, both look intresting. I’ll have to wait for some videos of the classes. But from the pictures I see now, I may try em both.

    Really shocking update. I’m also guessing the PVP thing is good to go with the name “Chaos” as it the maple world will get chaotic and everyone will start fighting eachother for the lulz.

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      PvP’s okay, but they better make it scale HP and damage like Lunia does or players will die in one hit.

      • T.R.A. says:

        or they could reduce the damage done by the players?
        thats wat diablo 2 did, so… maybe they’ll use that system?
        just a thought

        • SolidScorch says:

          according to article “In the PvP area, the players’ levels and stats will automatically be adjusted.” So I’m guessing they are making it more based on skill and experience with the class versus making uber toons to pwn others. or rooms for different level ranges.

          • The guy says:

            I heard that another thing is that faster attacks do much less damage then slower ones to balance things like Chains of Hell

  26. GOGO says:

    anyone else quit maple global?
    post here!!!!!!!!

  27. lolol says:

    I CAN SEE INTO THE FUTURE: 60% of the alchemists names will be related to full metal alchemist

  28. Godjikung says:

    PVP !!!
    Nice Work Nexon.
    ( Now , Maces user? )

  29. GOGO says:

    i translated the mace person and it tranlates to: equipment maker…
    so alchemist make pots and those other guys make equips….
    whoops lost my train of thought
    soooo yah
    im allready thinking of what there attacks will be……
    FIRE POTION and BURNING ARMOUR?….lol just a joke
    pretty cool stuff

  30. JackNJails says:

    woot can pvp le looking forward to it

  31. Ghost says:

    It ALWAYS feels like after GMS gets a major patch, KMS reveals something big and brand new that makes the other versions updates feel like crap…

  32. Ghost says:

    The only differences between the casual “Ryan” Dual Blade and this one is the headband and the black dagger/katara (and probably some other minor details). I think they only made this character to avoid reusing the Ryan pic for the DB’s re-release.

    • Secun says:

      Uh. New outfit is new and looks like Vash from Trigun.

      • Ghost says:

        After looking that character up, I can say that the background looks more like him than the character does.
        After reviewing “Ryan” again, I can stand by my words in my previous post, other minor differences would his stance and perhaps the cape (if he even is wearing one).

  33. FailedName says:

    Anyone else notice that the mace girl’s mace is on fire?

  34. DevinDelgado says:

    … i need to make more char slots for these 2 new chars
    and off topic my pants are now sticky

  35. Egimald says:

    Oh my, on further investigation of the image.

    Not only does the front person obviously resemble Dual Blade, but the alchemest on the left, Evan and the one on the right, female Aran.

    Interesting o.o” They’re design is way too similar to be a coincidence, I’m wondering how they’re going to go w/ this, regardless, I’m hoping for details~

  36. ninjar13 says:

    hmmm interesting pic on the middle~
    it doesnt looks like a dualblade to meh, cuz of using the same dagger
    and diff clothing and OMG pvp maple!!!

  37. Lionheart3655 says:

    Called the alchemist. And everyone wanted pvp.

  38. Arrol says:

    Wow I barely got enough stuff for my Battle Mage, and these 2 show up? Well, more fun for me!

    I can’t wait to see the patch notes for this one in ’11.

    Man, I hope they make the Characters’ stats and range constant, otherwise we’ll see 1 second wins.

  39. SpreadTheGen says:

    i think return of the hero means as in revamped heroes, like the arans evans and stuff…

    and then the alchemist coming out

  40. Alilatias says:

    Spadow, are you absolutely sure these are new jobs? Mazefind dropped by SouthPerry a few moments ago and had this to say:

    제가 알기로는 현재 ‘전문 기술’은 일종의 기술(skill)이지 새로운 직업(new job)이 아닙니다. 30레벨을 넘은 모든 모험가(user)는 ‘전문 기술’을 배울 수 있습니다. ‘전문 기술’의 레벨이 올라가면 ‘성향 지수’가 올라가는데 이에 따라 다음 효과가 적용됩니다.
    -공격력 증가
    -명중, 회피 증가
    -hp 증가
    -주문서성공률 증가
    -장신구 슬롯(slot) 추가

    → “Alchemist and Blacksmith”is not a new job. i think it is only illust. ‘expert skill’ is a ‘skill’.

    JoeTang translated what Mazefind said to this:

    As far as I know, there is no new job, they are just ‘Profession Skills’. Once you reach level 30, every character has the opportunity to learn the new ‘Profession Skills’. The ‘Profession Skills’ will improve in relation to your character’s level. Also, you will gain access to the following effects:
    -Increased Attack
    -Increased Accuracy and Evade
    -Increased HP
    -Increased Scroll success rate
    -Additional Accessory slot(s)

    • ninjar13 says:

      that sounds plausible… cuz mapleKR has been working so hard… it is difficult to release a new job, but im still hoping for alchemist

    • Pwner says:

      I fear for same thing as ultimate adventurer bs. Collecting drops that take an hour each to gather on a certain mob to attain these skills for those characters above lvl 30.

    • Vann says:

      He didnt say it was a new job if you read the PS note at the bottem he clearly says there is no new class.. you just stopped reading after a certain point lol.. dw everyone else skipped it ur not the only slow one! XD

  41. Volt says:

    kyo just so u know.
    You’re planning to fight without me?
    I don’t think you’ll win with just you guys…
    The fact that the only one that can fight the black mage…
    I’ll show it to you now!

    The maple world has been feeling the strength of the darkness…
    In this never-ending chaos….
    The new age of maplestory!

    On december 16th Precious Heroes
    Isolate the chaos from the revulsion
    The legends are returning!

    On december 30th, Crystal Age
    The maple world of betrayal and lies of total chaos
    The appearance of those with new powers!

    On january 13th, The Versus Way!
    Who is the true guardian of the maple world?
    The current holder of the title is going on leave…
    The strong….
    im going to pwn in pvp. you’re gonna pwn me with ur godly equips.

    • ninjar13 says:

      uhmmm is this like a translation from a post or like a rap-ish lyric???

      • Volt says:

        a translation of the video about the patch

        • ninjar13 says:

          r u serious? (im not trolling tho…) btw which vid… links plzzzz

        • NovaNuvaMS says:

          which legend is which?idk which character in the video is the legend is it those Alchemist people with red clothing…or is it tht character tht looks like dual blade.

          • Chibi says:

            there is a thing called CAPTIONS….it clearly says to click CC for english subtitles….
            the one talking is Dual Blader stating he is joining the fight as the new hero, (strogest of the 2 currently out) in the ending of the video Dual Blader: “only I can defeat this chaos”

  42. Kufufu says:

    Full Metal Alchemist =D lol jk the 1 db-look-like looks awesome…

    the 2 down are supost to be alchemists (1st idk 2nd fire?)

    i think they going to born from magatia?

  43. frank says:

    KMS is mad they are releasing jobs like well MAD.

  44. JackNJails says:

    thx for the post =D

  45. MonarchVV says:


    This just made me sooo pumped for Maplestory! Again!

    Thanks for the post Spadow! XD

  46. JackNJails says:

    thx for the post !

  47. commasnd0t says:

    wow shit KMS is just too fast for maplesea man hmm and if what Alilatias said was true thn it’s gonna be awesome :DDDDDDDDDD

  48. arkangellink says:

    gonna give my thoughts on the Db edk look alike on the front.

    I personally think either.
    1. its a new pic for kms’s re-release of DB class
    2. since it looks more like he’s weilding duel kataras rather then a dagger and a katara maybe he is related to/is some how a reborn of the original Dark Lord. since depending on when each Dark Lord stepped down in the line it is possible that the line of the Dark Lords stratches well back to around the black mages sealing.

    this is just speculation of course. and I don’t mean re-summoning like aran where the original Dark Lord was frozen. more like to help seal him he was sealed with the black mage or something and when the black mage was re-summoned, he was released from his seal as well. I’m just digging into old storys I know of that where used in a few things.

  49. Jesse says:

    The new character on the left’s weapon is a bottle of purple stuff. The new character on the right fights with a flaming rock attached to a stick.

  50. Exploding Pineapple Ninja says:

    Alchemist and Blacksmith?
    MapleStory is totally turning into Ragnarok Online.

  51. Pwner says:

    So it I think that the dual blade legend is coming out, check mazefind link at the top. But its kind of ironic cause i was talking to my friend about the theif legend like 6 hours ago and i said it was gonna be db and he said dit, just goes to show who’s right, not that anybody cares.

  52. Aaron says:

    Btw that is one ultimate dual blade

  53. Pwner says:

    Screw myself, i didnt even read the previous posts’, so it seems like profession skills are coming out, time for more op weps if we didnt have those already

  54. Teone says:

    wooow…looks cool O.O

  55. StaticCow says:

    there is no alchemy job. Sorry for raining on your parade. No new hero either, it’s just like another big reorganization thing + new systems.

  56. Christian G says:

    Alchemist and Blacksmith?
    WOW! this is just insane! :)

  57. Soul says:

    People can’t read if they keep saying there’s a new job, Spadow said it himself, unless.. Spadow is wrong.

  58. oooopoooo says:

    a PvP!
    let the mayhem begin!

  59. Joshua says:

    finally a pvp after like 7 years xD!!!!!

  60. Alex says:

    Not looking forward to the PvP thing. I hope it’s only in Chryse’s Colosseum, I don’t want to get PvP requests and noobs asking me to fight them all the time. It’s gonna be hell…

  61. JunCurious says:

    PvP…?! Seriously?! SERIOUSLY?!

    *hangs up my dagger* Wizet’s finally crossed the unforgivable line…

    • Panda says:

      Nobody told you that you have to PVP.
      God, stop freaking out. Like everything, you can choose to do so or not. It’s not like anyone can kill anyone randomly.
      It’s most likely going to be like all PQ’s, and you go to so and so area too do this, not random requests from randoms to fight you, if thats what you’re worrying about.

      IF you’re worrying about being challenged and being harassed alot because you didn’t want to fight someone, then man up. If you don’t want to fight, them tell the person so and ignore their insults. There is also a ignore button for a reason.

  62. Cowee says:

    They’re not new classes. I think they are sub-class like in Wow. Mainly Professions. Alchemy profession i think is gonna be a way to make buff and HP/MP Pots. 2nd Picture I think is going to be a black smith, maybe dealing with repairing weapon and making special kind of ores need to make other weapons or Equips. thats my guess.

  63. TheUnderstandablenot says:

    O.O… This job reminds me of those Blacksmith from RO … Hopefully these guys get the ability to ‘cook’ onyx apple . LOL jk

  64. Fearless says:

    guys the 2 new character above is not new jobs , with alchemy all unfunded ppl will be saved lol

  65. thechazz says:

    get back from school NOAW SPADOW !!!

  66. Doug says:

    DUal blade will not be a hero class.

    Dual blade will return only for 3months.

  67. DuckDojas says:

    The bang has passed but the chaos begins a hero awakens ]:

    • ace5008 says:

      after this video i think 2 things dual blader is a legend now,all legends are being remadethings im not so clear on is why the knights oc being greyed out mabe they died o.o,and the new classes or sub classes will not be ether tell some one ses its not on the site…. and why do dual blader look like they want to kill battel mage o.o ok will ya here o.o

  68. DuckDojas says:

    what does return of the hero exactly mean tho ..

  69. iOrigami3 says:

    If there is one hero to be announed on Maple, it should be called Spadow=D

  70. Bojanglles says:

    I hope these are new classes it would be great. But if they are just stuff that u can learn, i really dont like how they advertised it. Everytime the come out with a new “anything” the have a awesome looking drawing of the character. They should have just said the new things instead of make cool characters and get everyones hopes up.

  71. Daliuseu says:

    Notice that DB , Aran , Evan has the same or closely the same headband….. Wonders*

  72. Giraflare says:

    This looks so awesome, I guess they’re turning DB into the thief hero?

  73. DuckDojas says:

    it has been discovered that DBs were secretly not only a organization going against the dark lord but were also the prodigys of the thief legend!

  74. noname says:

    we want evil clasees !!!

  75. ND92 says:

    I really don’t know how I feel about pvp. It would take a crap ton of balancing, and while Korea seems committed to job balance lately- this is an entire new front. A reason I like maple is because it’s a break from the competitive things I play. I’m a 15x Drk so I’m not buttburt, just genuinely c concerned .. $10 says ndoors is in on this

  76. Gunth says:

    Can any of you guys wait… or read previous posts? They are not new jobs they are jsut professions (SO maple is starting to be more like WoW?) We should wait until the patch comes to see what it is. I understand you are exited but I’m fine with Big Bang right now I can wait.

  77. RawVoltage says:

    Looks like Spiegelmann was wrong.

  78. DarkLordKarkain says:

    Wow, this looks pretty freaking BA. But PvP would take tons of work to put classes on more even levels, like, say, Bowmaster and Hero. Long range would have to have seriously lowered damage so close range people (like me) don’t get slaughtered by Bishops, Night Lords, etc.
    Like I saw in a previous post, evil classes would be sweet. The best MMO’s are ones that give you the option of “Good or Evil”. WoW, etc.
    New classes are getting rather tedious, professions would be much more appealing so I don’t have to make a new character and spend time on getting them good before I say “Enough, I don’t like this class”

  79. Axxez says:

    Oh, no new job? Cool. I’ll come bak later for more info! :D

  80. Diego says:

    Do not come home from school yet? “-“

  81. Franky says:

    I wonder if we can get all 5. I would sure hope so.

  82. solkitsu22 says:

    caant wait to see the queen a boss for ppl 160+ the silluet looks pown and i saw it takes place in a destroyed henesys like the market sign brokes houses probably on fire its complete ruins

  83. Jesse says:

    You guys think the new armor Evan is wearing in the video will be available in the Cash Shop?

    • Bri says:

      I hope so! I like the recolor, and I missed my chance at the first one. If they don’t, I want to know why they recolored it…

  84. c0pperchan says:

    The queen boss is the empress of the destroyed maple world, the new high level place you can enter. There are huge dimensional mirrors that will lead to the destroyed henesys in the other dimension. The final boss is the empress of that world..

  85. aran says:

    nice thats sweeeet!!!

  86. NovaNuvaMS says:

    WTFRICK FINALLY an Alchemy classsss!!! Is this new class gonna be called Alchemist? becuz ima love this classs!!!

  87. Dotdot says:

    No new job? Oh well.

  88. Bloodjedi says:

    Hey Spadow, I was browsing around SouthPerry, and found this post

    I wonder if you think it’s legit, and if you have heard something about it?

  89. Pingback: Top Posts —

  90. greennov1 says:

    i think it could be a potion bomb. . .
    you never know
    and they could be like the maker skill
    and not new classes
    except for the new hero lol

  91. Jay says:

    Here’s a guess at what this is: (also, watch this video:

    The Dual Blades are getting envious at the Resistance and the Heroes’ success.
    Joining the Heroes, the two groups attack the Resistance (evidence at end of video, Dual Blade fighting the Battle Mage)

    The Black Mage uses this as an advantage to wreck COMPLETE chaos. Pretty soon, everyone’s fighting one another (evidence at update name, Chaos)

    The Cygnus Knights, forgotten in the excitement, make their move. They fight the Dual Blades, Heroes, and Resistance, even more chaos (evidence at the Cygnus Knights greying out)

    In the chaos of war, new abilities arise, Alchemy, Blacksmith, etc.

    Remember, this is a GUESS.

  92. sarinomu says:

    I swear…. I need to UNDERSTAND KOREAN… freaking gawd. I’m korean and i don’t even know what the hell it says -.-

  93. noob says:

    Lol did u all read ? Spadow said that are no new jobs , the two character that appear in the trailer are just some sort of alchemist that are making pots , so u probably go to them to learn the skill to make equip and pot.

  94. Liked maple says:

    i have some info the chaos is brougth by the black magician, the hereos return to calm this chaos with a new hero i think DB became hero with the new skills, the cygnus betray the good and became evil, the new era no it no new class only new skills like gatherin herbs, minerals to make pots and weapons , and the PvP unleash the chaos in battle with other people THE MODE ARE FREE ALL, TEAM MATCH, SURVIVE i dont know more because. Maple world became in chaos join the fight with the new better heroes, became a great alchemist with new funtion and unleash the chaos from you soul to the PvP arena


  95. Liked maple says:

    New info the cygnus they become evil they got corrupt and in a trailer i speak korean and say maple world full of betrayal and lies. Also becaus a theory why the black witch attack ereve but dont kill anyone i think she corrupted the cygnus this is my theoy . Yes my english is bad because i m from panama

    • Someone says:

      You’re from Panama yet you speak Korean and don’t know English well. That’s suspicious. Another thing: which trailer?

  96. Thats an alchemist I can tell by the item in her hand and the magic…YAY NEW MAGE CLASS….PVP…Uh oh

  97. :) says:

    This looks more cool then BIG BANG!

  98. hawk says:


  99. Liked maple says:

    no princessninjato is not a class is a new skill

  100. Thank you for the updates and WOA!!!!

    @Liked maple thankyou I kind of jumpped the gun on that..

    Lol GIANT POTION! I thats going to be fun to use

  101. Vapor-X says:

    spadow u took everything form thisisgame
    shame on u

  102. Waitin says:

    I no GMS wont have this for a long time but considering we just got Big Bang looking at henesys all destroyed is kind of… upsetting?

  103. Kwasimoto says:

    Is it just me or does that shadowy figure look awfully like Empress Cygnus?

  104. Lam Sam Yee says:

    This is so…… cool! Unlike maplesea! =.=

  105. Anonymous says:

    wow this is really interesting o.o thanks for the info! ^^
    by the way Spadow, do you have any idea of when the resistance will be open for character creation again? >.<
    it doesn't really look like they're updating the resistance classes any further so I'm really curious as to why they're not up for character creation right now
    are they trying to limit resistance characters because they might be overpopulated?

  106. Lemon says:

    That female boss is looking like the Cygnus lady. Ninehearts (?)

  107. noname says:

    come on evil. i want to be evil so bad.

  108. Kwasimoto says:

    I have the feeling that Adventurers are going to be the only ones left after all this fighting blows over.

  109. James says:

    The new boss looks like Cygnus : o

  110. IceArcher says:

    lol henysys is based on a time b4 big bang

  111. Axxez says:


  112. Tazfelis says:

    I think I’ll pick up jewelry making and alchemy on my aran on gMS ^^

  113. :D says:

    i think i know who the new boss is, its DARK CYGNUS :D

  114. bibi says:

    lol i wonder why everytime henesys got trouble *omega sector PQ* and this… haha

  115. ^ i think i’ll have to agree with you that female boss
    looks like CYGNUS Queen

  116. Leroy says:

    The new female boss is dark mage’s wife but ofcourse. x]

  117. abbness says:

    Spadow, you say lvl 140 equips but the extractions say 130. Is it possible they are making a 130 one and a 140 one?

  118. shadowkun says:

    The new female boss/the empress could be the empresses mom o-o cause the Queen and she looks alot older but then again its based in the future so it proboaly is her

  119. Volt says:

    most of the pixels in the boss and the empress npc are the same.

  120. Fearless says:

    the new female boss is the evil twin of the queen of cygnus ?

  121. Terry's Luzzu says:

    the female boss’s silhouette looks very similar to Final Fantasy 10’s Yunalesca…

  122. says:

    i don’t know if it’s been said already but that silhoutte of the the female boss is 100% the cygnus queen.

    • Ghost says:

      Wow, I think that in the future the Black Mage will over run the maple world again, the sister/look-a-like/evil twin/ clone Cygnus is a result of that.

    • Henri says:

      yeeeeah it looks kinda obvious who it is LOL. i’m guessing it’s cygnus as well :T…
      BUT HEY. could be a trick? EVIL TWIN SISTER….(lol)

  123. Polarisma says:

    I was reading this post, and the lower down I went, the more exciting it became! Obviously, the evil boss of “Crack In The Future” maps is Empress Cygnus. I was watching the trailer, and the Knights Of Cygnus seemed to leave the scene and was replaced by the “Ability Class (Alchemist, Forgist, Jewlist)”. Maybe the empress chose the dark side, which seems to be a pretty good story, cause there’s always a traitor. Also, this is how I dreamt of Pvp, seriously. But I was expecting that they all get the same weapon, and the better you were at Pvp, the betters skills you get in the game, like speed boost or spamming skill. But still, this “Maple Story Chaos” thing seems really unique and much better than all the other things Nexon brought out. Thank you Spadow for posting this :D

  124. SpadowSupporter says:

    wow the storyline of maplestory is getting better and better. and it all come from korea lol.

  125. XCrossX says:

    i have brightness the boss’s picture.


    hmm… it really looks like Cygnus queen……

    • XCrossX says:

      woops can’t display,

      see the photo here

      • joeloveslego1 says:

        it’s definitely the Cygnus queen!
        with brightness, you can clearly see the head band!
        its the one the Cygnus queen wears!

        • joeloveslego1 says:

          but she has something on her mouth…

          • Madison says:

            i obviously dont believe this is the cygnus express because if u look closely it looks like a timeless mage robe and the barrette, well the as you see, in the evan storyline they try to ressurect the black mage, we have black wings, and aran i dont know em >.> so technically i THINK most likely, they manage to success and capture the empress.

  126. Miltix says:

    Hmm, pvp eh?

    I guess it would be all spammy and stuff unless they do these:

    No hit animation/Can still move after being spammed by hurricane etc.(take that!)
    Skill cooldowns
    No stuns,freezes etc.
    Reduced damage, higher defence

    And lol, is that the Cygnus Empress?

  127. uncleden95 says:

    The female boss…is she the cygnus knight empress?

  128. ineedtoknow says:

    the lv140 equips only have sword or have spears and polearm too? and mind posting the stats of the equips too spadow?

  129. Chris says:

    I agree with Liked’s theory, but think it happened a bit different. When she had everything in Ereve petrified, she was able to put a curse on Shinsoo, kinda like the Deku Tree in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. However, the curse required the Black Magicians power to fully take affect. After the Big Bang, Shinsoo slowly got weaker until he passed away. When Ereve lost its guardian, the power of the Black Magician was able to infect Ereve, filling it with monsters and forcing the Cygnus Knights to retreat from Ereve. At this time, with the internal chaos going on, the Black With again, or the Black Magician was able to get into Ereve and than corrupt Empress Cygnus because Shinsoo’s protection was gone. As she became corrupted, the corruption spread to the head knights, while the citizens of Ereve were either killed by monsters, left to die, or betrayed by Cygnus. With Cygnus take over by the power of the Black Magician, they than later begin their campaign against the world of Maple, starting with Victoria, thus the destroyed Henesys.

    Now here comes complete speculation about the lvl 160+ area. I think the monsters might actually be mutated citizens of Ereve taken over by the Black Magician when they were near death. Also, because Nineheart isn’t shown, it’s possible that when Shinsoo got sick, he foresaw something like this happening and tried to get a cure for the curse, but wasn’t able to. Now in the future, he has the cure for Shinsoo, but no way to give it to him. Nineheart was probably captured, and either has the recipe for cure, or the cure itself with him, and you have to save him from Empress Cygnus in order to stop this horrible future from happening. Another idea is that Empress Cygnus might have ended up turning against the Black Magician as well.

    I also heard someone saying that the Aran, Evan, and Dual Blade have become evil. Has anyone else heard anything about that?

    Sorry for using GMS terms and not KMS terms.

  130. Pucstar says:

    This sounds like runescape

  131. A MapleSEA Player says:

    noooo henesys going be destroyed????!

  132. ZzZzZzZz says:

    So when you create an aran/ evan/ dual blade character a (Which side will you pick? GOOD/EVIL) screen will pop out?

  133. Megabine says:

    OMG the newest female boss look’s like the princess from Erev O.o
    Is that really her?

  134. kipex says:

    OH GOD SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE CYGNUS! Maybe its her dark side? Maybe She Residents in Underground of Ereve with evil Knight Of Cygnus?Maybe its her twin sister that hates Cygnus and joined Black Magician to kill her?

  135. CombosPLX says:

    OMG this is so cool >:O
    im looking forward for that aran update so freaking epic :D
    and pvp i think it whould give a lot of trouble like BB is giving atm in GMS.
    day 1 patch day 2 and 3 server maintance :'(

  136. zerofire says:

    Im tempted to stop reading these posts so that im not waiting for half a year for it to come out in gms

  137. Yorckie says:

    Overwhelming! Does this confirm Dual Blades as Heroes?

  138. 300th poster says:

    Blah blah blah we all know that dark figure is Empress Cygnus which was mentioned about 20 times.
    Now, will all Knights of Cygnus become evil -OR- resists the evil?

    oh, by the looks of current situation, Black Magician will win, just like Skynet! (I hope)

    • Vecsis says:

      So im not the only one supporting the Black Mage. If anything Dark Knights(my main ofcourse) should be able to choose to fight for him.

  139. Alex says:

    So does this mean Dual Blades that were made before the “Chaos” update will be removed? So my main is going to be gone? If that’s the case, that is ridiculous.

  140. amazed says:

    140 EQUIPS. I hope they need secondary stats. Otherwise dexless will srsly pwn. xD

  141. germanboy says:

    Hello Spadow, i just wanted drop some thx =P
    i really love your work and i hope you will enjoy doing translations and stuff like that for a long time :D

  142. Splandisly says:

    I noticed that Aran, Evan, and Dual Blade got new signature outfits. I personally liked the old Dual Blade outfit better though -.- But more importantly, the new female boss kind of looks like Cygnus to me. The person in charge of the Cygnus Knight on Ereve.

    • Wuha says:

      agreed, she looks pretty much like her. maybe the black mage drive her go crazy? who knows.

      well most of all thing i had been dreaming such as mining and more detail ‘maker’ actually will come true.

      but ‘pvp’… i felt like quiting maple already lol. im not very much a pvp guy anyway. i sense there will be lot of mega and war. and i think they might be releasing something like realm or guild war.

      well it might fun for someone else but i dont think i’ll enjoy pvp. i cant go and tell nexon to change that but i hope it wont screw my fun >.<

      • Person says:

        My theory is that she was on the Black Mage’s side all along. She was never good. She was deceiving her entire kingdom into helping their arch nemesis.

        Lol, she is in the same category as Zakum, Horntail, and Pink Bean. (They all work for Black Mage.)

  143. zcoinz says:

    so when he said betrayal in the video, he must’ve meant the empress of ereve.

  144. AMapler says:

    O.o, the mystery woman looks like an evil cygnus? Maybe Cygnus = Eleanor? (Ik about the 120 Captain Knight quest to defeat her, but, just saying, it can be possible, Nexon can twist things well)

  145. Babymario26 says:

    Empress of ereve is def. the new boss

  146. Ron Tsang says:

    OMG the Mystery new woman boss itz Black Mage WIFE LOL

  147. someone says:

    That looks like empress cygnus o.o

  148. someone says:

    looks like empress cygnus o.o try upping the contrast in photoshop, you can still make out some of the colors, but it’s been dulled A LOT

  149. Aidan says:

    im wondering.
    can we get that top hat that the jew guy is wearing

  150. NEXON says:



  151. Reevolver says:

    Thanks for the translation, Spadow! The other versions of MapleStory will use your translation for sure. x)

  152. Steven says:

    You know i think? Chaos Pink Been + Growth Potion + …. GG

  153. Hana says:

    Well, I put the brightness down to the lowest and the contrast to the highest and I believed it looked.. a little bit like Cygnus. Next, I used the dodge tool and the clothes aren’t entirely the same, but it looks like her. Maybe it’s an evil clone? XD

    • Daisuke says:

      Or maybe she changed clothes?… I mean… It’s the future, she may change her clothes…
      Btw… Another possibility is that Black Mage is controlling her? o.O

      • Daisuke says:

        Nvm… Found a clue! xD… In the trailer, when they show Cygnus Empress and Cygnus Knights in the Technological Age update, Cygnus Knights are in black and the man says: “The maple world has been filled with LIES, betrayal and chaos” So that may be a clue :O

  154. Sashafiercex says:

    sadly the boss kinda looks like the empress(cygnus lady) and the evil person from the future mixed O.o

  155. Hanabira.Kage says:

    The Ice Knight PvP mode sounds a lot like S4 League’s Chaser mode and Halo’s Juggernaut mode. ._.

    I heard that that Android (to be more precise, a Gynoid) can be created using the profession skills, but…I wonder which one?

  156. greennov1 says:

    like i said above. . .
    just like the maker skill
    except make pots and accessories. . .

  157. ron975 says:

    In the video, they say Maplestory Cows, so, maybe, the resistance holds the record for most steak eaten, and the heroes and the DB were jealous, so they eat more steak, but they become fat so they need to work out by fighting each other.

  158. amazed says:

    oh. the boss has something to do with pandora maybe.

  159. Kabloomboom says:

    The mysterious female boss looks a lot like Empress Cygnus… (Or whatever her name is, it escapes me.)

  160. Kabloomboom says:

    It took me a while to understand the Door to the Future.

    The various Temple of Time quests focus on chasing after an intruder (Pink Bean) by delving into your own personal past. But next to the door in the Temple of Time that had been broken into are two other doors, seemingly unenterable.

    After staring at the center portal of the Door to the Future, I’m convinced that one of those other doors in the Temple of Time is in fact the Door to the Future.

    The right portal of the Door to the Future, as one can see, leads to the Destroyed Henesys seen in the picture above.

    However… I can’t seem to put my finger on what part in the future the left portal leads to…

    • Volt says:

      i believe the left is the ‘past’ leafre when the black mage and the 5 heroes fought.
      and the center is most likely the present, and right being the future. past, present, then future. that’s my guess.

      • Deadfalk says:

        I think that’s pretty much right,
        Center portal is the present, which holds the trials you gotta get trough to get to PB
        Right portal might pretty well be the future portal – as given in a earlier post, it looks pretty plausible the main questgiver there is Ninehearts, and the enemies are the cygni (finally – i hated those guys ever since they expelled adventurers from CPQ).
        Left portal – well, we got a past-time area already, in ellin forest, right? but it looks plausible that later on a great revertion will happen – slaying the magician before everything happened.

  161. FoxesKarma says:

    The new female boss looks a lot like Empress Cygnus. During the video the DB says the world was filled with lies, Betrayal, and chaos with a gray image of the Cygnus Knights making me think the Cygnus Knights were evil in the end and in the future Empress Cygnus end up joining the Black Mage.

  162. Awesomness says:

    I think the female boss is The women for Koc

  163. MilkMan says:

    isn’t the new boss the girl from the cygnus knights???

  164. ItsNostalgic says:

    This is awesome. I am looking forward for Chaos ^_^

  165. ManChaos says:

    i have a bright reveal software and the new boss is empress cygnus!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF

  166. NinjaStarMax says:

    Oh noes, that shady character ish my mum D: Curse you dark side!!!

  167. AaronsMyEvan says:

    Looks like im gonna be the one to confirm it, it is cygnus empress. with the help of photoshop cs5 express i’m probably gonna be the closest one to that boss’s identity.

    here ya go.
    oh and manchaos’s claim cant be proven unless he uploads a pic.

    • Madison says:

      No its not empress look in this image ^^^^ if u look at the pendant theres no that colorful thing, yarn string etc

  168. DestinyThief says:

    Dear Spadow,

    I see 3 characters in a brown square, it looks like the 3 characters are new jobs of recistance am i right?

  169. Blaonz says:

    Guys cant you see the future empress’s eyes??they look souless…..maybe black mage took over her!~~Just saying..

  170. anapkagosa9 says:

    the new boss is the queen of cygnus
    1. the girl looks like her
    2. if u watch the trailer something happened to the queen of cygnus and the cygnus nights

  171. eric says:

    ok about the boss i may have a clue, maybe the black mage sent his evil armies take over the empress land and controlling her. And all the Knight is lock in a darkness prison which no one can open it except the black mage. and that all i dont know what the stories line goes to so correct me if i’m wrong .

    • person says:


      She was never good to begin with. Alternatively, there is no good or bad, that is too black and white. Aran and Resistance are both against the Black Mage, but they are also against each other.

  172. Toy says:

    I am guessing…The new boss is queen cygnus…Somehow…

  173. TacoBeard says:

    the trailer defenately seems like the knights are merely pawns to empress. Seems to me this is the storyline.:
    she was training them all… to help her rule after the black mage is defeated and the heroes + adventurers + resistance are too tired to fight back. After that some remaining people with the last of their strenght make a last effort to call their past selves… to be warned of the evil empress. At the same time a new group of people have appeared giving you new abilities of crafts, and are empowering the past so that when the Empress Revolts we will be ready. But in the future she has taken over the world, and rules with an iron fist. A mysterious door invites you to be a saviour of the future.Behold, you are the hero once again of the future, as just after you have resolved neo city, you discover a greater disaster has struck. Empress cygnus has killed or enslaved all remaining people. You are the last hope for the future of the maple world. You must Stand up and rid the world of this evil. Behold The Chaos Of The Future. This, Is, Maplestory, CHAOS!!!!!
    some onstructive critism from anyone would be nice. Also spadow if you have the time try to criticize, i think it is possible but who knows.

  174. stupid says:

    why would everyone saw the picture of whatever a girl taking a hammer and a boy holding a bomb of whatever said that will be a new job? just fucking read the post is just some new complement skills

  175. stupid says:

    among the 5 profession skills, as spadow said at lvl30 we can learn up to 2, means we able to learn more later? Can 1 character learn all 5 skills?

  176. Hart says:

    Man, the DB in the trailer is a cocky a-hole but he’s so bad ass it’s awesome…….. Can’t wait for this stuff to drop….. Am guessing around summer or fall for GMS…

    ps. my money’s on the DB for that last clash scene in the trailer…..

  177. Deoman46 says:

    This is going to be super cool!!!!!
    Cant wait till ms chaos, i wonder who the new boss is, to me it definetely looks like emporor cygnus but i ust cant wait!!!!! XD

  178. Chibi says:

    Spadow, everyone else’s translations for the vid is a load of crap, your is more legit and i can see in the future for more versions of MS using your work, good job, I hope they atleast ask this time

  179. windyshot says:

    new female boss looks like irena

  180. Shademix says:

    Any info on the new 140 set?

  181. Lagann says:

    No way the KoC Empress turns evil, dam u black mage T.T

  182. Devin~ says:

    Just saying, Empress Cygnus and the Goddess of Maple World look almost identical. Is it possible that the Black Mage somehow awoke the Goddess, and took control of her? While Ereve was anihilated \ destroyed.

  183. dgaxel says:

    as i thought
    good news from spadow

  184. momokairox says:

    Darn… I was hoping when I saw the Cygnus Knights and then the Alchemist and Creator, I thought they were new CK… like water and earth er something… XD

  185. jasper says:

    erlo there..
    about aran new combo
    and evan attk speed
    issit available after big bang?

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  187. AJ MHero says:

    in the trailer they said The MapleWorld has been filled with lies,betrayal and chaos. then they show koc. So does that mean what?koc becom evil?

  188. aMan says:

    I think the female boss is empress Cygnus, check to the clothes, hair, face (in black), …
    Im sure that she is Cygnus…

  189. AK47Panda says:

    Lol, is it me or is it the second time the maple world exploded? Also, EVAN IS GOTH NOW ?!?!

  190. yoyoyodaddd says:

    Omg Cygnus is the Boss????

  191. 음,이 정보를 받고 좋은 직업 이죠. 우리가 정말 그때까지 추측 자사의 모두 문제를 일이 벌어 지는지 알지까지!

    또한, 다음 번에는면 난 기꺼이 그것을 감사 하겠어요, 새로운 수업이나 그렇게 skillers 불리는 방법에 대한 자세한 그냥 조금 줄여 수 있습니다.
    사전 Spadow에 감사 …

  192. the new female boss is the cynus knight princess or what ever the one who always sleeps on the giant bird

  193. ReadFFS says:

    Do people not read whats on there? I see so many comments above saying OMG ALCHEMIST AND HAMMER WOMEN NEW CLASS NEW CLASS, for the last time their new skills/abilities that level 30+ can gain and seems similar to the maker skill. Also there are plenty of comments saying how PvP won’t work because of peoples attack range compared to the amount of hp. If you read it says that everyones stats and levels will be automatically adjusted when doing PvP. It’s simple, just read.

  194. Dualsphere says:

    The girl is the empress of cygnus. She is the one who destroyed henesys and the trailer even write betray and lies… and then they show the picture of the knights of cygnus. So she is the one

  195. Max says:

    so are these the release dates for KMS(sorry if it says there)
    if so do u have an estimate for when GMS will get it
    PLZ reply

  196. momokairox says:

    That would be AWESOME. And then you’d have to fight all the Cygnus Knights (KoC), or maybe the one corresponding to your class, and then finally you’ll have to fight Emperor Cygnus. O_O That would be cool. And how it said that the CK are the opposites of the Alliance or whatever, when in reality, they were working side-by-side the whole time. :3

    I really like how MS is actually (sorta) putting small “story lines” in the game. :)

  197. andynguy says:

    Oh no! If the Cygnus Knights ARE going to be evil(new female boss looks like the Empress) I’m going to have to find a new favorite class(because my Night Walker is my main and favourite). Oh well, might as well start a Thief/Assasin/Hermit/Night lord because I don’t want to make a bandit.Personally i don’t enjoy playing my resistance character(still need to try mechanic because hasn’t come out in gms yet).I was planning on making a Thief so i could make a Sin/Hermit/Night Lord anyways but I still wish the Cygnus Knights weren’t evil.But then again a evil class could be interesting.Or maybe it’s just the Empress that’s EVIL and the head knights are good and planning on overthrowing the Empress and announcing a new Empress (just another theory but it provides a little hope to those who want good I don’t know what would be better good or bad).Nexon keeps throwing twists at us.And when will the rest of the heroes come out?And i got to say this is one of my favorite trailors for Maple Story.I better get started on my Thief and at least Explorers can reach level 200 unlike Cygnus Knight! =D (NEW HOPE)

    • Lagann says:

      Lol no need to quit ur nightwalker the Cynus knights gets possesed and become stronger than
      pink bean leaving them invincable think about it

  198. Someone says:

    Are Dual Blades Heroes now? Spadow Please reply to this one! Thanks for all your help!

  199. JX says:


  200. Jay says:

    Explorers – At war with the Black Wings
    Aran – Apparently coming back to save Maple World
    Evan – Same as Aran
    Cygnus Knights – Who in hell knows WHAT… Probably allying with the Black Wings
    Dual Blades – Fighting the Black Wings, but wants to be the one to defeat them
    Resistance – At war wih the Black Wings

    On a side note, almost ALL of these people are fighting each other

    I wonder why it’s called Chaos… (sarcasm)

  201. eddie says:

    that is so awsome i cant wait

  202. eddie says:

    i want up grade evan and aran

  203. eddie says:

    totally siked just so you know i read all your posts just fineshed

  204. Phoenyx says:

    The time portal thingies make me wish I could be level 160 :o I wanna see the destroyed henesys and evil Cygnusss~ Even though I’m pretty laid back with levelling, I’m gonna have to start working more…
    But still, I’m glad I have characters of several classes. Lol, my Wind Archer will be evil while my Aran, I/L mage, and Wild Hunter will be fighting her wut. I can’t wait for this :D Wait, actually I still need to train D:

  205. Phoenyx says:

    Oh yeah, and PVP. I wanna see how that goes too :D

  206. BigFan says:

    Next time, you should probably bold the these are not new classes part xD
    Cool, maplestory will get a system similar to Dofus and Wakfu. ^\(^o^)/^

  207. Soon Jin says:


  208. Lagann says:

    Guys most of u r wondering who the female boss is.
    i just found out the enire story line now

    The door to the furtue(can b found in Temple of time)
    The Cygnus knight get possesed by the black mage they wernt evil
    to start with.
    The Black mage tooked over Maple World in the furture and put a trap
    on the CK’s therefore making them evil and stronger than Pink Bean

  209. Lagann says:

    theres more detail but i bet mos of u hate reading f3

  210. James P. says:

    I bet the female boss is the empress of the cygnus knights =D

  211. Kevin! says:

    i dont like cygnus knights but all im saying is that they needed the buff more then everyone other class (excluding the adv :P) cuz they kinda suck :$

  212. MSNoobEater says:


  213. Andy says:

    Which Jewels are most commonly used to mine, blacksmith etc. Which ones are the most popular / expensive ones?

  214. osakaJI says:

    the new female boss will be a Chaos-Anego f3

  215. David says:

    What I want to know is what i that bird on the top right of the image, just above the aran.

  216. Shakamdnqldnwj says:

    Whoa whoa whoa.

    Sooo much to handle. I just got used to big bang!
    Ugh and does that mean koc is like whatever now?

  217. mohd says:

    guys i think i know who the women in the last picture is…………
    biggest guess its the queen of the cygnuses, dont really know her name,but that is what it mostly looks like

  218. Domnaek says:

    Maybe its the black mage,the black mage is a female and the twin of cygnus princess oO

  219. Minnow says:

    Wait so… what happends if you’re already lvl 120 can you still be an alchemist or w/e or will you have to start all over again? Same for DB’s.. in order to gain those new skills would you have to restart ?

  220. Raul60977 says:

    When is this coming out for usa? please dont respond in a mean way

  221. MyDuaLBaBy says:

    i wonder what will happen if i spam in fm “S>…” with giant potion :D

  222. Dundeey says:

    omg. this is like too awesome. I like that super fight trailer. I wish there would be an anime of it, instead of that awefull original one. But whats that future destroyed henesys thing? o-o

  223. sotyny says:

    yay new skill for evan,aran and dual blade

  224. KenFeeL says:

    is it true that they are going down the mechanic’s damage?

  225. Zero says:

    In the future, Empress Cygnus became interested in the World Tree, so eventually she went to search for this phenomenon. The Empress and her knights succeeded in searching for the World Tree, but… they fell into a trap by the Black Mage. He took the soul of Empress Cygnus and her knights and made them into his puppets. Because of this curse by the Black Magician, the island of Ereve lost its holy power and descended to Victoria Island. There, Empress Cygnus and her knights started to attack Maple World.

    The Black Magician took over empress Cyngus

  226. MoonSponge says:

    michael baldwin o. serato

    • Rocko says:

      Chill ur balls man…..chill your balls. I guarantee it will all make sense in the course of your gameplay…..

  227. Nub says:

    The boss is the empress in ereve

  228. Rocko says:

    I srsly cant wait….Chaos…its….just and epic name itself lol

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  230. Zenzingten says:

    hey spadow this may be a late comment but i was wondering how u could make the andloid thing and what profession u have to be to do that

  231. 0ne3xplorer says:

    Since Empress Cygus is what people think is the person who is the boss…I have to say this ;
    1. Why did it have to be Empress Cygnus? I always favored her, she seemed so nice.
    2. Why can’t it be someone less favored…yknow for a reason?
    3. Empress Cygnus is like…my leader…I can’t just object her!
    4. Im going to feel terrible if like theres a test and we have to face her minions which are sheep. T.T’
    5. I’m going to miss Empress Cygnus… ;[

  232. Solidifie says:


  233. Muhtasim says:

    Hey Spadow I have a question. Will the dual blader scrolls be free and will there still be von leon.

  234. East says:

    You know…the patches are basically a storyline that leads the maps and monsters to get worse and worse, as all stories come to an end, you’d think they’ll make a patch where everything is reverted to normal?O_O.

    • Le trollish comment says:

      I hope not. Before Big Bang and the other stuff I never got past 40! I love my 104 priest and I refuse to let you take him away with your selfish normalcy!!!! A 5x current leveling boost would be better.

  235. DjFirestarta says:

    From the way i see it, there’s contrast in the face, it’s femanine, and it looks like the cygnus chick IMO….

  236. Nice says:

    those lvl 140 equips would look nice on me ;D

  237. sdaads says:

    empress cygnus

  238. MechRapider says:

    I think the ultimate boss is the friggin black mage himself

  239. MechRapider says:

    lol in the end of teh vid: Mehpulstodee Cows


  240. Tim says:

    the final boss is cygnus herself she gets possessed or something by the black mage and u also have to fight the 5 cygnus knight captains who use their respective mob skills of a level 70 knight.

  241. Anon1337 says:

    I honestly feel as if this is a rip-off of Aion in certain ways.

    Level 140 Equips -> Anuhart Equipment.
    Dark Henesys set in an alternate reality future -> Dark Poeta.

    Both companies are situated in Korea. Coincidence? I’d bet not.
    Then again, it could be a sneaky reference/shout-out. 0_0.

  242. ragneroks says:

    wait if their having lvl 140 armour wat will cygnus knights do?

  243. Pingback: Summer of 2011 « Welcome to Maple Square

  244. Khaini Shadower says:

    YAY SO chaos is coming in dec 2011? ok but when is Dual Pendants coming to GMS?

  245. Khaini Shadower says:

    i want dual pendants cuz im sitting here @ lvl 141 shadower with a CHTP withg 70 all stats and 21 % luk and 10 att and thenm i got a reg HTP with 15 % luk !!!! i want to wear both <3 rich mofos around maple LVL 141 SHADOWER RANGE~ 18712-23184!!! beat that!!!!!!!!!

  246. maplestorystuff says:

    dark cygnus O_O so cool

  247. calvin says:

    umm hey spadow do u know the stats of the shoulderequips after Chaos?

  248. MechsPopDem says:

    so i guess that dual bladers r now officially thief heroes? :D

  249. pin heng says:

    no ned wat patch la make awaay all the lagness can already

  250. Andy says:

    so obvious its dark cygnus

  251. Creolous says:

    Jamal you turd…
    no one cares
    and you shouldnt be a british wanabe
    unless your name is Jamal and your British…
    but are you just saying that because you have no concept of what the game is actually about or do u just wana pick a fight?
    anyway, Calling people Thick when your asthick as your mom isnt nice.

  252. Ok_now_wut says:

    Ok so Ultimate Boss Pwn Pink Bean?

  253. I_AM_BORE says:

    I think the ultimate boss is the KoC Queen. The one with the dragon… If you see properly is a girl.

  254. I_AM_BORE says:

    Dark Cygnus from KoC?! No wonder they seem so selfish in all story! Lol!!

  255. Jackson Chen says:

    we will have to remake that char with that job or the skills will be for evey aran db even
    im asking this cause i have an aran

  256. William An says:

    i have a quick question. can jewelists make glasses?

  257. Iwillnotbeback says:

    Hello Chaos Cygnus >:)

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  259. Beckii says:

    Whats with that girl with the falcon thingy? The one with aran hair?

  260. Chan Kim says:

    이번 메이플 스토리의 업데이트를 통해 알게된거는…
    개발자는 메이드 취향인가??거대한 물약 사정거리 자제좀…
    검은 마법사가 온다는데 지들끼리 싸우고 지랄이야…

  261. Jin Lin says:

    idk if this has been said or not, kinda to lazy, but exactly “when” is the chaos and jump event comming to maplestory… i mean, ud think the info for the events would be here by now… -,- i really cant wait for it to come……………….

  262. Sinthe says:

    I have a level 107 Aran on Mardia. Am i going to get the new skills or do i have to create a new character ? And the Alchemist skill sounds awesome as im a training alchemist irl :)

  263. TaylorGangOrDie says:

    Its Empress Cygnus, She And the cygnus knights went to the world tree, The black mage set a trap for her, when she arrived, he cursed her and took over her soul, causing her soul and powers to fade away, making ereve fall out of the sky down to Victoria Island, Where he/she and the knights were going to take over Victoria Island, then claim the rest of Maplestory World…..

  264. Sinthe says:

    Also with the Alchemy skill what does “Fuse equipment” mean????? Im so curious ;)

  265. hacker 808 says:

    Every time nexon releases a new patch. They always leave holes for hacks :)

  266. Henry says:

    I’m a level 103 Evan. Does this mean I wont get the new updates of skills and what not with this character? Would I have to make a new Evan character? I hope not. Sigh…

  267. Rae says:

    What about the cannon shooters?

  268. Chuck Norris says:

    Whatcha guys doing?

  269. BigBoyman says:

    LOL how the fuck would cyngus knighhts go to level 160 area… Thats kinda cheap even though cyngus knights r cheap…

  270. Charlie says:

    the new boss is rlly empress cygnus under the control of the black mage or whatevs. u also have to fight the other cygnus knights to finish the battle

  271. Stephen says:

    Srsly, why didnt they put a CHAOS PINK BEAN in MS but dark empress is enough…. (Cygnus knights are freakin cheap ik, but they level up fast)

  272. Daniel Min says:

    i got hacked when i was 123, i got to use blade fury for 1 day then everything deleted. now i barely play.

  273. minkit says:

    Creator Only Using Two Hand Mace?

  274. minkit says:

    And Jewelist Using Wand?

  275. Matti Torniainen says:

    KoC Boss :DD *jk*

  276. Kiosk99™ says:

    the boss is 100% the empress of KOC. Transfer to evil by black mage. All the KOC instructor will also be possed by evil.

  277. lenny says:

    The new boss is Cygnus after controled

  278. xavier says:

    When will it be chaos patch??

  279. barbeque says:

    anyone know when this is coming for maplestory europe??

  280. Laine says:

    I wanna Chaos Pink bean lei so nice

  281. Laine says:

    When Will maple story Get CHAOS patch looks nice

  282. Ah Mok says:

    Spadow after chaos patch skillbook will remove?

  283. PSP says:

    Cool! Looking forward to it

  284. zzz says:

    Anyone even notice that ppl keep spamming the same thing saying the womman boss is cynus queen juz freaking go youtube and you will know

  285. Ya quiero el chaos en maplestoryeurope!!!!!! come here all!!

  286. jordan lim says:

    its evil cygnus

  287. Angel says:

    IT ALREADY HERE! (i bet) sooooo how do i get in tho………….

  288. matheus says:

    Muito legal…vou baixar tambem

  289. ninja2997 says:

    looks like cygnus with a random thing behind her.

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