Dragon Nest ~ Level 15: Advancement to Priest!

Hello everyone, I’m sorry for the lack of updates of MapleStory, there has been no game update for the test server. I think next week, but we’ll have to see.
In the meantime I am playing a new game that went OBT not too long ago.

I’m definitely loving Dragon Nest and I’m loving it even more since I advanced to Priest.
The skills of Priest are so amazing. +_+

Today I’ve been on a few Abyss runs. In Dragon Nest you have different modes: Easy, Normal, Hard, Master and Abyss.
It’s recommended to get a party of four people to participate in Abyss. The monsters are harder and mostly there are more bosses in this mode.

As a Priest I can finally use some kick ass moves such as Lightning Volt and Relic of Lightning.

▼ Relic of Lightning:

If you are playing this game at home, you will be amazed by the stunning graphics.
There is also a lot of cut scenes and voice acting in this game, it’s really funny to hear and see that.

Drill, drill, drill!

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78 Responses to Dragon Nest ~ Level 15: Advancement to Priest!

  1. cool says:

    i like the bowmaster more :D

  2. austin says:

    why do u like bowmaster more?

  3. PersonWhoDisagrees says:


  4. Alilatias says:

    I still can’t decide between Bowmaster and Acrobat… I’m leaning towards more Bowmaster for now, unless they are restricted to using only Crossbows like the sample video appears to suggest (in which case I’ll immediately go for Acrobat, as I love bows and don’t really care for crossbows in comparison).

    I love how everyone’s all bored enough to go chat about random stuff here.

    – KMSers (and most of us GMSers, EMSers, JMSers, and MSEAers) are eagerly awaiting this supposed huge March update.
    – GMSers are waiting for Evan.
    – MSEAers are also waiting for Evan, although it’s unclear exactly when they’ll get it when compared to the GMS situation.

    Spadow, if you have time, is it possible if you can clarify on how Thorns works?

    The people of SouthPerry have translated some stuff over at Insoya regarding how it works, but it all seems like a giant mess… The translations indicate that Thorns works differently depending on what type of class you are.


    – It does not appear to affect Archers and Night Lords, since their base crit is already higher than the Thorns effect.
    – Mages appear to get a damage multiplier boost.
    – The translations on what it does for Infighters, Arans, and Evans are unclear.
    – Everyone else gets a precentage-based damage boost.

    Yeah, I think most of us are interested in the third part. It would be great if you can clarify on that part, but I understand if you’re also unsure/don’t have the time.

    • Ghost says:

      They only got ten days left to announce it…

    • Spadow says:

      Thorns Effect

      Dual Blade
      -35% chance of performing a critical attack, Skill damage 250%
      ex) Upper Stab’s damage without crit is 245%, but with crit it is 495%

      -35% chance of performing a critical attack, damage multiplied by 2.24
      ex) Genesis’s damage without crit is 99999, but with crit you can make it to 199999

      Thorns Effect will not work on classes who have a critical skill (Night Lord and Archer)

      Thorns Effect will work on classes who don’t have a critical skill (Captain, Shadower, Hero, Paladin and Dark Knight)
      -35% chance of performing a critical attack, Skill damage 125%

      – Thorns Effect will only work when you attack stunned enemies

      – Thorns Effect will only work when you’re gaining combos

      – Can be affected by Thorns Effect

      • Alilatias says:

        “Thorns Effect will only work when you’re gaining combos”

        I suppose that means it only works when Combo Critical’s effect is lower than the Thorns effect.

        Thanks, Spadow!

      • Jacky says:

        For the thorns effect on classes with no critical, does it add 125% damage or 25% damage, or maybe 125% damage of their original damage.

  5. FailedName says:

    I’m really excited for Dragon Nest! I joined maplestory 3 days after it was released in GMS and definitely need a secondary game to play.

    PS- I just found out about this website a month ago, and I’ve literally been checking it at least once every 3 hours. I love what you’re doing for everyone Spadow, keep up the good work! =)

  6. WOA!!! Gratz….Thorns!?!
    I saw the the translated things and even im confused….

    Will they be link rings (Lilin/Adventures)??? Something tells me I will have a dual blade project ugh….

    Any thing to make me a SUPER BISHOP

  7. zzz says:

    @Alilatias: Most of MSEA-ers are tired and bored of MSEA that they went to RayCitySEA.

  8. Angry guy says:

    Everything great but it request a kssn and other stuff (which is illegal to get it). I’m mad that I got not option to play at Korean version… I need a account :(

  9. Voltaire says:

    Hmmmm, gratz on level 15!
    I can’t go on dragonnest still…I’ll add you once i do.

  10. xmanaphyx says:

    Omg == That poor monsters inside the Siggy looks like going get raped LOL
    BTW Spadow did dead couples remove the thing ?
    Your great fierceness caused eye-soring T.T , Making me feeling unpeaceful
    (Not being meanie)

  11. Alessandro says:

    in dragon nest are there specific clothes for your character that you cant change at all or are there clothes for levels within the job

  12. idos055 says:

    I’ts sound like a great game :)

  13. iMeltFaces says:

    If this was only in Nexon America. I love the priest skills. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want a huge hammer or giant staff thing coming down from the sky just to kill everyone. It looks AWESOME.

  14. tnextg says:

    Spadow could you plz upload videos of DN

  15. Maplemecher says:

    Spadow, is Dragon Nest an awesome game to play if you are a fan of Maplestory?
    Also how do you gget throwing daggers in Maplestory?

  16. Alessandro says:

    throwing daggers? u mean throwing stars or do u mean daggers? i’ve nvr heard of throwing daggers

  17. Maplemecher says:

    I mean KNIVES. Like Steely Throwing Knives or something like that.

  18. JunCurious says:

    I’m totally bent towards Elemental Lord. (I think that’s what its called, its been a few days since I looked at them…)

    Force-User (or whatever it was) is cool, but the skills are a little too sci-fi star-treky to me.

    Love the Flame-Load thing on Elemental Lord.
    You fly past all the monsters, and make a flamey road for them to burn, burn, BURN!! ^^

  19. Thank you for posting info on the thorns a bit…..WOW gen will be so cool…Now I need to get it pass level20……………..Also who will this thorn thing work out anyway? get a dual blade to a level and send to your other players or skill passage like the Blessing of the fairy?
    Im just hearing about this and want to know a head of time will I be making a dual blade in the future for this power?

    Also…what is happening to that goblin????

  20. Voltaire says:

    Spadow :
    I don’t know, because when I try to record with Fraps everything goes slower and I might get laggy. >.<;

    i herdb out someting called gamecam? try that, even though idk it if its good

  21. Alessandro says:

    um wow the goblin’s head is like……. gored

  22. DestinyThief says:

    Heya GUYS!

    i wanna say anything to you ;p

    Today i played maplestory europe, on my bandit ^-^
    its lvl 68 but that doesn’t matter ;p i have 124 nightlord to soo np xD

    BUT!: i had a shield 12att 7str 2slots left and still unhammerd ;D
    i was riscky and bought a 70% and used, quess what? ……

    It Worked :D so 14att shield :P!! YEss

    But in the evening 10 minutes ago: i was thinking about the last slot ;D
    so what i did was: i bought another 70% and used! ……

    It Worked TOOOOOO! so 16att shield and still unhammerd ;D
    now i am gonna wait for vegas spel on Ems and use 2x 60% + 2x vegas spell ^^
    i am hoping for 20att shield ;D

    Hope more info about march update. :P my story was for entertainig, but it’s a real story, if you don’t belive Ems:Kradia:MerL and wishp me ;p

  23. Maplemecher says:

    What cool skills do Clerics have?

  24. Wisdom says:

    Drill drill drill!

  25. Voltaire says:

    스파도님, 드라곤 네스트 에서내 이름은 라면전사 에요.

  26. KanesWrath says:

    cut the crap. the graphics aren’t stunning maybe its the first time you have ever seen such graphics but they are nothing special.

    • tnextg says:

      Shut up y cant u just let the noobs be excited???

    • Why says:

      I know. It’s sad to see that Spadow get excited about THOSE Graphics. I mean, I laughed all the way through the post when I first saw “artful, premium graphics”. Dear lord, help Spadow move out from the “Free-to-Play-Always-Fail” category and make him buy a game so he can see what real graphics are :]

      • Erhad says:

        Uhh.. Did you guys actually see the graphics in game? Those are just screen shots. They look messed up. The games graphics are actually amazing

      • Spadow says:

        I think Dragon Nest is going to be an anticipated game for Global players.
        The graphics are artful and colorful and good.
        You can’t judge a game based on screenshots and videos even though many people are like that.

        For a game that requires low system requirements and is F2P, I’d say the graphics are amazing.

        FYI: I have my quality settings set to low and not high.

  27. Alilatias says:

    …Wow, some of you guys above me are starting to get stupid personally vicious over insignificant details. Ah well, I guess the bad side of popularity had to start happening to Spadow’s Blog eventually.

  28. SwordStaker says:

    Lol to all who said Evan comes out tommorow.

  29. Alessandro says:

    i think it comes out on the 31st or maybe April 1st if delayed like aran was

  30. Geeraff says:

    I can so see myself being an acrobat then again I wouldn’t be bothered having to use a guy character to be a cleric/priest.

  31. tnextg says:

    Would you guys play w/ a char from the opposote sex?

  32. SlayerGhost says:

    Everyone is so busy spazzing out about that lame dragon class that they’re forgetting about that “Huge” patch supposedly coming this month…

    At this rate, I wouldn’t be surpised if “March” was midnight on the 31st, so technically April 1st…

    • SwordStaker says:

      Yay my Birthday! =D

    • Alilatias says:

      We haven’t forgotten. It’s that IT’S ALREADY 23 DAYS INTO THE MONTH WITH ABSOLUTELY NO WORD on exactly what the heck this huge March patch is supposed to be!

      • Im still waiting too….
        They up the release date for evans in GMS from March 24 to 31th…

        Oh and now I’m hearing that Dungeon fighter is going to be on the DS at the same time of maple story ds……brb I got some posting to do

  33. Voltaire says:

    spadow did u add me?

  34. Alilatias says:

    Er… Spadow, there’s something new in KMST now. Fiel of SouthPerry is thinking that it’s possibly data for a new class. The hell?

    What do you think, Spadow?

  35. Maplemecher says:

    When is the huge March update and when does Evan come out!!!!!!!

    At least theres Spring Break coming up…
    I can finally rest…

  36. Alilatias says:

    Hm, looking at the data even more, it just appears to be some sort of El Nath expansion for Level 70+ people, with the skill data likely being unrelated (although there’s some speculation that this has something to do with the ‘job related to the Dark Magician’ that the Q/A a while ago mentioned).

    The data looks incomplete though.

    • SlayerGhost says:

      The earrings peak my interest more than anything else… What are they related to? Where do they come from? Why is there one that fits for every job in Maplestory?

      Lol @ Nexon giving us 3rd jobbers more and more areas to train at that we will never use over WR.

    • Secun says:

      I don’t know, a lot of those skill names make me think Pirate. Especially superBody and Siege. Not to mention triple/quadBlow.

      • SlayerGhost says:

        Some of em make me think thief, some of em make me think warrior, and some make me think pirate… I got no idea.

  37. Alessandro says:

    i really dont even care about it since were not gonna have it for a while. then we’ll see.

  38. Alilatias says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I am going to rage like crazy if Archers get skipped over again.

  39. Alessandro says:

    yay. i did the grow ur dragon thing. and i used paint (app for mac) to draw the evan wand and the dragon and it came out SO good. or well… really good for paint since it’s hard to use. =P

  40. Momiji says:

    Yeah 1 combo!!

  41. P.G. Wodehouse says:

    If nexon wanted to maximize sales, they would release the evan patch tommorrow at 11:59pm. That way all the addicts would skip school so when normal people log on they will find level 120 evans and want to buy 2x exp to try and get that high too.

  42. P.G. Wodehouse says:

    hmm, this Dragon Nest game looks interesting, to me it seems like Nexon trying to make a F2P WoW though.

  43. Alessandro says:

    what time is evan being released. plz say no earlier then 3

  44. Dragon Nester says:

    Do you get an SP reset after 2nd job?
    =S I don’t want to put SP into random skills if it’s going to affect me later.

  45. ???????? says:

    i want to play soo bad but when im on the game installer after its done i get a message that says ???????? ??????????? somthing like that help

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