The “Nexon Hype”

The 3rd content update of MapleStory RED named “Critias” was released yesterday. I’m not entirely sure now if it is the last patch because there is content missing. That bit of content is Boss Arena (boss monster PvP). It might be the case where Nexon will add a surprise update à la Legend update. Nexon surprised players with an extra content update in the Legend update.

But, I don’t want to talk about the content update of yesterday. What I want to discuss with you is what I would like to call the “Nexon Hype“. What exactly is hype? gives me the following answer:
hype 1  (hp) Slang

1. Excessive publicity and the ensuing commotion: the hype surrounding the murder trial.
2. Exaggerated or extravagant claims made especially in advertising or promotional material: “It is pure hype, a gigantic PR job” (Saturday Review).
3. An advertising or promotional ploy: “Some restaurant owners in town are cooking up a $75,000 hype to promote New York as ‘Restaurant City, U.S.A.'” (New York).
4. Something deliberately misleading; a deception: “[He] says that there isn’t any energy crisis at all, that it’s all a hype, to maintain outrageous profits for the oil companies” (Joel Oppenheimer).

In this blog entry, I will be giving my honest opinion on the RED update.
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MapleStory’s 1st Festival

MapleStory's 1st Festival

On the 19th of May, Nexon will hold a special party in Korea at COEX.
Users are invited to join this party.

There will be events where invited users can participate in, an exhibition about the past ten years of MapleStory, the celebration of the 10th anniversary of MapleStory, special performances by SISTAR and Girl’s Day and information about the anticipated 2013 Summer Update will be revealed.

Now, I know Nexon likes to hype. I have to wait and see if this ”historical” update really is historical.

MapleStory Chaos coming soon…

30 minutes ago Nexon Korea started their press conference about the upcoming Winter update. And it’s BIG.
This just came in from the twitter of NexonKR.

After ‘Big Bang’ comes MapleStory Chaos! Like ‘Big Bang’, the ‘Chaos’ update will come in three parts:

The first update ‘Return of the Hero’ is also known as the reorganization update and will make the heroes stronger and better. ‘Technological Age’  is the second update that will add new profession skills for your character. And as last, ‘Super Fight’ is the last update to come in January.

But wait.. there’s more! Lv. 140 equipment sets will be added and new high-leveled areas as well! Read more about the second major update of MapleStory.

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G★Star 2010

Ah – It’s that time of the year again. G★Star: the annual gaming exhibition in Korea. The Korean Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).
This year, G★Star 2010 will be held again at BEXCO in Busan from November 18 till 21.

Korean and foreign companies will attend this gaming exhibition and show their newest games (PC, console, mobile, online gaming) and future projects.

Nexon will be there as usual, showing their new stuff from all kinds of games. Last year, Nexon showed a preview of the Evan job in G★Star 2009. Visitors were able to play with a high-leveled Evan character for a limited time.

MapleStory 2 was brought up that year in a Q&A session. The development team of MapleStory 2 was created in 2008 and has been in development since then.
This year, two vacancy notices for ”[MS2] MapleStory 2”  on the Nexon career homepage sparked some discussion on online communities.
I’m curious if Nexon will show a glimpse of MapleStory 2 at this year’s G★Star 2010.

Yesterday, the test server client received a new update.
There’s still nothing about the reorganization of the Aran, Evan and Resistance job.

Though, visitors who attend the Nexon booth at this year’s G★Star will be able to fight against Van Leon, the Lion King!
Two maps of the Lionheart Castle were added to the data, an entrance map and a boss map.
These are event maps and only accessible when you try the preview at the Nexon booth.
I have no idea why they’re showing this since it’s already in the game. I’m hoping for surprises~

Dragon Nest ~ Big update coming soon

Alternative link

Finally an important update for Dragon Nest players! A lot of players are Lv. 32 and it has been that way since March 20.

Tomorrow the level cap will be raised to 40. The big update comes with new quests, 11 new stages, 8 new monsters and 13 new boss monsters.
There is a special micro site about this big update, you can see images of the new stages and monsters and other cool stuff.
Click HERE to see~

Don’t forget to watch the YouTube video for the demonstration of the Lv. 40 skills. It’s amazing.

MapleStory DS commercials + introduction movies

It’s almost April 15, which is the date that Nintendo Korea will launch the Nintendo DSi and MapleStory DS in South Korea.

A new page for MapleStory DS has been created on the Korean Nintendo website.
On the page you can find information about MapleStory DS and other material such as TV Commercials and gameplay videos.

I downloaded all the TV commercials and introduction movies and merged them in one video file.

Alternative link

This handheld version will feature the four original jobs: Warrior, Thief, Archer and Magician.
Each character will have their own storyline.
Sorry Pirates. :(

MapleStory DS is not an online game, but it sort of connects with it, by including codes for exclusive virtual items.

The price for MapleStory DS is 39,000 won ($35)
A special edition bundle with a Nintendo DSi  & MapleStory DS will be available for  237,000 won ($205)

As for KMST; a new patch was released yesterday with some weird content. A new system was added, the item ranking system.
I downloaded a new client and re-installed KMST due Windows Vista/Windows 7 compatibility. (notice on test server website)

Right now I and mostly everyone cannot log on Tespia and Scania due a system error. It’s almost 9 AM KST and this issue is still unresolved.

I will post more information regarding this new patch later. I’m really busy today and tomorrow.

What I can tell you is that this is some weird shit.

The Reverse staff is a rare item. (레어 아이템)
There are four kind of rates: normal, rare, epic and unique. (Dragon Nest has this feature too)
The staff adds 202 magic attack and the sword 192 attack. ‘o’…

MapleSEA’s ”Win A Trip To Korea” contest

MapleSEA held a “Win a Trip to Korea” contest with the launch of the Aran class last November.
The contest was about winning a trip to South Korea to explore everything what Korea has to offer~
Not only Korea, but also the Nexon office.

Four winners were chosen.

Occasionally I check the Facebook of GMS and MapleSEA because sometimes there are new photos and information on their profiles.
I already saw the ”Won Our Trip to Korea!!! >w<” album a couple days ago, but recently new photos of the Nexon office were uploaded.

I took a peek and saw interesting photos.  I’m actually envious of these four winners. I really am.
Does anyone know them in real life? I’m really curious about what they heard. And did they get the chance to ask questions about future content? I wish I could talk to them. >.<!

Also does anyone know when these pictures were taken? Because on one of the photos I saw a monitor with a picture of Lex, the newest boss monster that was released in Tespia version 1.2.300. (!)

I’m not going to post the whole album haha, but only a few shots from the Nexon office.
Source: MapleSEA’s Facebook (check it out!)

Do you want to see the photos that I found interesting?

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