Level 200 !

A quick and short update this time: I finally accomplished level 200 on my Zero character! It took me a few weeks to level it from 100 to 200.
I like Zero so much that I switched my Evan character for it. Upon reaching level 200, you unlock your final Transcendent Skill which is Intensive Time.
This Transcendent Skill is basically Hero’s Echo. However, with Zero’s Time Holding skill, you can reset its cooldown time of 2 hours every 2 minutes and 55 seconds.

Time Holding is another Transcendent Skill that you unlock upon reaching level 120. Time Holding resets the cooldown time of all your skills and makes you invisible to enemy’s attacks for a short period of time.
At level 200 and beyond, your character card of Zero gets an upgrade to +10% bonus EXP. Besides that and the Intensive Time skill, you do not get anything else. Not even a medal. But, you get the Child of God medal (+2 W.ATK/M.ATK) at level 180.

This is the level where you reach the end of Zero’s story line and break free from Mirror World. What’s there to do after level 200? Nothing… yet. It would be a smart move of Nexon to simultaneously release a new high leveled area with the 5th job advancement. Like Leafre and the 4th job advancement release.

The 1st Impact

The first update of RED, “1st Impact” has finally hit the public server yesterday.

[ Official MapleStory RED Opening ]

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MapleStory’s 1st Festival

MapleStory's 1st Festival

On the 19th of May, Nexon will hold a special party in Korea at COEX.
Users are invited to join this party.

There will be events where invited users can participate in, an exhibition about the past ten years of MapleStory, the celebration of the 10th anniversary of MapleStory, special performances by SISTAR and Girl’s Day and information about the anticipated 2013 Summer Update will be revealed.

Now, I know Nexon likes to hype. I have to wait and see if this ”historical” update really is historical.

The tenth day living as a Saint Saver & The new Pirate

As a Saint Saver I have been given rewards for doing my duties. I got the last reward today.
If you don’t know what the Saint Saver event is, click here.

I purified more than 500 monsters and I got a stamp in my Attendance Book.

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Revival of the Saint Saver

A new event has appeared in MapleStory. It runs from May 26 till June 15.

When you log on for the first time, you will notice a purple colored stone icon on the left side of your screen.
This stone is called the Saint Saver Stone. If you double-click on it, you can accept and complete the Saint Saver related quests.
You can also check out information which monster to hunt to charge your stone.

NPC Cassandra will then tell you a long main story about Saint Saver. I’ll tell you the story in a nutshell.

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KMS ver 1.2.133 ~ The Arrow of Speed

The final patch of the Jump! update. Adventurer & Cygnus Archers have their skills refined, system improvements and all Party Quests are renewed!
Every Archer is entitled to one SP reset scroll, you can only get it for a limited of time.

Recommended levels have been added to the Party Quests.
I have not tried out all the Party Quests yet.

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p.s. A poll can be found at the end of this entry. I ask for your vote.

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What’s coming after Jump!?

Today the patch for the last part of Jump! has been released to the public server, the ”Arrow of Speed” update.
Don’t worry my friends! There are no nerfs since part 2. From what I’ve heard from friends, the new revamped Party Quests are nice. Fast experience gain.
I will soon make a new blog entry about this update.

So…. Jump! is coming to an end. What’s next? The data of this patch gave me the answer.
The patch note from this update said that Nautilus Port is in the middle of an upgrade.

NPC Valerie! Valerie is the student of Kyrin. Missiles? Construction site?
What is she planning? Hmm…  Valerie told me that she has something in store. Something about.. a secret weapon twice as strong. However, she told me it was a secret.

Hahahaha! You can’t hide secrets from me, Valerie! I know that there is going to be a new Pirate class!
There is a script attached to her in the data. The script is called ”cannon_forewarning”.
The forewarning is her current dialogue. Cannon has to be the new secret weapon that the new Pirate class will use.

New Pirate class?
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