Level 50 and 2PM event

Finally Level 50! Mir (dragon) evolved into a tougher dragon.

I got one amazing skill!! Magic Flare. It’s such a cool skill and it hits one enemy pretty fast.

Being Level 50 I can finally wear the Golden set.

You already know that I like Magic Flare.

(I was able to hit 4113, but I forgot to screenshot ㅡㅡ;;)

I’m going to master Magic Flare first and then Magic Shield.

I also got one scroll from Cassandra from the Evan event.
Before you ask; Yes it is 100%

Yeah!! ^^ Ten levels to go for the next ”AllStat +1” scroll.

2PM Event

The 2PM event was a special event available on certain days. Today was the last one.
The purpose of this event was to stay logged on till 2:30 PM Korean time.
You only had to wait, no pre-quest or talking to a NPC. Just wait.

After 30 minutes you will get something.
A gift box from Cassandra.

Let’s open it…
Oh.. Cute.. A chair.. Not the kind of prize I was hoping for..

I got one chair out of the two chairs you could’ve won. ↓

Okay. So what’s the big deal about the 2PM event? Is it just an ordinary event? No. It’s an event that gives out Timeless weapons.
Shit!!! Timeless? Really? Yes, hell yeah.

Damn! Five people got a Timeless weapon. Two people got 5,000 Maple Points.
After 1 minute.

A few more people got a Timeless weapon.
Before this (because there was another 2PM event in December) a friend of mine bought a Timeless dagger for 300 million meso.
Someone in the server I play in got one.

Note: It was 500 million meso. But the person lowered to 300 million and my friend bought it.

So he was all excited. But he said something of ”I’m gonna use a few 60% scrolls and then use a 30% scroll on the last slot”. I thought by myself: ”You have to be an idiot to spend 300 million meso + a few more in scrolls. If you blow it up, it’s all gone”.

Something happened. Steve, words can not express how you must feel.

+ =


(I think he destroyed it)

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It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

38 Responses to Level 50 and 2PM event

  1. dotdot says:

    Typo at the last paragraph?Quote,”I’m gonna a few 60% and 30% the last slot.Also, I wonder if it got destroyed or just failed.

  2. Somebody says:

    Congrats! I really think Mir’s look need to match the armor it is wearing tho…
    Is Mir male or female?? Or genderless?
    Dang that glasses is so going to make Broken Glasses pointless..

    … I feel pitiful for him …

  3. Anonymouse says:

    PB isnt getting beaten so this is the only way we will see Timeless items any time soon.

  4. BendyBread says:

    Magic flare is a perfect example of how overpowered the Evan class is.
    I mean, it’s bad enough they got that lightning skill, but now they get this?

    • Baguette says:

      Lets not forget that magic flare only hits ONE. So you wouldn’t be able to train to fast with it.

      • BendyBread says:

        It’s just the fact that the skill itself is so powerful. I mean, I’ve seen some funded lukless mages with cold beam and fire arrow doing that much damage. But thats the point – They’re funded.

        Here, Spadow is unfunded (from what he’s told us), and magic flare is only in it’s earliest levels. Already it’s matching maxed attacking skills, if not outstripping them completely.

        • Alilatias says:

          Isn’t Spadow semi-funded or something? He’s a lukless using Zakum’s Tree Branch. I wouldn’t call that unfunded at all.

        • azimuth457 says:

          Well Fire Arrow is about to hit 3 monsters with the update, and Cold Beam freezes monsters.. Besides, this is a “Legendary” job, it’s SUPPOSED to be overpowered compared to other mages.

    • randompeep says:

      Keep in mind an Aran can hit at least that much on 10 enemies using max Combo Smash. Sure, it can only be used after gaining 30 combo, but on the mobby maps that Arans should be training on anyways, 30 combo is nothing. (and mine is a 4x with clean equips. I’ve seen someone of the same level hit upwards of 5500.)

      Oh, all of the above were on the same Roids Spadow was at.

  5. Abdul says:

    Does 2PM have anything to do with the group? XD

  6. Alilatias says:

    Why didn’t he 30% the first slot? That way, he wouldn’t have wasted meso on the 60% scrolls if it blew up there. :/

  7. Dracthief says:

    poor guy… btw i got a dragon faltizan (lv110 spear) from the silver box event 9slots (w00t) how much can that sell for?

  8. DragonTamer says:

    no dragon ridding ss?

  9. eric says:

    hi, I would like to ask something about KMS. Has the exp leeching thingy resumed? or it will stay as it is for the time being?

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      Nexon has already officially stated that they do not plan to revert to the old EXP formula. So that means nerfed leeching forever. I like it that way; you are meant to put in effort to level up in games, not just pay someone to do all the dirty work for you.

  10. joey says:

    what’s the procedure of the mount quest

  11. Jack says:

    Hey Spadow, Did u have any news about the next legend job from Nexon.
    I just heard it Next legend job is Dagger thief -Orion.(from BasilMarket)
    Is it true about this ? Any prove?

  12. Eruy says:

    Hey did you get ur mount yet .Plssss Show us how to do the quest. p.s plss dun foget to show us while ur riding it.

  13. Nhan says:

    Zomg, I rolf at scrolling, keep up the good work!
    I’m looking forward to hear news about the next
    legnend job… One question what does Evan use as a weapon?

  14. Nhan says:

    BTW: you can get timeless from maker skill I think, right
    and spadow this might be weird, but are you a guy or girl.
    Always wondered…

  15. Takebacker says:

    Timeless weapons is one thing. Time rocks is another, and i would rather they give those out.

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      Rather than that, I would prefer that they add in an NPC in Timeless Temple that can refine Pieces of Time into Rocks of Time. Makes life a little easier for everyone ._.

      • Anonymouse says:

        I think KMS was expecting to much when it was expecting PB to be beaten easily.

        They expected way to much, the damage it does is ridiculous and you need to hp wash a heap if you are ranged to have any hope. Either ranged chars need to have their base hp doubled or trippled or KMS needs to start making bosses that do less damage.

  16. BendyBread says:

    Oh, by the way Spadow, howdid you get that reindeer costume. Or is it NX?

  17. Nhan says:

    KK, now I know. But in GMS they say time rocks also drop from
    those monks at time temple. I’ll try to find a link and post
    it here.

  18. Sheiza says:

    But i hope the dagger legend is next.

  19. Nhan says:

    Sorry, my bad, rock of time only drop from pink bean.
    Wow, I feel sorry for steve.

  20. glasses-freak says:

    hey ya spadow! just wanted to ask you for a confirmation: those evan glasses are eye equips aka owl mask – class right? not those face equips (like dog noses)..? hope u can clarify my doubt! thanks

    PS: nicole richie’s kid got the same name as u now.. haha -.-

  21. Andos says:

    A time rock can be forged from 95 pieces of time or something.

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