The return of Spadow?


Could it be…? Maybe…

Hello everyone.

It’s been a long time, right? Looking at my blog, my adventure ended on the 8th of June in 2011.
That’s a looooong time! How have you been? In my absence MapleStory has gone through different updates either good or bad. Actually, the last update was bad. It made a lot of players in Korea upset.
I’m sure by now you know about the Unlimited update? An update that lifts the damage cap, level cap , raises the stats of boss monsters and the drop rate.

Nexon has lost players. But it seems the company is convinced the players will come back when the Summer update is released. Details about that will be revealed on May 19.
Why the sudden return? First of all, I’m not entirely sure if I will come back because I have lost a great amount of interest in MapleStory. I do play every day but the amount of time I spend is so little.
In my last post I said that I would continue posting updates through Twitter and YouTube and that’s what I did if you kept track.

If I come back to my blog I will maybe do it a bit differently on managing my blog. Though, would you care for my return?
I really love to blog and just spread my information to you so that everyone is aware of what’s going on in MapleStory and in the gaming world.
For the last 22 months I’ve checked my blog every now and then. If you worked so hard for your blog you just cannot delete it. It is a disservice to me and my visitors.

There you go. I might return to my blog and post updates like I used to about my adventures.

The adventure has come to an end…

This was a really hard decision for me. I have decided to pull the plug on my blog.
Most of you readers will probably be disappointed in me because of this, but I have to do what is best for me.

Lately, my life is interfering with this lovely hobby, which is blogging.
My mission of Spadow’s Blog was to give everyone rich news about the latest content in the Korean version of MapleStory.
In the beginning my entries were sloppy and not that great, but I have grown in time and become better in it.
It’s quality over quantity what I was aiming for.
For me, creating an informational post with translated info, images & videos from my own and other sources is not easy.
Most of the posts required a lot of hours. Though, it was hard but my blog proved to be a success.

A lot of events have occurred in my personal life, so I really need a break from blogging.
Blogging on the internet is really a passion that I love to do. Did you know that I didn’t like it at first?
I, really am thankful to all my (loyal) readers who visited my blog over the past 2 years and 10 months.
All your comments have been read by me and I’m sorry I could not answer on all your comments.

These days, I don’t spend a lot of time in MapleStory, but I will definitely keep playing, though not much as I used to.
I intend to keep going with uploading videos on my YouTube account and I stay semi-active on Twitter.

Today is a really sad day for me and I wished it would never come, but now I suddenly have to leave you.
I will not delete this blog because I put a lot of effort in everything.
Visitor, it was an honour knowing you. Again thank you very much for sticking with me till the end.

Maybe… just maybe I will come back…


A new milestone: level 160~!

Finally I have reached level 160 today!
Two years ago, I thought I would never reach this level but thanks to the Big Bang and Chaos update, it made this much easier for me to achieve this milestone.

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Things that happened this week

This week I found the Angelic Bless recipe at Master Death Teddy’s. The recipe is required to make the Angelic Bless Ring.
I already have it, so I’m looking for the Dark Angelic Bless recipe which apparently drops from Zakum and rumors say it also drops from Guardian Captain of Memory. I have yet to see a screenshot with the recipe being dropped from the monster.

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Level 30 Insight

I’ve reached level 30 Insight today! ^^
The level of Insight can be raised by mining and identifying potentialed items. The latter gives more points.

Insight is a personality trait from the new personality system from the Chaos update. If you have Mining as a profession skill, then it will be no problem raising Insight because each time you mine something, you gain +5 Insight and mining only consumes 1 fatigue point.

The Insight personality trait doesn’t give you a nice buff, but it does give you an addition if you reach it to a certain level.
Insight gives you more accuracy and avoidability. However, if you reach level 30…

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An amazing gift from a friend

Kynim is not only a good friend of mine, but also an amazing cartoonist.
Most of you probably don’t know her, but she participated in the GMS ”Grow Your Dragon” event, where she drew several stages of Evan and his companion.
A few days ago she asked me if I wanted to give her my MapleStory character picture for a drawing and this is what she drew.

What do you think of this character art? I absolutely love it. I love how she came up with the half transformation concept and the dragon in the background, this is truly a masterpiece!
Please visit her DeviantART and check out her amazing gallery. ^^

Thank you Kynim~ ♥

Windows Vista & 7 issues

No, this is not an invincibility feature from PvP, but an issue with my current operating system.
Since the update of the Technological Age, a lot of players, including me, are suffering from the incompatibility of Windows Vista and 7.

When I enter a channel full with people and I log out, the login menu is all messed up. Or sometimes I entered a crowded channel, then changed my channel and tried to enter storage, but instead of allowing me to transfer my items it would crash the game client.

Today, my friend suddenly wanted to go to Zakum with me for fun. I said okay and we both went to Zakum, we killed all the arms and then it was time to attack the body. I casted a couple of Dragon Strikes and I saw on my screen that something went wrong… It didn’t respond anymore and a few seconds later the client completely crashed.

Now this has happened before, but the amount of disconnections has increased since that patch. I can always fight against Papulatus alone, but if I fight it with other people, my game messes up with transparent windows showing up and some user interface missing.

Somehow for a very strange reason, the test server client is even worse than the KMS client…
But it could also be PvP, because I cannot complete a full match in PvP mode. Never.
After a few minutes of PvP, my game client crashes. And when this happens, my desktop wallpaper changes to a black color.
It’s really sad and it’s making me angry that Nexon does not acknowledge this.

Speaking of PvP, I really don’t know if it is gonna work in MapleStory. First it was the Striker, Wildhunter and Mechanic job who were really overpowered in PvP.

There was an update recently that added new PvP maps and changed the Battle Square entrance. So I just got off from a PvP  match with a majority of Night Lords playing and wow..
I entered the map and I get killed by a Night Lord throwing stars at me. After three seconds I resurrect and then I try to escape but no success because another Night Lord throws stars at me ”EXCELLENT!!”, ”EXCELLENT!!”, ”EXCELLENT!!”. This is really messed up… The PvP patch is just a few days away. -_-;;

I really hope Nexon makes MapleStory ”Chaos” compatible with Windows Vista/7 because this is just abnormal.
Fucking ridiculous.

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