The tenth day living as a Saint Saver & The new Pirate

As a Saint Saver I have been given rewards for doing my duties. I got the last reward today.
If you don’t know what the Saint Saver event is, click here.

I purified more than 500 monsters and I got a stamp in my Attendance Book.

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Small preview of the next patch

A small preview of what the patch in May will bring.

PART 01. Speed of the Wind
The power of gale will cut through the battlefield!
A more powerful arrow aimed towards the enemy’s heart.

PART 02. Era of a great adventure
Party Quests will be completely renewed!
Let’s go on a new adventure with each other!!

Renewal of Party Quests. Sounds interesting. By the way, did you know that I and other players cannot enter Nett’s Pyramid anymore?
It’s true. Access has been disabled from the NPC Mirror of Dimension a long time ago. I think we will see Nett’s Pyramid back this month.

This is the patch preview and the test server patch has yet to come. Expect it next week~
In the meanwhile, which Party Quests do you think that needs a renewal?

The attendance check event comes to an end…

A new attendance check event was introduced in MapleStory four weeks ago.
Cassandra asks you everyday to collect 30 Grapes. In the beginning, the drop rate was terribly low. Much later, Nexon released a minor patch which increased the drop rate of the grapes.
Collect the grapes and give it to Cassandra and you’ll get a check (grape symbol) for the day you attended.

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A new milestone: level 160~!

Finally I have reached level 160 today!
Two years ago, I thought I would never reach this level but thanks to the Big Bang and Chaos update, it made this much easier for me to achieve this milestone.

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Things that happened this week

This week I found the Angelic Bless recipe at Master Death Teddy’s. The recipe is required to make the Angelic Bless Ring.
I already have it, so I’m looking for the Dark Angelic Bless recipe which apparently drops from Zakum and rumors say it also drops from Guardian Captain of Memory. I have yet to see a screenshot with the recipe being dropped from the monster.

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KMS ver. 1.2.127 ~ New events and changes

Hey everyone. Yesterday the official server released a new patch which has an Attendance Check, Spring and Archaeologist event.
The Spring event was already available in the test server, but I didn’t explain it because you may know that overseas players have difficulty with patching their files.

You’ve already seen a preview of what we are getting this month. Technically, it’s in the official server now. There are new changes that I haven’t mentioned.

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The first Lv. 200 Beginner in KMS

This weekend a Korean player ”킴때진” in the Demethos world has reached level 200 on his Beginner.
It’s a big achievement because this is the first Beginner ever to reach level 200 in KMS.

[ NO. 1 초보자 ]

Right now the second-ranked Beginner is Lv. 178 and third-ranked is Lv. 170. Still far away from 200.

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