JapanMS will get the first update of Big Bang on Nov. 24

I have learned that three versions, MapleStory Global, China and Japan will receive at least the first update of Big Bang in this year.
JapanMS will be the first out of three to receive the first update and then China.

A few people told me that the Japanese used my translated comic part 1 for their Big Bang teaser page.
So I took a look… And suddenly I see a slideshow of cropped images taken from the comic I translated.

This was my reaction: 

Sigh… First there was something with MSEA and now it’s JapanMS.
Originally, my “watermark” was visible in the last frame where the Black Magician gained back his power.
But I thought it wasn’t a good spot because the last frame looks so good without one.

I don’t know if I should be flattered or not. I’m not really mad, I should be more careful with my watermarks next time.
I’m just surprised why they didn’t translate it from Korean to Japanese. Everything else on their teaser page is in Japanese. It doesn’t make sense to me.

There are six more parts of the Big Bang comic, but that’s up to them to translate and publish.

Japanese Dragon Nest PV

As many of you may know, Dragon Nest is a new action RPG game developed by Eyedentity Games and has been in OBT since March in Korea.
Other countries have showed interest in this game such as China, Japan and America.
CBT is about to start in Japan, starting from April 28th. OBT is in late May and the official version will be presented in June.

Aside from Tespia, I have been playing this game nonstop. I am almost Lv. 30 and it’s so much fun! Since I’m leveling fast, I am facing a disadvantage.
The level cap right now is 32 and you cannot earn % at Lv. 32. I hope a big update with a level cap removal will come soon~!

Dragon Nest makes use of voice acting, which means you will hear many different voices from NPCs, monsters and skills.
Recently it has been announced that Japanese rockstar GACKT will be lending his voice to Belskard, the main villain in Dragon Nest.

To promote Dragon Nest in Japan, a promotional video has been released.

Alternative link

This PV is so good. I watched it today for 3 times already. +_+
I hope Dragon Nest will come to America soon, so you can enjoy and have fun as well!