MapleStory – RED

Hello everyone. I want to thank the people who visited my Twitch channel to see the livestream. I apologize for the random buffering but I hope you enjoyed the show.
Yesterday there was a press conference by Nexon to showcase the RED (Revolution, Evolution, Delight) update. I have seen it and I have to say that most of the information is already known and was released at the 1st Festival event. The RED update is split in three separate updates.

I’ll begin to say that nothing of the 5th Job Advancement was said. In late May, Nexon had announced in an interview that they were working on the development of 5th Job. However, because of the large amount of work and detail that has to be spent on the skills it will take some time. My take on it is that we will probably see something around winter.

Anyway, I don’t want to keep you waiting! Some interesting information has been announced yesterday, so read below the cut for more.

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MapleStory: RED due for summer 2013

The official livestream for MapleStory’s 1st festival has just ended. I would like to thank everyone who went to see my livestream on Twitch.TV.
I hope you enjoyed the festival even though you probably couldn’t understand much. A sweet event that happened: a girl came on stage and explained how she met her boyfriend on MapleStory. Next thing you know, you see her boyfriend proposing for marriage. Isn’t that just brave?

After many words have been exchanged, the update preview has finally been shown to everyone in the audience. As you might notice, the summer update for 2013 will be called RED. It stands for Revolution, Evolution and Delight.

What does the RED update mean for MapleStory? Remember that this is just an update preview. More information will be revealed in June.

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Coming soon!

Hey everyone. MapleStory’s first festival is just around the corner and I know what is coming soon.
In the latest update of Tespia, they’ve added new jobIDs to a lot of quests in which a ”Shadow Temple” has been mentioned.

The new jobIDs are:


This means it is an entirely new Warrior job. There will also be new areas.
I’m sorry for not posting a lot of updates, but I’m waiting for the festival to begin.

Other than MapleStory I have been playing Dungeon Striker which entered open beta a few days ago.
It is a new game from the creators of Dragon Nest. I’ve been playing in the closed beta and I anticipated for the open beta release.
If you have a hangame account you can download this game at Join the 엘리아 server because that’s where I am playing in.

KMST V384 ~ New Adventurer Pirate: Cannon Shooter

Last week, I reported about new job IDs being added to the quest data which indicated that Nexon KR will release three new classes in the future.
Today the first new class has been revealed. I actually kind of knew what was coming from the new Adventurer Pirate class because there is a script attached to the NPC Valerie which says ”cannon_forewarning”.

The new Adventurer Pirate class is the Cannon Shooter. Do you notice that even though it’s an Adventurer, it’s still separated from the original Adventurers. Maybe it will be a limited class like Dual Blade.

The skill effects of the Cannon Shooter looks awesome. They use a new weapon; the Hand Cannon. The Hand Cannon reminds me of pillar that the Karok character uses in Mabinogi Heroes.
Monkeys aid the Cannon Shooter in combat. The Cannon Shooter has this awesome ‘ultimate’ skill. It can summon the Nautilus ship and everything turns dark just like Evan’s Dark Fog skill. Check the video around 0:55~

Unfortunately, I cannot play the game at the moment because I’m experiencing a delay/lag which makes the gameplay unbearable for me. T_T
This also happens in the public server and I hope it will go away soon because I really want to try this class.

However, I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel of a 4th job Cannon Master.
Video courtesy of 피부 from

[Alternative Link]

Everything looks almost ready for the implementation in the public server.
From reading the events in the game, it looks like this class will be released to the public server within two weeks. Probably next week already.
There is no restructuring for the Thief and Pirate planned yet which makes me sad because they both really need one. Sigh… -o-

KMS ver 1.2.133 ~ The Arrow of Speed

The final patch of the Jump! update. Adventurer & Cygnus Archers have their skills refined, system improvements and all Party Quests are renewed!
Every Archer is entitled to one SP reset scroll, you can only get it for a limited of time.

Recommended levels have been added to the Party Quests.
I have not tried out all the Party Quests yet.

Read more after the Jump!~

p.s. A poll can be found at the end of this entry. I ask for your vote.

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KMST V382 ~ Archer restructuring part 2

Hey everyone. From reading the comments in my previous entry, I think Archers are quite happy about the Jump update.
Today part 2 of the restructuring has been released.

The NPC Mirror of Dimension has a new makeover!
Some new Party Quests are available and others are not. All PQ rewards are revamped, but since I don’t have a lot of time at this moment due to guests in my house, I will only address the changed skills from the Archer job.

Hopefully I’ll have the time to explain everything in a few days.
Read more after the jump!~

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KMST V381 ~ Archer restructuring part 1!

The update finally came! I had a busy day. I do have an archer in the test server, but I don’t have time to level it up. As of this post, there are only six days left when the update will be released in the public server as of this post. I have information about the Archer restructuring, which you can check under the cut.
I will upload videos on my YouTube channel of the new restructured Archer next week!

Earlier I said that Party Quests will be renewed, which is true. I cannot participate in any Party Quest at the moment. The NPC will tell me that it’s under construction and that it will come soon. In this patch, there are upgraded versions of existing Party Quests rewards.
Three new Party Quests were added, however since they’re under construction I cannot tell you anything new.

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