MapleStory Jump! update

This patch is part of the three phases from the Jump! update. It’ll probably not be as big as Big Bang and Chaos.
This big update will give MapleStory more class refinements and other new content. Why do I know that there will be more class refinements?

Look at the picture above and you can tell that even in Korean, you can see some text at the top.
In March there will be a patch named 역습의칼날 (Counterattack of the Blade), in April there will be a patch named 각성의주문 (The Spell of Awakening) and the last name of the patch that will be released in May is 질주의화살 (The Arrow of Speed).

The Jump! update will start in March and end in May. The patch with the Warrior restructuring (also known as Counterattack of the blade) happened today so that leaves us with April and May.

I believe that the Magician class will be revamped in April, because only Magicians use spells and magic. And in May the Archer class because they use arrows.

What will happen to the Thief and Pirate class? I don’t know, but they deserve adjustment too. Time will tell.

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173 Responses to MapleStory Jump! update

  1. Arrol says:

    Those new characters there in the poster look awesome. Wonder if they are other adventurers.

    • Person says:

      Yes, they all are. The only old character is the bowman, the rest are updated versions of the previous representatives of adventurers.

      • Alessandro says:

        the pirate isnt new either.

        • Alessandro says:

          wait…. the purple one is the pirate, right?

          • limitLess says:

            Nope. the pirate is the one rearing red cap. The purple one is thief.

          • DAggers says:

            Purple one is thief.
            Red is pirate

            nexon is too lazy to give archer a new look. ==

          • thechazz says:

            IF red is pirate .. then please expain to me how it is possible for a Thief to ewar a knuckle … cause it seems like th “thief” is wearing a white fang

          • HeyPros says:

            Probably there will be an extra “bowman and pirate”
            Their “3rd” choice for 2nd job or something like dual blade
            I predict that the thief hero will either use dual blades or dagger, Night Walker already took the claw. Resistance might be added too so if thief hero has dagger, resistance’s thief will use blades( My thinking)

          • Alilatias says:

            @ HeyPros: Actually, I believe the Thief Hero may use claws. I don’t consider the Knights of Cygnus to be an indicator of what weapons the Heroes will use, when 70% of the Knights’ skills are exactly the same as their Adventurer counterparts. Plus, that’s not even counting that Dual Blades came out more recently.

            It’d be rather unfair to claw/star fans at this point if Daggers got another unique class.

          • HeyPros says:

            But dual blade and bandits are different, it would be also unfair to dual blade and bandit fans if claws got another unique class too. Well, the creators of this game will probably make their decision, and people said that archer hero will be coming our before thief hero.

          • Alilatias says:

            You missed my point.

            Assassins and Night Walkers: They share 70-80% of their skills, with the latter having a Level 120 cap to boot.
            Bandits and Dual Blades: They share almost no skills past their first job, save for Flash Jump and a renamed Shadow Partner.

            Are you actually implying that new classes taking skills from pre-existing jobs is a good thing? Taking all of the above into account, a Thief Legend with Daggers would be very unfair to Claw fans.

          • DisOriented says:

            The purple one is a thief! I saw that claw thing which is actually a dagger when I skimmed over the previous posts.

          • Jordan says:


            To be honest, as a chief bandit, I would much rather have the new class be one that uses claws. If it uses daggers, it would just inflate dagger prices and dagger scroll prices. Like, I didn’t like dual blades either. All they did was pump up the price of all daggers, scrolls, and luk equips.

          • Oreo says:

            That actually looks like a dragon slash claw not a white fang

          • Hwee says:

            The Purple one is a Viper!!!! you guys saw the knuckle??? its a Viper / Buccaneer

        • HeyPros says:

          And why the heck are there 2 pirates behind? -,-

          • XinSon says:

            Yes, as wierd as it is, the purple female IS a pirate. Nexon has use that character to promote pirates before and as well when doing “Maple Life” before big bang (instant level 30 character), it show’d the image of the purple pirate with a white fang.

            My question is: Why do they have two pirates or are they giving our Pirate spokesperson to thieves =(?

          • DracoRukario says:

            Lol at using 2 pirates and no thieves… >_>

          • enGard says:

            Look closely at the red hat. It has two blades. Dual blades. And there is a set of equipment that is exclusive to thieves that even has the word “Pirate” in each piece. The hat looks just like that. The character in the back with the red hat IS a thief. And in the purple is a pirate. No doubt. That knuckle is a White Fangz.

    • Spaclow says:

      I bet Nexon’s gonna have to change the mage in the poster for GMS cos the cover’s on the “wrong side”.

      • PIratebreaker says:

        Actually, Korea’s books are on the “correct side”. I dont know why the cover is on the right, but only japan uses that now. It is probably there to show that the book is ancient…?

    • XinSon says:

      Oh ya, The warrior class image is NOT NEW. Just like the pirate, it is the image from “maple life” item.

      for a video proof of some one using the maple life item to show the picture of the warrior and pirate.

  2. Kearo says:

    wow that is nice but can yuo tell me about the dawnwariror jus to be sure?

  3. Evan606 says:

    Do you know if we get a full or any kind of skill reset when this comes out?

  4. greennov1 says:

    people were posting this on basilmarket and i was like ……what?
    cuz you hadn’t posted it yet and people were like ‘well spadow said…’
    what happens to mages?
    my mage is lvl 26 anni wanna see what becomes of them cuz i was gonna make a f/p or a cleric but now idk…

  5. Kwasimoto says:

    Every class got their mascots updated except for the archers. xD

  6. mapledragon89 says:

    thiefs and pirates do NOT need adjustments! they are already OP

    • mapledragon89 says:

      btw, when will you show the adjustments for magicians and bowmans?

      • Person says:

        When they come out in the Korean test server. He isn’t all-knowing. Magicians are probably April, and Bowmans are probably May.

      • Jordan says:

        They’re not even OP anymore. They were before CK came out. After that, all the new classes were stronger than thieves and pirates by a long shot. If Nexon is willing to buff up Dual Blades for Chaos, even though they were already one of the strongest classes, then I think they should buff everybody else up as well. It doesn’t matter how little, but I would be happy even with them fixing some skill animations or something. I’m getting pretty bored of some of the animatiosn =\

    • dozza says:

      Buccs arent OP at all

    • Ann says:

      There is a difference between over powered and nicely funded.

  7. Random Person says:

    I cannot wait to see what they will do to Vipers :D.

  8. Derp says:

    Here’s hoping the Mage revamp won’t be a flop.

  9. Lalala says:

    I don’t get the changes with Oz’s Flame Gear. It was at 50% damage for 3 seconds and the gears would last for 15 seconds, then the reorganization patch changed it to 100% damage for 8 seconds and the gears would last 40 seconds. Now it’s saying that it went from 15% damage for 15 sec to 40% damage for 40 sec but it was never at 15% damage for 15 seconds in the first place. Other than that, I’m really excited for the mage changes coming in April :]

    • Derp says:

      I was confused about this as well.
      I’m just going to assume it’s a typo.

    • Spadow says:

      100% damage is correct, but what you are talking about is damage over time.
      The strings in Korean tells me that the flame damage is now 40% and that the curtain lasts 40 seconds.

      • Lalala says:

        Thank you for the reply. I hope that this is not true though because I meant that the damage over time went from 50% for 3 seconds to 100% for 8 seconds. However, the actual damage was more than 100% when the skill first came out (I don’t know the actual %) and then the initial hit got increased to 240% damage in the reorganization post with the 100% Damage over time for 8 seconds and 40 second flame gear. The confusing thing about this is that it was never at 15% for 15 sec, so it being 40% for 40 seconds still makes it a nerf from the 100% damage over time with the 240% initial hit damage and that doesn’t make sense if the other UA skills like vampire got an increase, since flame gear was never overpowered or anything. Sorry about the long reply, I just hope my mage UA wasn’t a waste after all.

  10. Alilatias says:

    They sure do love that Archer art to reuse it every chance they get. Can’t blame them, the Archer art was always much better than the art that the other Adventurers got.

    The Arrow of Speed… At first, I thought this was going to be a five-part update, each part reserved for each class. But now that it’s a three-part update, and the Archer update is the last of the three… Yeah, I’m putting my money on the Archer Legend/Hero being the ‘finale’.

    Plus, one has to wonder where the Thieves and Pirates went. Either Nexon decided that they didn’t need a revamp as badly as Warriors, Mages, and Archers did, or they’re going to revamp the Thieves and Pirates alongside the release of their own Legends/Heroes.

    • Anonymous says:

      The archer image isn’t the only old one. When I used the maple life thing I got I saw those exact sprites for warrior and thief.

      • Thomas says:

        In the last update there will be an Archer update, but if Nexon will release a new Archer job, it shouldn’t be an Hero/Legend, because the story tells there were only 2 Lost Heroes, so the next Archer will be part of the Resistance

  11. Ghost says:

    This just feels like a summery of what’s been going on in KMST, nothing new besides the poster and the Mage and Bowman updates.

    Has KMST received any new material for part 2?

  12. mune0106 says:

    April is already here :P
    Can’t wait to see the other’s classes’ updates and new animations!

  13. Hey Spadow,
    So by naow in oficial server the 3rd gate stills saying :Coming Soon?

  14. DotDot says:

    Woot! An update named after one of my favorite Manga magazines!

  15. My-Kul says:

    wait WHAT? Panic does 1000% damage Per orb??? or did they change it to just 1000% damage. period.

  16. south says:

    what about arans do they get anything else?

  17. tbhero says:

    Mages need to be buffed; they suck -_-
    No offense to you magers

    • i really beg to differ with that part they suck.Priests are the ones healing you I/L are the ones chaining and freezing the monsters for you and F/P are the ones either poisoning them and weakening them or doing MASSIVE damage with the fire moves what are you talking about but yes they do need a buff as they are weak in 2nd job advancement were i think that nexon will focus and btw im a fellow mager =P

  18. thatguy says:

    This is the world’s greatest april fools joke!

    or it’s just really really awesome. one or the other.

  19. Axxez says:

    But I think every job should get some reconstruction….

    Every time I look at the Warriors’ new skill animations, it reminds me of Castlevania games…. :)

    Thanks for the update, Spadow ! :D

  20. Anonymouse says:

    Soooo Nexon has Jumped the shark?

    lol sorry couldn’t resist.

  21. kam says:

    thx spadow

  22. JKnight says:

    Dear Spadow,

    does panic and/or coma consume ALL orbs or a set ammount?

    does power guard and power reflection reduce all damage or just touch damage?

  23. WinterWolv says:

    Is it just me or did Brave slash/Intrepid slash get faster? o.O

  24. Pandar says:

    Inb4 April Fools

  25. PaCh says:

    cant wait for magicians!!! (i play KMS too!)

  26. Zenzingten says:

    OMG I cant wait for the mage revamp i love my ice mage its like my fav class next to mechs
    i hope they become alot better at bossing and just a great class in general

  27. Ray says:

    Hey spadow,was wondering if there is a trailer on the Maplestory JUMP update?

  28. SP3AROFURY says:

    Wow… So I might as well throw away my Achilles books. FML. Oh well, Dark Impale kinda makes up for it. But did anyone notice they nerfed Dark/Dragon Knights? Sure, sure, we get Impale, but no more 4th hit to Buster from Zerk and no more critrate and damage increase on Blood… Yeah… Nerfed.

    • God says:

      Who the hell uses Crusher after Dark Impale? And BTW, just farm engerzizers, and you can get a 37 buff, and then 83 attack with Hex. And who the hell said anything about critrate? think before you type

  29. Patrick says:

    Kinda lame name….
    but nice content :)

  30. suhro says:

    Hmmm so now mage can equip spell book?

  31. jaycee says:

    e_e idk what 2 say, i’m shocked- just can’t wait till dis hits gms which will be 4ever good thingy I’m taking Korean lessons

  32. ThiefsSuck says:

    Thief? adjustments?
    the only adjustments thiefs need are more nerfing!

    • ArisuKyuuGOU says:

      well obviously you forgot that DBs and shadowers arent the only thieves =.= at the least, night lords need buffing.

  33. 메이풀 서토리 says:

    I think mages will recurve the most chages… Notice where the Mage is standing….
    Archers being last and pirates getting them alongside with archers cause they are In the back
    Just what I think
    How bout u?

  34. Runscream says:

    Finally! Some love for the mages… Hopefully it will be worthy. AMs are supposed to be attackers, so I expect to see them on par with the rest of attackers.

  35. thechazz says:

    Am i the only one remembering that today is the first day of April, and that this might be an April Fools of Spadow .. all respect to you spadow .. but i haven’t seen any other posts over the internet (except basil but they took it from you) that talks about this JUMP update .. I think it’s and april fools …… But we will all know it in 1 month .. or sooner if Spadow will reply to my comment

    • Spadow says:

      I didn’t post this entry on April 1st and already said that this is a press release from Nexon. If this is an April Fools’ prank, then a lot of reliable major Korean media websites got pranked.

      But the press release was posted on 31st of March. This is not an April Fools’ prank.

      Believe or disbelieve me.
      The choice is yours.

      • Rocko says:

        You are a wise being Spadow. You do not put up an argument, but rather offer a persuasive point, and a choice. If only all of the internet was like that…rage would cease to exist.

      • thechazz says:

        I’m not trying to attack you, and i believe you now we are a couple days after april fools, I just was a little suspicious looking at the date of my laptop wich was april 1st

  36. DJ-Kali-SwisS says:

    Apirl fools? lol spadow has no lies he’s always true and serious. I know he would never lie in a site like this , this were you get real information for updates lols so why say he would put a trick to that? SO FAR SO GOOD DAMM YOU NEXON YOU ARE GETTING ME EXCITED!!!!! ^_^ !

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  38. Karkain says:

    This post has been up for a day or two, so it’s not a prank. Besides, the updates of kills and animations have been in previous posts. This is just a (finalized?) summary of that.

    Watching the new Brave Slash animations, it looks like the one-handed animation will be able to show your shield. If so, then WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (I detest the current one since I can’t see my shield during it >.>)

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  40. Rocko says:

    Can somebody explain the whole concept of “Party Play Areas” to me? Can you only enter with a party? What makes it so special that u need to be in a party?

  41. Avenge says:

    for panic what is the darkness effect anyway?

  42. Gads says:

    SO when you say, that “The low damage of Eckhart’s Vampire has been fixed.” does this mean it is worth it to make a UAE NL? is vampire getting buffed?

  43. user2946 says:

    Maybe pirates and thieves are coming next, considering the two people in the back of this poster.

  44. ImaDRK says:

    wow i wanna see whats comming for mages :P i have a friend bishop he are really exiceted with that XD btw… spadow do u know if the warrior event quest from lvl 70 (mastery book 30 100% *w*) its available to old warriors? T.T

    • Spadow says:

      Yes it is available to both old and new warriors.

      • ImaDRK says:

        OMGGGOOODD!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH XDDD dark impale dark impale dark impale dark impale dark impale dark impale xd THAAAANKS FOR THE INFO XDDD yes yes yes xD but evry1 will have drk impale 30 xD dosent materr yyyeeeaah xd

      • Alilatias says:

        Oh god, thanks for this. Sharp Eyes is super inflated in GMS now and Hurricane is super rare. Considering that I’m just 12x at the moment and I don’t expect to hit 13x until Chaos, I could very well just wait for this and grab a free Mastery Book for either skill.

  45. zcoinz says:

    The 5 combos attack looks like the making of a philosopher’s stone

  46. Wild Hunter Freak~ says:

    Hey Spadow, I’d been wondering, what are the skills of Wild Hunter for the time being? Can you enlighten me with the newest skills of the class, especially 4th job skills if you have information on it.. I’m a MapleSEA gamer, since the Big Bang Patch for my server is about to launch, I would like to know more about it. Thanks in advance. My email is

  47. South says:

    Hey Spadow,

    I was just wondering if, like other warriors, arans would also getted changed.

    i.e skills like physical training

    • Karkain says:

      Arans are not necessarily Warriors. They are part of the Heroes, they’re not actual Warriors. If there were any changes to be made on Aran in Jump, then they would have surely been posted. Besides, Arans already got their boost from Chaos, any further boosts are doubtful for the time being or foreseeable future.

  48. Levante says:

    I don’t know if this has been pointed out yet, but why are there the numbers 3, 4, and 5 along the top of the JUMP banner? And since in most Korean manhwa, I know you read right to left, would it possibly be 5, 4, 3…? Wouldn’t that be a countdown? Maybe the thief and pirate upgrades are 2 and 1??? I sure hope so. :)

  49. Wow its never going to end lol
    This is good Im so near lv200 I’ll enjoy these up coming features and I been waiting on more NeoCity chaos and also waiting to see more elin forest, Even I felt it was more that can be done with that place.

    Oh and I love the new animations with the maplers doing the attacks nicely done on those

  50. jaycee says:

    not 2 be off topic but does any1 know any good places/ tourist attractions u/som1 could visit in South Korea?

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  52. mapledragon89 says:

    spadow when do you think the upgrades for the magicians/bowmans be announced/shown?

    • Alilatias says:

      If Nexon Korea wants to get the Mage updates out in the official servers by the end of April, I suspect that we may start seeing the start of the Mage updates in KMST either by the coming mid-week, or the week after.

      Same for the Archer update. Either the first or second week of May. If the Archer Hero is to be released, then I’d say it’s guaranteed first week of May, if not earlier, as Nexon would want to hype the new Hero to hell and back.

  53. DAggers says:

    Erm..spadow, can give the link of jump update press conference video?

    cant find it at insoya

  54. MrTouchnGo says:

    Couldn’t the Spell of Awakening be Arans?
    Because, Aran was asleep?

  55. SillySotty says:

    Where are thiefs? i only see a Gunslinger and Brawler at the back
    it looks like a knuckle Claws dont really have Sharp bits at the end thats only brawlers.
    Im Assuming Pirates get the Boost Last but thats just a Guess hopefully they will :D

  56. uriyasama says:

    I didn’t understand what’s a party zone

  57. mapledragon89 says:

    PIrates and Thiefs dont need upgrades in my opinion

    • Random Person says:

      How could you think this? I agree with theifs but.. Vipers are a little underpowered with how tough they are to lvled, their still epic but kinda underpowered.

      • mapledragon89 says:

        compared to bowman,magicians then yeah their overpowered

      • JKALYJ says:

        Viper ya needs tweaking, but they’re kinda ok, but brawler and raud need some serious work. Kinda isn’t fair that Captain used to be the weakest thing around now it’s a high roller while its face breaking counterpart is put on the back burner :/

        vipers only true happy skill now is DS :( is like their only versatile skill.

    • SinnedDream says:

      Not pirates and thieves in general but NLs and Buccs seriously need something new.

  58. Dj-KaliSwisS says:

    This is wicked!!! >_< i am all job-explorer,dualblade,aran,evan,cygnus,risistance- . i just can't wait but why does chaos has to come in summer in gms why so late!! too excited !! …someone better go get the waterholes im about to heat up lol. MAPLE ROCKS!!!

  59. Dj-KaliSwisS says:

    JUST NOTICE – i had seen one video on spadow’s channel about maplestory ds i check it didn’t look bad at all i mean maple for ds you can actually run with the characters which is more stimulated game compare to the online version. The online version you can only speed walk i mean seriously the ds version almost looks like its easier and more fun to use when moving the character judging by its looks though i would imagine that maplestory was on ps3 and just imagine your sitting there in your couch playing it that would be awesome having nexon and playstation working together and just smash it on playstation network it would hit hard. nexon clothes can be purchase in playstation store lol (dlc) but playstation would mostly do the work unstead of using nx cash used by ps points for dlc. Has anyone ever thought of this spread it out! ??

  60. Jules says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that warriors upgrades are for party-zones only? Example: Dark Knights get a mob skill that ignores 20% PDR, the same amount of PDR Van Leon Castle monsters have + It’s a mob skill.
    Paladins get a better adv. charge for better mobing and warriors can hit 4 enemies with a powerfull attack. I think mage update is going to be great, MS is one of the few games where mages suck.

  61. Jules says:

    when i said warriors can hit 4 monsters with a powerful attack…. well i mean Heros

  62. DJ-Kali-SwisS says:

    yea i feel sorry about mages and i do have a( i/l mage 9x) which i don’t use much my main is basically a drk and yea i hope they make mages fun again and i feel you all mage lovers ^_^ because i havent use wizards or mages for some months now. Its time to be a mage what they always use to be. Im coming back on my mage!!!

  63. Riyuzuki says:

    Well I’m wondering besides the Original Mages and Blaze Wiz if the Battle Mage are gonna get any adjustments on this Spell of Awakening.

    • Riyuzuki says:

      And if Wild Hunters get any adjustments on Arrow of Speed.

    • Karkain says:

      I highly doubt that any Resistance or Heroes will get anything from Jump. The only reason KoC’s are getting anything is because they’re sharing skills with Adventurers. Cygnus aren’t getting anything else changed.

      And if Resistance/Heroes got upgrades from Jump, wouldn’t that completely and utterly destroy the purpose of it? Jump’s purpose is to give Adventurers an edge over the Resistance/Heroes, not another absolute “balancing” patch.

  64. Dj-KaliSwisS says:

    its seems like original bowman class popularity have been decrease today i just got on maple yesterday before this post i seen barely none of UA bowmans but say if they are going power up the wild hunters that would be almost too pointless to update the regular bowmanclass that would just make wild hunter over power next thing is mechs are over power. Since a wild hunter is a spamable bowman and has riding mob the speed of the lvling for the class is just fine why need more power when your already in good shape for lvling even in the beginning wild hunters are the fastest lvling class that no other classes can compare to. However bishop and (arch) mages use to be the fastest and spamable classes ever but now nerfing is just a pain for those classes now. Plus that one reason this mage nerf talk is going on and on and i use to love mages too. And i chose to play mage and bishop because they were spamable and fun easy lvling. However the old maplestory was the shit for mages and bishops they lvl fast the other classes however had complaints for their lvling thats how big bang was brought up (nightlords) were beast then but i think mostly big bang was to help warriors since they are the slowest lvling class thats lacking from the exp table but i say at least make maplestory characters that can run instead of walking there it would be no problem. (walking and luring are the main thing in training in maplestory) this is very important that this is maplestory’s engine stimulator but the real problem is that maplestory needs to make char sprint run which like vindictus hows their characters can sprint by double tapping.

  65. Getsu says:

    I think the reason why the pirate and thief classes are put at the back (on the jump poster) is because their revamps come later. Notice that the Archer, Magician and Warrior classes stand in front, and at the same time their overhauls come sooner.

    Also, I realise that the black archer (the girl on the left of the poster) is one of nexon’s old works. the other 5 look brand new.

  66. DJ-KaliSwisS says:

    i love that archer mascot i don’t know why >0_0<

  67. Mike J says:

    Hey Spadow, i wondered, those charges seem to be looking like a sword, does it change when you use a blunt weapon?

  68. KhangHi says:

    Finnally an Update for Bowmans xD It seems that bowmasters is sorta lame considering i have one .. They need an update on thier mobbing they kinda suck at that . THe only good thing is hurricane which all i do is move and tap and hold :[

  69. Reverse says:

    Man am I disappointed with the Paladin changes… Hopefully we can get some new skill effects other than the charges and the hammer…

  70. poop says:

    purple one is wearing lvl 77 scanda.. *lawyered

  71. Gakihenshin says:

    Umm… Maybe the thief hero will use both a claw and dagger/katara? Maybe they’ll even make a new weapon all together, who knows?

    Does anyone else think that instead of updating or re-using old game mechanics, Nexon should make a new one? I mean, instead of another thief, another bowman, or another anything, that they should focus on making more NEW ways to play the game?

    Also, they should group heroes in the character creation UI…

  72. zcannon says:

    cannons wow thats amazing spadow

  73. zcannon says:

    spadow how does it feel when your in pvp on the field nervous scared excited what

  74. zcannon says:

    guys you know what will be bested match in maple spadow vs fangblade ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm spadow will fri him lol your the best spadow

  75. asdf says:

    im wondering about paladin and xbow masters, as the are not so popular maybe they will keep everything as it is now, nexon have to make this jobs better

  76. Melon FROsty says:

    Ok. I know this sounds far fetched, but as far as I can tell, the “pirate” and “theif” images resemble job advancements from other mmos I have played. The one with the red hat resembles the “acrobat(bowman) jester” from Flyff, and the one with the purple bandanna looks like the “theif jester” from Dragonica. Just saying, could they be new job advancements for pirates and theives? After all, they are the only two Adventurers with only 2 job adv. options.

  77. The pirate class isent getting revamped, instead they are bringing a new class that is like the pirate class called ” Cannon shooter ” which as the name suggests they use cannons, thier are videos on youtube of them. im still wondering what the theif class will be or how they are gonna revamp it. i still feel the same about the magicians, warriors and bowmans which is i cant wait until it is realeasd. so i play global so im at the moment looking forward to the choas patch but im looking forward to what nexon can provide for the future

  78. Just found out that all archers get new skills apart from wild hunters who dont since they are all ready rly strong. the other class changes or new class releases have yet to be disclosed.

  79. John says:

    When is Jump and Legend coming to GMS?

  80. zunicorn says:

    mercedes or cannon master hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  81. Ddragonkill says:

    spadow please ansewr how do u sighn up for kms and i live in america i found the site but i cant read korean so could you guid me through step by step i really want to get in the action of legend but i have only gms

  82. tarongatroll says:

    im guessing in the end theres gonna be 3 of every adventurer job (warrior,bowman,thief,mage,pirate) 5 heroes,5resistance,5 cygnus for a grand total of 30 jobs. btw i include the seperate adventurer classes (dual blade) as the normal adventurer

  83. Person says:

    When is this coming to GMS?

  84. imabow says:

    So they nerf blaze wizard’s fire strick and give us a crit hit?! wow…..

  85. Kit Ian Lao says:

    dbs shouldnt be a adventurer, ther way too ovp, and so as canno shooter…
    there should be a mage, theif, warrior, bowman, and pirate adventure, a cygnas, mage theif, warrior, bowman, and pirate, a hero theif, warior, mage, mercedes, and cannon shooter, a resistance, mage, bowman, demon slayer, bowman, pirate, and i was hoping for a resistance theif, cuz i think that would be epic…

  86. Mohd says:

    When GMS going to launch Jump Patch?

  87. NL says:

    Maplestory should do something with assassins

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  89. Cleric says:

    Well jump JUST came out in Global Maplestory and clerics got revamped a lot. My cleric already does 1, 000 more damage than before jump. I really like it so far!

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