About Me

Hey there,

My name is Spadow. I am an avid player of MapleStory, a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG that came out in 2003 in Korea. I grew up with the Korean and the Global version. If you frequently visited my blog during its highest peaks between 2008 and 2011, you should know who I am and what I do. In 2011, I took a very long break because of my personal life.

Playing MapleStory is what I like to do and it is hard to quit. My favorite and main character is the Zero character. I am currently anticipating the arrival of MapleStory 2.
I do have a YouTube channel with a lot of good and fun videos. You can visit my channel if you go to youtube.com/user/Spadow. Please subscribe to my channel so that you can follow my activity on YouTube.

193 Responses to About Me

  1. Slip says:

    Go Spadow!

    You can make it! :D
    I can see you there about a year from now. :)

    ~ Slip

  2. Rayquaza2233 says:

    Good luck with the blog!

  3. Sign says:

    Ah, Spadow :) Keep up the good work!


  4. JI says:

    Nice blog about KMS ^^

  5. Gunnar says:

    Hey spadow message me on KMS i wanna join your guild because i just made a KMS account and need some cool freinds

    Add me-MarshMellows

  6. Flowsion says:

    Spadow- this is Flowsion. Contact me via e-mail! :).


  7. Anthony says:

    Hey Spadow, sucks you can’t make Videos, maybe you can try Camtasia Studio 6.

    • Spadow says:

      Oh~ I can make videos now. Check my YouTube channel. ^^

      • Joao Pedro says:

        Hello spadow, plz, can add me on your msn? joao_fd@hotmail.com, i want know with you have on ellin forest all manual patchs for can play KMS, i’m brazillian, plz, just add i want just know onething after don’t need speak with me anymore, Plz i just want know, with you have the manual patchs PLZ

  8. s1200 says:

    but how to Register in

    • ApolloWings says:

      There are actually three ways I know of how on to get into maplestoryt.nexon.com

      1. [The usual way] Nexon Corporation must send you a personal invititation to join the Beta server (and fill out several applications and user agreements then send it to Nexon for confirmation).
      2. [Alternative] You get a personal invitation from a member already registered on Beta server (and then fill out the application and user agreements which Nexon has to confirm and check to register you into Beta)
      3. [Miscellaneous] You must be a Nexon Corp. employee (more applications + resume)

      Source: I have a friend who got invited to Beta server through Choice #2.

  9. DeathKid says:

    just curious. what video recording software do you use?

  10. Esspienoido says:

    WHOOR GO SPADOW :D you are the coolest pirate ever! D:<

  11. Lonelyboyx33 says:

    uhm where is Closed-Off Lab?

  12. Sevency says:

    Your info helps so much.
    – Please keep going :)

  13. Animaniatico says:

    wow spadow, i luv ur page, i think u should be GM, anyhow, i think ur info is really cool, and its relevant, i gratz u for it, good job :)
    Anything u need, mail me

  14. dennyvuquach says:

    Hello Spadow! I just want to tell you that you have been amazing at MapleStory. I played MapleStory for about three years, and I’m having fun with it. I also made my own WordPress blogs about MapleStory, see how I experienced with it.

    Keep up with the great work, Spadow!

  15. maplejtn says:

    Hey Spadow! Your blog is great and very helpful! Kudos!

  16. MONO says:

    hey spadow, how do you play the test server? are u the only 1 that can play or what? can u explain to me what it is? i want to try it, although i play GMS

    • V-BiGBANG-V says:

      Well, A Test Server(tespia) Is Like Real Maple But You Get To Try Stuff Befor it Hits Any Server ,KMS,GMS,MSEA,But No Alot Of people Get To Play A Test Server :D Also I Think You Can Level Up faster And Click An NPC and auto Level Well That’s What It Shown On Youtube Look Up Maplestory Tespia Or KMST :D Hope i Helped.Also Its hard getting Into Tespia You Need Alot Of Requirements :d

  17. DarkRecon says:

    Hey Spadow, I heard that there’s a new PQ out in KMS, can you possibly give us some info about it?

  18. mike says:

    Hey Spadow, Awesome Blog!!. I have a question, not just for you but for other ppl 2. ^^ I wanna play a pirate but dont know whether 2 make Striker or Bucc. Also since there migt be a new pirate legend coming out…. help! :) Oh, i will post my KMS name once i am able to get an account… Buddy :P

  19. Luke says:

    Name: Whipping영웅
    LV: 70
    Class: 아란(Aran)
    Job: Culverin

    A typo?

  20. Mantis says:

    can i know, how u get nx in kms?

  21. Raffaello says:

    What is g star?

  22. marcelkti says:

    Hi Spadow!
    I play KMS! (not Test Server)

    Are Your character (main) of KMS or KMST?

  23. Benny says:

    Can people from singapore play KMS? i wish i can. Do i need to know korean to play the game?

  24. maplejtn says:

    Yeah. Pretty much the whole game dialogue is in Korean.
    Also, I think you need a KSSN.

  25. I love this blog site and gratz on your levels.

  26. Dozokten says:

    Hi~ Spadow!
    I’m Dozokten.
    Hmm..I curious about you..
    Are You Korean? You are English vey well..
    So,I confused you are korean and foreigner..
    Ha Ha.. Have a nice day!!

  27. Alessandro says:

    sry but i dont get it. if im on gms, how can i play kms. (even though i understand ZERO Korean)

    • V-BiGBANG-V says:

      You Can’t You Waln’t Understand Quests,Items,Or Even Job advance To A certain Job Couse Can’t Understand Korean D: I Wish I Knew Korean Dude D:

  28. piggy says:

    spadow can i know ur msn?if u dont give i dont mind i just wan ask u some question that bother me

  29. Rob says:

    Hey Spadow or any toher guys in Kms. I was wondering if those platinum karma scissors work on untradable chairs? Cuz i have one on my mule in Gms and I was hoping to get it on my Drk after they come out.

  30. andy says:

    only certain items work. Meaning some might work and some might not..

  31. spades2aces says:

    Hey Spadow, I was wondering….Ma you use like a lv. 20 dagger and a lvl.50 blade? Or does it have to be Lvl. 50 blade and lvl.50 dagger (Example)

  32. spades2aces says:

    spades2aces :
    Hey Spadow, I was wondering….May you use like a lv. 20 dagger and a lvl.50 blade? Or does it have to be Lvl. 50 blade and lvl.50 dagger (Example)

  33. tnextg says:

    What does the T after KMS mean KMS(T)?

  34. Carlos says:

    Sup Spadow, just wanted to thank you for all the dedication u put to this blog of urs. Without this info most of GMS players would be doomed. Also, i know it takes time to write down the posts and thanks for the effort. :D

  35. NarutoMyth says:

    Go Spadow Go!

  36. kghj says:

    sounds a little silly but….
    Spadow, are you Korean by nationality? Cuz I have friends who play JMS but are Singaporean Chinese who are very adept at the Japanese language :)

  37. kghj says:

    Hi spadow, it was nice meeting you in MSEA :) and yes I was the priest you spoke to :)

  38. Ghost says:

    Spadow how long have you been playing MapleStory? If my hypothesis is correct then I would say almost 2 years…

  39. huiyung says:

    Spadow, do you have any tips to making mesos in ms. I am very desperate. And can you tell me which to play as I am very stuck.

  40. huiyung says:

    GOOD JOB btw. keep up the good work.

  41. dej says:

    Hey Spadow, which is the best class for Dragon Nest so far? Cuz i want to know which is stronger a Mercenary or a SwordMaster?

  42. KMS says:

    I know a little about ElinForest.
    I have a character in Culverin.
    Well, How do U know korean?
    I’m curious about you.

    • iSlashPixels says:

      well it could be that he’s Korean and knows how to read his own language nah duh -_- or he learns English as a secondary language in Korea.

  43. ltp says:

    Isnt kms like a later version of gms? Like will gms update to be just like kms or are there some differences?

  44. Seeker12629 says:

    How do i play KMS in another countrie? I wanna play KMS, but unless you know Korean, how do you read the game and instructiions??

    • ApolloWings says:

      I am a KMS player currently residing in Toronto, Canada, and yes you can play KMS in other nations that typically ban them (due to having a localized version themselves).

      Fortunately, KMS is not blocked to prevent other nations from playing on their servers, but quite high on security since the registration process is connected to Korean government (Social Security, “Homeland Security-like setups”, etc.).

      However, you must have a fast internet speed (at least 5MB/s modem should do for North Americans and 10MB/s for Europeans).

      One thing to be VERY clear of: You must have at least a basic “communicable” knowledge of the Korean language to understand the basic gameplay and communication with other Korean Maplers (communicable as in “able to hold basic or short conversations”).

      For launching the game, the best way to get patches and updates from KMS is to use a proxy.

  45. MastaSlinger says:

    Yo Spadow Question…well i play kms do you think we’ll get the resistance? and aren’t resistance good guys? fighting against the black Wing Organization to stop the resurrection of the play Mage..? So resistance and heroes both fight the Black Mage for various reasons? just tell me if I’m in the ball park? trying to figure it out.

    Another question raised… Will Maple Make Bad Guys? Can I Play on the dark side to bring back the Black Mage?

  46. says:

    한국어로 어떻게 봐요???

  47. somenoob says:

    hey spado wthis may be a question or the eguipments section but w/e
    do u have any potentialgear on your buccanear (viper w/e i play gms so i just use those terms) if so would u please update you eguipments section
    Please and tnx evne i you dont

  48. heh says:

    Hey spadow i need love charity on download plz give it to me!

  49. question says:

    does the new job mechanic weapons are 2handed? or 1 handed?

    • Shadoo says:

      They use guns, and they’re 2-handed weapons. So… Yeah.

      I believe you wanna know this to go and abuse certain “pink” exploit that’s currently happening at gMS, amirite? ;)

  50. question says:

    yea…. i got 17 pink scrolls today…

  51. Annonymous says:

    Hey Spadow, I was wondering if you can calculate a warrior’s HP EXACTLY. With new BB patch, does warrior get more HP before or after the patch because back then they had MaxHPIncrease.

  52. MilkMan says:

    Hey Spadow how did u get a account on KMS can u make one for me too PLZ

    • ApolloWings says:

      You can make an account on KMS if you have one of the following below:

      1. A valid South Korean Social Security Number (usually acquired via South Korean citizenship excluding persons acquiring through “lex solis”)
      2. A valid South Korean Foreigner Number (usually acquired if you plan to stay in Korea either as a permanent resident for at least 6 months or under work permit)
      3. Acquiring citizenship/KSSN through regular immigration process (takes several years + extensive knowledge of Korean language and history required to pass the citizenship test)

      4. Borrow a friend’s South Korean Social Security Number (with permission and assistance of course) who has yet to register a Nexon Korea account.

  53. maplesquare says:

    I was wondering how you got the favicon working for this blog. (ur jigsaw picture next to the address) I’ve been trying to put one up using core ftp, but it never works. Tell me what you used please.

  54. coyote252 says:

    Hey Spadow could use your help on figuring out how to post links like yours under my menu thing. new to wordPress and been trying to figure this out for 2 days now… Please get back to me thnx

  55. LucentShade says:

    hi spadow, can you give me your email address
    has a lot of things need to ask you :)

  56. zhijie says:

    Hi Spadow, can you help me out on making a kms account? (im from singapore)
    Can get back to me at my email? thanks ^^

  57. WhyChristmasSucks says:

    You’re good dude thank you very much for your hard work :)

  58. Outrage says:

    Get a life and quit MapleStory! Go live you life nad enjoy it well you’re young. MapleStory is a time consuming game which destroys lives.

  59. CK says:

    U rock Spadow!!Yea!!Thx 4 all the info!!And yea,Mechanic ROX!!!!!!!!!WOOOHOOO!!!

  60. maple says:

    Mechanic would pwn all the classes, there so cool

  61. bla says:

    nice wrk spadow, can u tell me ur email address? i hav lots of questions on maplestory(global) big bang

  62. hi! says:

    great job spadow, do u no
    when big bang is gona hit gms?

  63. hey says:

    hey spadow, you no jms copyed ur pics, they used adobe photoshop,

  64. Krazn415 says:

    Hey Spadow! :D Are you a regular dex Viper? Thanks I was just wondering.
    And thanks for all of your help for us and stuff. It helped a lot! :D

  65. Julian says:

    Hey spadow!!! I have a question that nobody can answer me.
    If i world transfer my lvl 120 cygnus knight, will my characters on the new world, where my cygnus knight is an inmigrant, recive the blessing of the fairy at lvl 12? I want to take my cygnus dude from mardia to bellocan, where i have a lvl 50 aran, and i need blessing for him. u-u
    And when Ultimate Adventurers come out, will i get lvl 24 empress blessing and will i be able to make one of those super adventurers on my new world?
    Thank you and sorry for bothering. :)
    PD: Thanks for all your posts they help me alot!!!!

    • Spadow says:

      I’m not sure… If you transfer your KoC character to another world, I believe the other characters will receive the Spirit’s Blessing buff since they’re in the same world.
      When Ultimate Adventurers come out, and you have a Lv. 120 KoC, you can create one and you will receive the Lv. 24 Empress’ Blessing buff yes.

  66. Julian says:

    Thanks Spadow!
    Empress blessing works for all characters in the world?
    I love this blog! <3

  67. DelsO says:

    Oh, i just noticed that you have 60 base dex, so scratch that question. Here’s another question, when did you start adding dex?(Which levels, between levels?)

  68. DelsO says:

    Do you follow any skill builds/guides in particular?

  69. LynjanDakari says:

    Spadow, can I ask you somethings about GS? I’m kind of new to the games, so:
    1.) Should I like stock up on pots? (I have like 5 herbs lol)
    2.) Should I do some leveling up between the dungeons?
    Oh and I’m in the Goma Cave of GS1 and I keep dieing, so if you could help me, that’d be awesome. :)

  70. Andreeew says:

    What is job: viper ?

  71. rolandtshen says:

    um i have a question how do u make it snow and make ur background move?

  72. Killer says:

    Happy birthday spadow!!!

  73. LynjanDakari says:

    It may interest you, Spadow, how bad Nexon America is failing with our Big Bang right now. :/

  74. cowcow says:

    Hi Spadow

    I am looking for a good brawler / marauder / viper (buccaneer) skill points guide can you help me? Or can anyone that read this message help me?

    Thanks in advance! :)

  75. kawamori says:

    I just have a quick question about mechanics.
    Would a STR-less Mechanic have an advantage over a regular build Mechanic?
    ty in advance.

  76. Shion says:

    O_O Hi Spadow, lololol

    I never knew you had a blog!!
    It’s Shion from Dragon Nest~ It’s been a while — A LOOONG while = A =;

    Hope you’re doing well and having fun on KMS ;)
    T3 Came out btw, and you can get a lot more skills o A o

    If you ever come back to DN, I’ll be there x3
    (btw… level cap has been raised to 50 or something like that… with horse mounts and an 8 player instance dungeon o.0)

    If you forgot who I am, imma slap you (ㅇㅂㅇ)
    Take care <3

    P.S: Add me on MSN will you? = A = (If you don't have one, make one gasdtaeghapsdiohgasper)
    My Email is: rhei@hotmail.com

  77. Mistah says:

    You should have a real life of you Spadow, I think most of us would like to know how the pro looks like xD

  78. Shadow's Arch says:

    My battle mage can pwn ur viper in PVP match…if it ever gets fixed. I’m so fucking pissed about that so I’m taking a break foms KMS for a while and playing like vindictus or something.

  79. Shadow's Arch says:

    thats true though I really wanna see what the ultinmate spadow looks like……..

  80. Random Person says:

    Thats a load of bs (no offence) play GMS!

  81. Cyrus says:

    Spadow a question. u play GMS? if u play , In what server?

  82. Wow Nice picture
    That artist great skills

    keep up the good work

  83. Peter says:

    I would like to say a few things,
    1. Thank you for all of the information that you have put out in the past year or two. Without knowledge of what was to come I would have made many terrible investments
    2. Most of your blogs are at a language that is easy to understand, which is a good thing since there are a lot of little kids who like to play Maplestory
    3. Please keep up the good work. I am sure you have a lot of support from the maplestory community and you should be proud of yourself for helping out so many others FOR FREE.
    4. If this site was to shut down I really have no clue where a lot of people would even get their information from. So if push came to shove, you could add a few more adds on here to get some revenue.

    A fellow mapler.

  84. Mian says:

    Hey there,

    I’ve been seeing your website since last year, and I was wondering, if I could translate some of the things you post here, for brazillians players of MapleStory.

    My website (www.erevenews.com) is a Brazillian Fanblog with noncommercial purposes.

    So, I’ll translate the texts of you and, of course, putting some kind of banner on my site, linking yours, may I?

    Waiting for best regards from you,
    Ereve News Admin

    • Spadow says:


      I don’t mind if you translate my texts, as long as you put proper crediting. That means you’ll have to write down my blog address in your post.

  85. Jamarious says:

    Hi Spadow Ive just recently started out making a blog on my own and I had some questions regarding your site layout and your equipment page . Could you please message me back at jamariouscook@yahoo.com . Thank you .

  86. Likan says:

    I can see ur very much in love with Pirates =D

  87. emmanuel says:

    where to train when u are lvl 147 give some advice i wanna train

    • Person says:

      Try Von Leon Castle or the Temple of Time. Once you reach level 160, Chaos will probably have already come out or would be about to. At 160, I would suggest going to the Door of the Future inside of the Temple of Time. (Released on the third patch of Chaos.)

  88. Leo says:

    Hey Spadows, i have this big doubt, im waiting for UA to come out in GMS, but i read from you that the HP and MP passive skill is not for UA, it is only for Cygnus, so i was wondering if an UA gunslinger will have less HP than normal Gunslinger? or they will have the same?… and if UA have less hp, how big is the difference? i mean like comparing a lvl 50 gunslinger with a lvl 50 UA gunslinger

  89. Nato says:

    i was wondering is the maplestory chaos update coming out in america and when?

  90. Bladex says:

    Hey Spadow, I’ve always wondered, are you Korean? How do you play on KMS and KMST?
    I am in California but I wanted to play KMS or JMS. Any adivces on how to make the account?

  91. Hack says:

    I don’t think that Spadow lives in Korea. Sorry no offense. You’ve inspired me to make a Buccaneer/Viper butI can’t really be bothered playing. I’d really do others things than sit on a chair. I was wonderng how old are you and do you get good grades? I’m 15 years old. Is this too old to be Mapling?

    • Spadow says:

      I don’t live in Korea and I play MapleStory, but I don’t sit on a chair for hours straight. I’m an adult with a busy schedule of school, work and my own life.
      School has always been my number one priority. If I have to study for a test, I will study all day long and not sign on the web until I know that I’ve studied hard.

      You’re never too old to play a game. When you play a game, you play it because you want to have fun and age doesn’t matter.

      • Hack says:

        Thank you for the reply. I think I might play MapleStory again. :D You’re the best, mate.

      • Leo says:

        Please can you answer my question? it¿s above this like 3 post

      • SPADOW_UPDATE_UR_EQUIPS!!! says:

        Myths in Maplestory:
        1: Spadow is an adult-TRUE
        2: Spadow is in college- Maybe.
        3: Spadow lives in Korea-FALSE
        -Then where does he live?
        5: I sound like a stalker- TRUE

    • Person says:

      You are not too old. A common mistake is that people assume Maplestory is a kids game. The targeted audience is actually 16+. (So consider yourself young. XP) I bet people would assume a magic school bus CD-rom would be for adults if it was all gore-y and realistic. It would still be a game made for kids regardless of graphics. Besides, you are never too old to play a game.

      • ApolloWings says:

        Actually, in Korea, the opposite is true…

        Many Korean Maplers consider the game to be suited for Elementary School children, but some Secondary school/college students and adults play the game too…

        The point: Differences between Korean and Western customs.

        We think that Maple is for more mature (16+) audiences, which is true for Western culture,
        but in Korea, you can register and play Maple at the age of 5 (assuming that the user did not lie about the age).
        But (awkwardly enough), Koreans cannot register for Maple if you are above 80 years of age.

  92. Hack says:

    I’ll enjoying reading your blog and Maple adventures. This is what MapleStory so be really about. There are too many damage craving addicts out there, play the game for fun instead of trying to reach level +120. You’re a great insprition to us all. Keep up the good work. (Y)

  93. Bryan says:

    Yo spadow;::::: i want to know something.. on the chaos patch. what would be better evan or bishops..
    cause look i have friends on scania. a nightwalker,hermit,and a evan… what should i create for the chaos patch.. please anyone answer me

    • Person says:

      I am not Spadow but I have an opinion you might want to hear. Bishops are not really worth it after Big Bang because of the cool down on genesis. That and self healing are the only real reasons anybody would want Clerics. Since that will never change back, and didn’t change back in Chaos, I would suggest goings with an Evan. Evans are a relatively strong class, but require a lot of skill books/mastery books. Evans require more Mesos and are stronger, Bishops require less Mesos but are weaker. And here is the thing about Clerics/Priests/Bishops, people want to be in a party with them, but nobody really wants to be them.

  94. Random Person says:

    He’s insparated to keep my Marauder (soon to be bucc) on GMS going, even though life comes 1st for him he still does a good job on his blog, belive me a lot better than i would do.

  95. Ian says:

    I really would love to join KMS and KMST but how? I don’t even know korean except that almost every letter has a cirlce in or on it.

  96. moogsen says:

    I like your hamburger t-shirt :D

  97. Jake says:

    Dude Spadow wat type of eyes and hair styles do u have for ur Maruader???

  98. Person says:

    I just want to say that I am very grateful for your blog and everything you have done. In about five minutes Ultimate Explorers/Ultimate Adventurers will come out and you have inspired me to make mine a Brawler!

  99. Mearza says:

    Hey Spadow,

    I was just wondering, does the ck blessing stack with the fairy’s blessing? And also, would I have to make a UA in order to receive the ck blessing skill for my characters, or do I just get my ck to 120 and get my medal and I receive the skill?

  100. YAP RH says:

    ye Spadow…can i ask something regarding wild hunter/battle mage/mechanic 4th job skill books?

    Are these 3 remaining jobs have to buy skill books from the cash shop? Dual Blader had that option and sure makes the char super expensive..do let me noe asap thanks you

    • NotATree says:

      No, Resistance characters do not have cash shop mastery books. In case you didn’t know, those mastery books both drop from monsters and are sold in the cash shop. So for some, there not being resistance books in the cash shop is a disadvantage. It even outs the game, however.

  101. GazoooSoup says:

    sup spadow how do you always get new cash shop items..? like do u get them whenever u want or something..? curious ;D

  102. PaCh says:

    Hello Spadow, I love your site, I play KMS and its keeping me updated….
    I saw your post on the warrior skill changes, and i was wondering… i’m thinking of creating a new character.
    What job do you suggest?
    I already have a battle mage, dual blade, mechanic and an aran.
    Thanks for everything!

  103. WildHunterz says:

    hey isnt 2day the new dragon nest update?

  104. CPUGenius says:

    Help me Spadow!

    I been going to KMS : but something happened
    the error said:
    This Client Can Be Execute only in Korean Code Page.

    Please Help Me :'(

    • Spadow'sShadow says:

      Do you live in Korea? If you dont, then you can’t download it.
      If you do, or have played KMS before, i dont know. Sorry…

  105. OSAKI says:


  106. Brawler says:

    Spadow what good sp build do u have for brawlers from lvl like 30-200.
    can u tell me it or show me a website that u get ure build from.

  107. Nilo says:

    Hi um just one question on the right of ur homepage theres something called maplestory jump with a picture iS THIS A NEW UPDATE???? MORE INFO PLZ :D

  108. DJ-Kali-SwisS says:

    just read it thats all thats there for now -_-

  109. PaCh says:

    The 8th anniversary has came out…
    Could you give us some info?

    • ApolloWings says:

      If you have collected (and presumably stockpiled) “Maple Leafs” from previous anniversary events, then this event is the time to cash it in, because monsters now drop “8th Anniversary Maple Leafs” instead of the typical “Maple Leafs” from previous years.

      NPC Cassandra allows you to cash in 500 “Maple Leafs” or 100 “8th Anniversary Maple Leafs” for ONE “8th Anniversary Maple Coin” and you can take the coins to another NPC and trade them for Maple equip items (lvl 45+), scrolls, and other junk.***

      The Maple Items are “8th Anniversary” special items, not the traditional kind dropped by monsters since the first anniversary event.

  110. Question? says:

    Hey. Just wondering. How much GB of RAM do you have? Cause my computer lags with MS + Fraps.

  111. Kim says:

    아… 스패도님은 한국것만 하시네요?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    근데 어는 나라에 사세요?
    저는 캐나다에 사는데 kms를 할라해도 인터넷이 워낙 느려서 못해먹을꺼같에요…ㅠㅠ
    그래서 한국 매이플 업데이트는 인소야.com으로 하는데….ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    뭐 그래도 외국사람들을 위해 이렇게 열심히 업데이트 하시니 대단하심니다ㅏㅏㅏ

  112. Raymond says:

    What is the song name of this website? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkA5L2t4S4Y

  113. Daniel Seo says:

    스파도우님 항상 수고하세요 ! ㅎㅎ

  114. KnifeSaid says:

    Spadow, I always wanted to know, what kind of face is that on your character and where did you get it?

  115. DracoRukario says:

    Amazing blog! Congratulations on having the #1 source for KMS info on the web. XD I will be looking forward to seeing more as updates come out.

  116. Aiki says:

    what does KMST mean? I’m really noobish with maple slang =.=

  117. KEVIN says:

    rofl kyo we got a spadeow on kms now

  118. John says:

    Hey Spadow how many language do you speak?

  119. zcannon says:

    spadow about new pirate it highlited in blue cannos does that mean it will use cannons

  120. SillySocky says:

    goodbye spadow

  121. Saddness says:

    I’ll miss you bro :(

  122. i……..love…….and…………miss……….you………. spadow <3

  123. David says:

    Anyone who plays kms in America and after Mercedes patch Maplestory doesn’t work?

  124. 이수미 says:

    where are you from? -.,-?

  125. Sloaths says:

    Almost the 3 year anniversary of Spadow’s Blog

  126. Yuen Shen Ho says:

    HEY SPADOW can u help! or somoen im frm MY and me n my brother really wanna start playing KMS where can i get the game n account for free?? i heard bout leafre.net and ellinforest.com but i dun really noe how to get one spadow can u explain how u get an account and download the game? Thanks

  127. onlinepredator says:

    Come back!

  128. Axel says:

    What happened to you? :(

  129. Gustav says:

    hey im asking if somone know how to download kms when u come from europe??? would be great if somone answeared that to me :D

  130. Hey Spadow – If you can I would love for you to upload some videos on your Evan just showing some gameplay; since my Viper has died along with so many others and i was thinking about making an Evan :P

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