Q&A: What’s next for KMS?

Not too long ago I blogged about MapleStory 2 and major updates coming to 2010.
Yesterday an article was published on insoya.com with very appreciated information.

A user conference was held in Korea where people had the opportunity to attend a Q&A session and ask some questions to the MapleStory team.

Summary of the Q&A:

  • Windowed mode coming soon if no problems are coming to the surface.
  • When asked if they will make Adventurer stronger,  they said a balancing patch is scheduled for January.
  • The Arch Mage will probably get a skill rebalance  (because you have to agree that the Arch Mage is weak) along with Shadower and Paladin.
  • There was a question about the ”one-kill” skill of the Bishop and Arch Mage. But this question couldn’t be answered. Changing everything at one time is asking for problems.
  • They say it’s best to balance the jobs first than releasing high leveled content first. High leveled content for +100 is planned after this.
  • The reason that the new EXP party formula exists is because with the old formula it was unfair to get EXP by not playing the game correctly. You need to put effort in gaining EXP.  They are not planning to change the formula.
  • There are no plans to make Pink Been weaker. They thought that the players would have killed Pink Been in 4 months.
  • Eliminating bots (automatic macro program) is one of their priorities.
  • Adventurers, Knights of Cygnus, Aran and Evan cannot share the Cash Shop because when the Pirate job was released, they did not make a lot of money from it while spending a lot of time for development. Money is just required. They are still thinking if they should unite the Cash Shop among Adventurer and Knights of Cygnus.
  • In March there will be a really big patch.

Seems like 2010 is going to be a big year for MapleStory Korea.
They can be a lot more creative and add unique stuff such as Guild fights / PvP or a Lv. 200 dungeon.

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42 Responses to Q&A: What’s next for KMS?

  1. Fan says:

    Beat Pink Been in 4 months?
    Those guys are nuts.O_o

    • JunCurious says:

      Not really, PB was developed with a specific way to be defeated.

      The players didn’t figure it out. That’s the only issue. Also, there’s that annoying entrance quest, 30 masks, and 3 boss drops. x_x

  2. Anubis says:

    “They thought that the players would’ve killed Pink Been in 4 months.”
    Well, what can I say? The players couldn’t kill Pink Been in 4 months, now what? Will they just keep releasing more att equips until someone can kill it? Is Pink Been challenging or expensive? o.O
    Nobody said nothing about new high level areas? And what about the world tour areas (Kerning Square, Neo Forest…)? Are they receiving positive feedbacks from players about that places? New weapons anytime soon? I can’t read the language in insoya (i dont even have the plugin that allow me t see the ideograms XD Thanks in advance =X

  3. axe sader says:

    it sucks that axe users dont get a boost.

  4. Anonymouse says:

    Arch Mages are not weak. How is killing 15 monsters in one hit every couple of seconds weak?

    • Alilatias says:

      Note that this is KMS we’re talking about. Arch Mages are MUCH weaker in KMS than in other versions, mainly due to the fact that KMS does not have ele wands. They still have Ultimates, but last time I checked, KMS players do not have the cheap MP pots that GMS/MSEA has access to.

      I can’t help but worry that the balancing that is going to be done for KMS will fall on their heads when it makes its way to other versions.

      • Passer-By says:

        Actually, MSEA doesn’t have cheap pots. Everything here is expensive. The reason is because the Archmage and Bishop here are happily selling leeching/spamming service. The money they earn from other players is just enough to cover the pot cost.

        • Jimmy Lee says:

          I highly doubt that. MSea has the SAME pots GMS has since they also have NLC. Unless they changed the pot prices from the Grocer, then I stand corrected.

    • Mecruious says:

      Arch Mages are very weak in comparison to other classes. They have the lowest DPS on single targets and due to the Magic attack formula they don’t get alot of a boost from attack pots making them fall behind on other classes even more. Also, if you think its usefull to kill 15 monsters in 1 hit you are terribly wrong. Ofcourse arch mages can train super fast. But for what? Arch Mages can’t do anything when they level up. They can’t boss because they are so weak at 1vs1 that everyone rejects them, they can’t sell leech anymore because of the new formula. Arch Mages don’t have anything usefull. And btw, bishops can kill 15 monsters in 1 hit too and they get other usefull skills too. So why shouldn’t an Arch Mage get other usefull skills?

      • Anonymouse says:

        DPS is meaningless and Bossing is a minuscule fraction of the game compared to being able to train fast. Saying Mages are weak is like saying Marksman or Paladins are strong because Snipe can do 200k every 4 seconds or because of Heavens Hammer.

        • Mecruious says:

          I agree that you boss less then training, but you also have to think that training is pretty boring and bossing is fun. And training your char only to train it higher and not being able to boss and take on challenges is pretty boring. DPS is not meaningless at all. If you play in gMS they will only take you to bosses/pq’s whatever if you are able to do good dps. In other words: They only take Bowmasters for SE, Night lords for damage, DK’s for HB and Bishops for supporting. For other classes its alot harder to find bossing party’s / pq’s. It’s doable for corsairs, bucc’s, hero’s and stuff. But for AM’s its basicly impossible since their damage is just crap. I can know, i have an arch mage myself

  5. 66Alex66 says:

    maybe TT expansion? Buccs are left out of the skill rebalancing, means they will become the worst single target DPS attackers

    • Alilatias says:

      I do not see anything up there that says ONLY the ArchMages/Paladins/Shadowers will recieve changes. Chances are all of the other Adventurers will have something changed as a result of this too.

  6. 66Alex66 says:

    then he should have said all classes and not just select few

  7. Alilatias says:

    …Okay, Spadow. There’s a thread over at Basilmarket that links to this exact blog entry. There are a lot of people in there that are claiming that the EXP formula in KMS got changed back (and some are calling you (and the people of Insoya by extension) a liar, but that’s something else entirely).


    End this once and for all. Did the EXP formula really get changed back in KMS, or is it a rumor that got out of control?

    • Spadow says:

      I think during Aran, the EXP formula was changed again, but this formula was really bad and reverted back to a different formula.

      With the current formula in effect, you can leech, but not as fast and good when the old formula existed.

      Arch Mage strong? You’re talking about their ultimate skill, that is the only powerful skill. Compared to Evan, Arch Mages are in bad shape.

  8. katz says:

    Maybe they’ll just make all mage skill chargeable, with the original damage being the minimum damage.

  9. Zach Katkin says:

    I beat pink bean in 3 months.

  10. karmav2 says:

    shadowers/pallys get revamped?
    well, i’m glad, but i hope this doesn’t mean an influx of new bandits and pages if/when this comes to GMS.

  11. Damosuarus says:

    Ya i agree. more shadowers and pallys is NOT good. thats the only reason im playing the two. theyre rare in some cases and like… D: no just no :[ they should make the rebalance 3rd job plus too >.> unless its only 4th job then im okay with that too :D

  12. Soul says:

    Pretty much every job is balanced during 3rd job. However in 4th job you can clearly see the unbalancing of the classes. The weakest and least popular are archmages, shadowers and paladins. The rest except night lords are pretty much on par with one another.

  13. Someone says:

    Ok. I’ve read this news like 2~3 days ago since I am a Korean playing in GMS. I like surfing insoya as well so I heard this news pretty quick. As far as what I’ve read, this translation failed slightly. What they actually said about rebalancing is not only the three jobs you guys are mentioned above but they said they are gonna rebalance the whole adv jobs. They did mentioned three above jobs because they are aware of those jobs being so weak but they never said they were only gonna rebalance the three jobs.

    Again, nexon clearly mentioned that they will be rebalancing the whole adv classes including am, shadower, and paladins.
    Finally, the balancing patch for am(at least am for sure) is coming out early next year like Jan.

  14. Alilatias says:

    Spadow, Mazefind uploaded some videos of what appear to be the Q/A session and a presentation of sorts.

    In part one of the video here, at 4:51, it appears that the names of all five heroes has been listed.

    So now, over at the AsiaSoft forum prediction thread, we’re all trying to translate the last three, but, of course, Google Translate sucks horribly. This is what Squall Leonheart came up with when he put those three through the translator:

    3. Ian (I an 이안)
    4. Luncheon (yo chan 오찬)
    5. Wootan (oo/u dan 우탄)

    …Yeah, I don’t believe the 4th one in particular.

    Is it possible if you translate those three for us?

  15. Incognito says:

    Passer-By :Actually, MSEA doesn’t have cheap pots. Everything here is expensive. The reason is because the Archmage and Bishop here are happily selling leeching/spamming service. The money they earn from other players is just enough to cover the pot cost.

    not to mention,i checked the rankings on the KMS site and apparently they dont have a single player at lvl 200.last time i checked,the highest was 183 and a mage.instead of making everything balanced,they should take a look at GMS and do everything that GMS is doing to make their version better!no offense to any other version,but GMS is pretty strong and kinda cheap…for the funded…i dont even think KMS has lvl 200 released yet!but,who am i to talk?ive never had a character go over lvl 42…but if they release pvp…im all set!ill never be seen outside of the pvp areas except buying pots!

  16. Incognito says:

    Spadow :1. Ian2. Ochan3. Utan

    so…each of those are basically revamped adventurer jobs…which is which?(wants the rouge one to be sin related,not dit related.or maybe a combo of both)

    • DarkQuill says:

      Fuck off nub, you already have Nightwalkers. No one likes Sins anyway, people make them to level fast, and then they quit, just so they can say “I got to a high level”.

      Nublords and Nubwalkers ftl.

      • Jimmy Lee says:

        How about you stop whining and busting a … and just play the game? You DON’T have to play them. In fact, it’ll mean less noobs because they won’t be able to afford much.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Arch Mage? WEAK?!
    I understand that they don’t have Ele Wands in KMS, but what about when this comes to GMS? Why don’t Bishops get an upgrade?

  18. 1 says:

    Anonymous :
    Arch Mage? WEAK?!
    I understand that they don’t have Ele Wands in KMS, but what about when this comes to GMS? Why don’t Bishops get an upgrade?

    are you stupid? bishops have the best ultimate of the 3 mages
    in kms arch mages are weak because evan hero makes them look like shit

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  20. CYKZR says:

    If Fire Arrow can now hit 4 monsters, I would not be surprised if Paralyze is buffed to do the same, and CL’s damage is improved.

    I am mainly hoping that they buff Adventurers because the “Legends/Heroes” are kind of overshadowing the Adventurers. For example, eventually people will not want to make a Hero because Arans can match, if not beat, their DPM, AND they also train faster. I don’t think it is fair for “veteran” players, who worked hard for their Adventurer’s level, to be out-shined by a lower level “Legend/Hero”. How would you feel if you worked hard to obtain something, when after you obtain it something new comes out that makes yours obsolete?

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  25. Jim says:

    they should add another attack for clerics. And pallys need a damage boost. Dits need more dmg, though arch mages beed “better” skills, and i think the AoE for evan needs to be MUCH MUCH MUCH more costly, mp wise or have a longer cooldown, cus its stonger than genesis by a ton.

  26. RydahHero says:

    I’m confused is Maplestory 2 the Evans or another Maplestory Game?

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