KMST V275 ~ Balance Patch part one


메이플스토리 클라이언트 Ver. 1.2.275가 릴리즈 되었습니다.
MapleStory client Ver. 1.2.275 has been released.

이번 패치에서는 다음과 같은 사항이 수정, 추가되었습니다.
In this patch the following issues were changed.

<게임 관련>
<Game Related>

1. 위자드와 메이지의 스킬이 변경 되었습니다.
1. The skills of Wizard and Mage has changed.

  • 파이어 에로우가 다수의 적을 공격할 수 있도록 변경 되었습니다.
  • The number of enemies Fire Arrow can attack has been increased.
    ┕ Can attack up to 4 enemies (Lv. 21)

  • 익스플로젼의 공격력이 향상되고 및 공격 시전 시간이 짧아 졌습니다.
  • The basic attack of Explosion has been increased and casting time decreased.
    ┕ Attack increased from 120 → 130 (Lv. 30)

  • 엘리먼트 엠플리피케이션으로 증폭되는 마법 공격력이 향상 되었습니다.
  • The magic attack damage of Element Amplification has been increased.
    ┕ Magic attack damage increased from 140% → 150% (Lv. 30)

2.  해적 건슬링거의 스킬이 변경되었습니다.
2. The pirate skills of Gunslinger has been changed.

  • 모든 스킬 공격시 근접 타격 공격이 발동되지 않도록 수정되었습니다.
  • All skill attacks can be used when you are attacking too close.

  • 더블파이어의 사정거리 및 기본 공격력이 향상 되었습니다.
  • The range distance and basic attack of Double Fire has been improved.
    ┕ Damage increased from 80% → 110% (Lv. 20)
    ┖ Range increased from 350% → 380% (Lv. 19 & 20)

  • 백스텝샷의 재사용 가능 시간이 단축되었습니다.
  • The re-use time of Backstep Shot has been decreased.

  • 파이어 버너, 래피드 파이어, 쿨링 이펙트의 사정거리 및 공격력이 향상되었습니다.
  • The range distance and basic attack of Fire Burner, Rapid Fire and Cooling Effect has been improved.
    ┕ Fire Burner: damage increased from 160% → 190% (Lv. 30)
    ┕ Rapid Fire:  damage increased from 170% → 200% (Lv. 30)
    ┕ Cooling Effect: damage increased from 130% → 160% (Lv. 30)

  • 배틀쉽의 내구도가 증가했습니다.
  • Durability of Battleship has been increased.

  • 속성강화의 도트 데미지가 향상되고 결빙 지속 시간이 증가하였습니다.
  • The dot damage and freezing time of Elemental Boost has been improved.
    ┕ DOT damage increased from 5% → 10% (Lv. 25)
    ┖ Freezing time increased from 2 seconds → 4 seconds (Lv. 30)

3. 해적 인파이터의 스킬이 변경되었습니다.
3. The pirate skills of Viper has been changed.

  • 에너지 차지의 스탠스 효과가 향상되었습니다.
  • The stance effect of Energy Charge has been improved.
    ┕ Stance probability increased from 50% → 90% (Lv. 30)

  • 피스트의 공격범위가 확대 되었습니다.
  • The attack range of Fist has been improved.

4. 도적 시프, 시프마스터, 섀도어의 스킬이 변경되었습니다.
4.  The thief skills of Bandit, Chief Bandit and Shadower has been changed.

  • 인듀어로 회복되는 HP, MP량이 증가하였습니다.
  • The HP and MP recovery of Endure has been increased.
    ┕ HP increased from 60 → 100 and MP increased from 20 → 40 (Lv. 20)

  • 시브즈의 공격력이 향상되었습니다.
  • The damage of Band of Thieves has been increased.
    ┕ Damage increased from 210% → 250% (Lv. 30)

  • 다크사이트의 재사용 시간이 짧아졌습니다.
  • The re-use time of Dark Sight has been decreased.

  • 베놈의 독 데미지 지속시간이 증가하였고 성공확률이 증가하였습니다.
  • The remaining time of poison damage and success rate of Venom has been increased.
    ┕ Poison Damage time increased from 4 → 8 seconds and success rate increased from 30% → 50% (Lv. 30)

  • 암살의 데미지가 향상되었습니다.
  • Assassination damage increased.
    ┕ Accumulative damage increased from 12 seconds damage →   8 seconds damage (Lv. 30)

  • 부메랑 스텝의 재사용 시간이 단축되었으며 지형에 따라 사용이 불가능하던 점이 개선되었습니다.
  • Cool time of Boomerang Step has been decreased and can now be used regardless of terrain shape.

  • 어썰터의 공격범위 및 공격력이 상향되었습니다.
  • The attack range and damage of Assaulter has been increased.
    ┕ Damage increased from 450% →  500% (Lv. 30)

  • 메소가드의 메소 소모량이 감소하였으며 지속 시간이 증가되었습니다.
  • The Meso consumption of Meso Guard has been decreased and the duration has been increased.
    ┕  Meso consumption decreased from 78% →  61% and duration increased from 120 seconds → 180 seconds (Lv. 20)

The long awaited balance patch is finally here. Major changes to the existing Adventurer job. Although… This is just part one~
Nexon said in a Q&A that they will buff up Arch Mage and Paladin as well.

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It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

81 Responses to KMST V275 ~ Balance Patch part one

  1. BillyBobbyChris says:

    * 모든 스킬 공격시 근접 타격 공격이 발동되지 않도록 수정되었습니다.
    * All skills cannot be used when you are attacking too close to an enemy.

    So what’s the point of this. LALALLODLAODLALDLLOLOZLOLol

  2. Abdul says:

    What does “re-use time” mean?
    I thought Dark sight didn’t have a cooldown?

  3. Steve says:

    full damage for max assassinate is now 8 seconds instead of 12. YOU MISSED THAT.

  4. Lucas says:

    ┕ Can attack up to 4 enemies instead of 3 (Lv. 21)

    Since when fire arrow was able attack 3 monsters? O_o (it says “instead”)

  5. Jando says:

    L>Drk changes. Lol. Would of loved to have crusher and fury to change color when in berserk mode and maybe a fury and crusher booster whilst in berserk mode to.

  6. William says:

    Dear Spadow,

    May I copy the link of this website, (this new patch only, no other articles) and tell about it in Asiasoft Forums? (The forums of MapleSEA) All Credits will go to you, for informing all of this. Thanks, hope to see your reply soon ^^

    • Alilatias says:

      I’ve always done that along with a few others. Spadow actually had an account over at AsiaSoft forums for about a year now, and is aware of what we are doing.

      He drops by and posts stuff in Locky/Pegakok’s Predict Highlight threads once in a while.

  7. Orange says:

    2. 해적 건슬링거의 스킬이 변경되었습니다.
    2. The pirate skills of Gunslinger has been changed.

    * 모든 스킬 공격시 근접 타격 공격이 발동되지 않도록 수정되었습니다.
    * All skill attacks can be used when you are attacking too close.

    Oh holy fuck yes. <3 This and multi-hit fire arrow = fucking win. That is all I want from a balancing patch. Everything else is uber-bonus.

  8. OrangeGuy says:

    Watch the Nexon pull a nice move where L7 Formula requires Dex for mastery.

    Do it Nexon.

    • Orange says:

      Oh god yes. Do eet. Screw all the dexless assassins :D Unbreak the L7 formula.
      That would be so awesome for anyone but an assassin lol.

    • kevintai1 says:

      As much as I want that to happen, the previous balancing patch only strengthened classes, not nerfed them. So far, it doesn’t seem like this balancing patch will nerf anything as well -_-

      • Chuey says:

        The point of rebalance patches are to make classes better because they get screwed over by new classes being godly. Why would they NERF something?

  9. William says:

    Alilatias :
    I’ve always done that along with a few others. Spadow actually had an account over at AsiaSoft forums for about a year now, and is aware of what we are doing.
    He drops by and posts stuff in Locky/Pegakok’s Predict Highlight threads once in a while.

    Wow really? I’ll close my thread if Spadow doesn’t allow it, after all, all credits will go to him.

    • Alilatias says:

      Nah, it’s fine. He does not drop by ASF that often. He doesn’t really need to, as he knows by now that every blog post he makes is going to get linked to in some form somewhere on ASF anyways.

  10. Bownissley says:

    what is dot dmg?

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      Dot damage means Damage Dealt Over Time. Basically, it’s something like poison…

      In this case, it refers to Flamethrower’s burn effect.

  11. tcp520 says:

    cant wait for the changes on other jobs, especially bowmaster… rapid fire > 200% damage… will storm arrow hit more than 150% damage instead?…

  12. Woopadoo says:

    when will this come to other versions?

  13. evek says:

    I wonder how long till this patch will be applied to GMS. I really can’t wait for Arch Mage skill balance. I hope they balance it a little bit enough to boss

  14. DarkQuill says:

    Fuck yes, supercharged Shadowers.
    Now we can be – dare I say – on par with other classes for once.

    Lets just hope they ignore Sins completely and leave them in the dust.

  15. Seref says:

    Wow, some nice updates. Maybe now i’ll have a reason to level my f/p wiz (lvl33 mule).

    But aren’t Corsairs already the best class, wouldn’t they be astronimically more powerful with ALL of these buffs?

  16. andrew~ says:

    I have a question. just how short will the delay on boomerang step be?
    I’ve heard a long time ago, it was long enough for 2 skills to be used between each one.
    Now in gms, I’ve heard its long enough for only one skill
    if the delay gets patched further, will a skill use up so much more time then the delay lasts help? basically, lets say the delay is 1/2 a second after the patch, and a another skill takes 1 second to complete.
    Does this mean it will be useless to use another skill in between boomerang step, and that people will just SPAM boomerang step?

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  18. I got some idea says:

    change the mage spell accuery formula to only LUK incresing spell accuery^_^
    change thief accery to only DEX increasing accuery^_^
    have DEX be a decent facter in L7

  19. 66Alex66 says:

    woot buccs get real stance now

  20. Werd says:

    Jacky :
    Well gms and kms aren’t the same, so gms might not get this update.

    Why open up a new thing to 1 version of Maplestory. It’d be like having Legendaries only for KMS. GMS and EMS would be bummed and Nexon might actually lose money to it. Aside from that, it’s only fair that GMS and EMS do get these skill rebalances. Only thing is that we’re like the common folk, getting the “common product” out of old prototypes.

    • MM says:

      He was talking about the update with the lowered delay on boomerang step.

      Besides, class rebalancing is in no way the same thing as five new classes, so that comparison is extremely disproportionate.

  21. Forte says:

    Venom is useless if you’re 2 hitting anyways. The only time it’d be of any use would be if it worked on bosses.

  22. wwwchaoser says:

    Thanks for providing the infors@@

  23. Mark says:

    How does the multiple hit fire arrow work?
    It goes straight through the enemies like Iron Arrow or it hits one monster and hits 3 other monsters near it, like Arrow Bomb?
    Overall, great updates, but I expected a skill change for Marksmen. I hope the cooldown for Snipe will be 4 seconds like KMS when GMS gets these updates.

  24. EXRPG says:

    Waiting Kmst276….

    Hope will change DarkKnight Skill…..

  25. AppleD says:

    Is this update only apply on Adventurer job?
    Some skill like fire arrow, barrage and dark sight also available on KOC.
    Is this update also apply on KOC?

  26. Kaerael says:

    모든 스킬 공격시 근접 타격 공격이 발동되지 않도록 수정되었습니다.
    All skill attacks can be used when you are attacking too close.

    Does it apply for Assassins too or only Gunslingers?
    I would so love to be able not to stab.

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  28. Flare says:

    ): Nothing for Ice mages?

    • Alilatias says:

      Elemental Amp.

      However, this is only part 1. Ice Mages and any other class that hasn’t been mentioned in these patch notes are probably going to get something later on.

    • MM says:

      Yeah, we got a buff on Thunderbolt’s range. If you ask me, they should change Ice Strike to hit 8 mobs, or something in third job, since F/Ps have explosion and misting but we only have Ice Strike (a lot of people choose not to max TS because it’s so slow to cast).

  29. Chau says:

    I’m gonna use this for my website/forum, I’ll give credit, so can I?

  30. Chau says:

    Oh yea, when I pasted it on my website, I changed the unicode and edited out the korean (Don’t know, k=korean, kms) words, because I belong to the GMS community.
    I still had added your name and everything. I also edited some of the fonts/boldness, added new stuff and yea.

  31. BlazingNova says:

    I’ll be happy when this comes to the normal KMS
    How long does it take for something from KMST to come to KMS

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  34. RoseOfOnyx says:

    They should up the lasting time for energy charge to like 120 seconds caise 50 seconds is pretty lame esp at bossing takes a while to charge so the 90% Increase of stance dont really matter

  35. theicepirate says:

    YEESS gunslingers are finally more powerful, but lot of peeps re gonna make slingers…

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  37. Nameless says:

    What do they mean by “Barrage Range” improved? isnt barrage already a melee atk?

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  40. Gargarg says:

    They should make it so it is optional to use dark sight when using assasinate. This way, assasinate becomes more useful and can even out the dmg per second and also make shadowers better bossers. Shadowers could use an assasinate+bstep combo instead of sb+ bstep. Only difference would be when you assasinate without dark sight, you dont deal the critical 4th hit so that you dont charge into the monster and end up killing yourself. If they made this alternative, assasinate would still retain its original purpose (a powerful first attack) but it would be more useful as a primary attack.

  41. techboy says:

    dam this is so awesome. too bad they made double fire stronger and my slinger is just about outlaw already. by the time this comes to gms it will already be outlaw.

  42. jack380 says:

    Hello, one part of the skills update for the gunslinger i kinda need confirmation. Regarding on the Elemental Boost Skill for gunslingers, which skill does it represent when it wrote Dot damage increased from 5% → 10% (Lv. 25) and
    Freezing time increased from 2 seconds → 4 seconds (Lv. 30). Which skill does the lvl 25/30 represents?. Either its the Elemental Boost skill or the Flamethrower/Ice Splitter skill lvl. Mind anyone clear my queries? TY in advanced cause this might make a difference in the future gunslinger skill build.

  43. poke4554 says:

    im so excited that chief bandits get an increase
    but whats the deal with dark sight?
    i mean i basically depend on it with my life, especially at typhons where a combo of darksight, haste, and when out of darksight assaulter is the best way to get around the map.
    i just hope the nerf of darksight doesnt affect my game play

  44. ryan says:

    is it only me or has no one realized that it says meso guard is lvl 30 now.

  45. lCorruptionl says:

    Can I use this for my website? I’ll give credit.

  46. Bob? says:

    What’s the assassinate saying..?
    Accumulative damage increased from 12 seconds damage → 8 seconds damage (Lv. 30)
    So it means max charge time is only 8 seconds now..? or is it still 12 but 12 seconds worth of charge before patch now deals equal to an 8 seconds charge after the patch. That pretty much means anyone with max assa can hit 800k with a 12 charge now at like lvl 130-140. Lmao

  47. Zwolf says:

    Thats good hey are fixing gunslingers double shot because its hell training from 31~70 because that 80% goes like savage blow but goes 2 times instead of 6times wtf was nexon thinking when they put it to 80%!

  48. NarutoMyth says:

    wow…so many patches so little to do -_-

  49. Steven says:


  50. Terry says:

    So Meso Guard’s master level went from 20 to 30? ..

  51. MrCatlol says:

    I have been long awaiting this fire arrow patch… now FINALLY F/P’s can train! But I want to know, is the overall damage decreased from its sexy 120, and will the targeting system on it be slightly off, and be configured exactly like iron arrow?

  52. AhLiew says:

    Will the balance patch affect bishops???……

  53. Ditnamese says:

    i heard that the savage was better o-o

  54. Jencalo says:


    and also,


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