MapleStory 2 & Major updates in 2010

Last year, I posted an entry about MapleStory 2 and MapleStory going 3D.
Many people were confused and thought MapleStory 3D was MapleStory 2. Well, here’s an update: it’s not.

MapleStory 2 was brought up and it was said in a press conference (to introduce the new class Evan) that the development team for MapleStory 2 was created last year and has been in development.
That’s all what we get to hear, more details cannot be revealed at the moment.
At least, it is 100% confirmed that the sequel to MapleStory will be released in the future.

In 2010, there will be major updates. For instance, in winter, MapleStory will release a new class + another major update. And the next summer, they are thinking whether they should release a new class or update current ones.

It’s not a surprise that more classes will be created, seeing the two latest (Aran & Evan) belong in the ”hero” category.

Now to something else: Today,  at G-STAR 2009,  players can experience the new class Evan in advance. (Can only access a few maps)
The teaser website opened as well, which shows us that Evan will be released in KMS on December 17, 2009.

[Click here to see the poster of Evan]

Will Nexon break another record?

December 2007 Pirate: A total of 200,000 simultaneous users was measured.
December 2008 Knights of Cygnus: A total of 250,000 simultaneous users was measured.
July 2009 Aran:  A total of 200,000 simultaneous users was measured.

The class that achieved the highest amount of concurrent users is Knights of Cygnus. Do you think Evan will surpass the 250,000 mark?

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28 Responses to MapleStory 2 & Major updates in 2010

  1. MRMAGICAL says:

    could happen :D

  2. Shadoo says:

    Well, i’ve heard a lot of people saying things like “LOL WORST JOB EVUR!!” and “OMG SOOO EFFING SLOW!! I HATE IT!!”.

    So, i doubt it’ll even get past 150,000 simultaneous users :P

  3. Luis says:

    Well if they have allready decided to amke a maplestory 2, they must consider that this error was allready made with ragnarok, ragaron online was really good, but ragnarok online 2… well it is just a normal 3d mmorpg nothing special, i REALLY hope they dont make maplestory 2 a 3d game even though it has been said it wont be, im still kinda curious about what the jobs and story of MS2 will be, probably it will focus in the past years of the mapleworld showing us what we never saw, like the first atack of the black mage, or the begining of the alcadno/zenumist conflict, OR it may take place after the second black magician invasion wich many people supose will take place when all the Hero jobs are released

  4. new user says:

    ermmm i think they should just work on updating normal maplestory. or maybe make a storyline based rpg(not mmo). also i think that evan wont brake a record(i also have heard lots of bad comments about evan), but i like it. also does any1 know of those glasses and if they also have a time limit to obtain them like the aran ring thing?

  5. joey says:

    by next winter is it the winter in a few monthes or in 12 monthes
    and by next summer is it at the summer break for 2010?

  6. Ken says:

    Hmm… If this MapleStory 2 comes to MapleSEA which is currently called MapleStory Season 2, then what will it be called? MapleStory 2 Season 2?!?!

    • Spadow says:

      It won’t come to MSEA for a long time.
      The people at the press conference didn’t reveal too much, just saying that there is a seperate team for MapleStory 2 and has been created last year.

      No plans for CBT / Open Beta yet.

  7. Kriteer says:

    I really hope that if they release a sequel, that we can transfer our characters over…because it’s so annoying having to start over just because there was a big improvement.

  8. Pantaloon says:

    MapleStory 2 will be most likely AFTER the Black Magician, so all the maps COULD be considerably different.

    • Derioan says:

      I agree, I think the big update will personally be the Black Magician. And after that, MapleStory “2” will be born.

      Heh, T3 Entertainment is also making an “Audition: Dance Battle 2”, a sequel to Audition.

  9. Salamander says:

    They should update evan equips. Look at the poster those equips looks nice :O

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  11. IndianThief says:

    I think they should make a new class this summer i really want the Theif hero which is rumored to be a dual dagger wielding dit

  12. Rykess says:

    Hopefuly they will release MS2 to the world, instead of one country at a time. I could settle got KMS getting everything first, then the world. But knowing what is coming for a year gets taxing.

  13. Ghost says:

    I’ll believe this when I see progress for MapleStory DS

    • 13 says:

      no maplestory DS no more, it was canceled, and it looked horrible IMO

      • Ghost says:

        Let me repeat myself.

        I’ll believe this,
        when I see progress for MapleStory DS

        I have not seen progress for MapleStory DS (even if it’s still going)
        therefore, I do not believe this.

  14. Sheiyza says:

    NOOOOOO maplestory ds canceled yourk idding me right

  15. Spadow says:

    ’13’ has no source, and MapleStory DS has not been cancelled.
    The prototype version looked horrible, but you haven’t seen the final result.

  16. IndianThief says:

    They need a app so u can play maple story on the itouch or iphone

  17. SwordStaker says:

    This MapleStory2 thing is very confusing…Why would you make a new MS when the one we have isn’t even complete yet. If it’s a story AFTER the black mage and they make a whole new story AFTER they update MS1 I can understand. But..if they like cancel all production on MS1 with MS2 and make it just a better version wipe all accounts and stuff. I will just seriously bash Nexon.

    • AnonyMouse says:

      They said that a separate production team was made for MS2, so that probably means they’ll continue whit ms1 until they feel like it’s finished. I seriously doubt they would wipe the accounts for maple 1 in any case, finished or not, ms2 or not. people that are in the process of getting to 200 and experiencing all there is to ms1 would probably keep the cash flowing to nexon through the cash shop for quite awhile after ms2 is released anyway.

  18. XxiaomuX says:

    Whatever Nexon will do… We just have to wait. I agree MS2 is confusing. But we can slowly follow the story. KoC fought with the black magician, then Aran fought it again. Though in my opinion, black magician should be sealed for now until a new hero comes out to save the day. Which means, after all the 5 heroes are made. Which takes about 3 years? That is long but with all these updates we will be kept busy til all 5 heroes come out AND after they draw the black magician’s real look. Each time I look at black mage, i find him looking like Ergoth lol.

  19. GrahamDent says:

    why was maplestory ds canceled?

  20. meoww. says:

    this is so stupid, EVAN = FAIL x10000000000000000000000000000000000000 .

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