Achieved Lv 30! EverPlanet

Lately I have been playing EverPlanet a lot. Today I achieved Lv. 30 and completed my 2nd Job Advancement.
I turned into a Thief. Finally I have a few mobbing skills~

This game is really fun, most people judge the game from videos, but if you play it, you’ll fall in love with this game.

New testers for the test server of MapleStory were chosen, a lot of people were chosen, probably because of the big update coming up.
The new term for the test server starts in  two days.

Are you curious about the big update? What do you think? Multiple choices are allowed. Please vote. Thank you.

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30 Responses to Achieved Lv 30! EverPlanet

  1. Jess says:

    A lot of disappointement as always

  2. Chris says:

    Hoping for fun stuff, expecting crap.

  3. Anonymouse says:

    I’m hoping for a high level training area and lv 130+ weapons and equipments but all I am sure to get is “A lot of disappointment”. lol

  4. Voltaire says:

    와….looks fun, might play it if it not to big of a file.
    흑 메이플 3-d 아니야?

  5. Jando says:

    Bowman Legend!

  6. DragonTamer says:

    are there english version of this game?

  7. SlayerGhost says:

    A bowman legend would be awesome… Being a beginning archer and hiting two 1’s with crit really hurts you on the inside… especially if you have a 12 att wg… <_<

  8. Alex says:

    idk wat ur talking about…
    a big update for maple or for everplanet?

    if its for maple a new job would be really cool

  9. SwordStaker says:

    Prob new PQ.

  10. Takebacker says:

    As long as a high level area with higher leveled weapons come out, with the same kind of perfection that the Temple of Time area had, no one will be disappointed.

  11. zy says:

    spadow wat abt ur Evan now?

  12. AlOnE says:

    I don’t think there will be any new job coming out since Evan has just been released not too long ago lol
    I guess most likely will have higher level equipment in order for normal stat build players to catch up with PURE stat players in term of damage

    • Takebacker says:

      Having higher level equipment doesn’t make the gap between normal stat and low-stat any different. The low-stat characters ALWAYS win.

      • AlOnE says:

        Perhaps they would make a big jump on the stat of the equipment itself? O.o
        maybe a BIG MA or WA boost from the existing highest level weapon xD

  13. Voltaire says:

    아 스파도, 네 이름은 volkari 에요. add meh. also is there guild in everplanet?

  14. Voltaire says:

    btw, gratz im only lvl 8 at the moment, im a magician.
    if u can then we shud make a guild in everplanet thats like ellinforest.
    that is if there are some english peeps that play everplanet

  15. Kris says:

    Today is the Test Server thing isn’t it?

  16. Spadow says:

    @Kris: Yes.
    @Voltaire: I already created a guild. It’s called ”Legendary”.

  17. Kris says:

    Has it already started if so…anything worth posting?

  18. Voltaire says:

    ok, btw how do u take screenshots in-game?

  19. SwordStaker says:

    New test server thing is today? 0.o

  20. Alilatias says:

    I loled at how many people chose ‘a lot of disappointment’.

    • 1 says:

      really? im not because nexon america gives us alot of it
      im betting its the dual wielding thief hero thats posted on basil and on the korean maple site that shows a 2 dagger/sword thief (kerning background) ninja mentors and such

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  23. Yuii says:

    I just started playing this game, I love it! Would be nice if I had some english speaking friends. Add me ign: Yuii

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