From Zero to 160

Exactly one week ago, the Child of God content update was released in the test server. This content contains the new playable character Zero, the new world Mirror World and new systems.
I have played in the test server and in the public server. So far I have gotten my Zero to Lv. 140. I will let you know my impressions on this content later in this post, including a Q&A.
If you are interested in playing a Zero in the future, you might want to read this.

But first, I want to tell you that I have finally achieved Lv. 160 on my Evan since yesterday! If you didn’t know, Evan gets their last advancement or mastery at this level.
I think I will take a short break and wait until Critias is released in the test server, which should happen very soon.

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Q&A: What’s next for KMS?

Not too long ago I blogged about MapleStory 2 and major updates coming to 2010.
Yesterday an article was published on with very appreciated information.

A user conference was held in Korea where people had the opportunity to attend a Q&A session and ask some questions to the MapleStory team.

Summary of the Q&A:

  • Windowed mode coming soon if no problems are coming to the surface.
  • When asked if they will make Adventurer stronger,  they said a balancing patch is scheduled for January.
  • The Arch Mage will probably get a skill rebalance  (because you have to agree that the Arch Mage is weak) along with Shadower and Paladin.
  • There was a question about the ”one-kill” skill of the Bishop and Arch Mage. But this question couldn’t be answered. Changing everything at one time is asking for problems.
  • They say it’s best to balance the jobs first than releasing high leveled content first. High leveled content for +100 is planned after this.
  • The reason that the new EXP party formula exists is because with the old formula it was unfair to get EXP by not playing the game correctly. You need to put effort in gaining EXP.  They are not planning to change the formula.
  • There are no plans to make Pink Been weaker. They thought that the players would have killed Pink Been in 4 months.
  • Eliminating bots (automatic macro program) is one of their priorities.
  • Adventurers, Knights of Cygnus, Aran and Evan cannot share the Cash Shop because when the Pirate job was released, they did not make a lot of money from it while spending a lot of time for development. Money is just required. They are still thinking if they should unite the Cash Shop among Adventurer and Knights of Cygnus.
  • In March there will be a really big patch.

Seems like 2010 is going to be a big year for MapleStory Korea.
They can be a lot more creative and add unique stuff such as Guild fights / PvP or a Lv. 200 dungeon.