[JMS] Aran teaser website


Finally, I get to see the Aran website of JMS.

It’s funny that I don’t see the design that KMS, MSEA and GMS used.
I mean, look at the logo… I think they used copy and paste for that.

If you look at the Aran website of KMS, MSEA or GMS, you would see that they all use the same design. Neat design.
Anyway, I saw something interesting on the website:

That crystal ball I circled was the first thing I noticed when I visited the website.
That crystal ball is related to Evan.

As Evan, you will see this object in a dragon cave when you have a specific quest in progress.

Hmm… It’s strange to use something that is related to Evan.
Will JMS get Evan before MSEA or the other versions?

Lately JMS has been falling behind on game updates.
JMS will get Aran on 16th December, 2009.

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4 Responses to [JMS] Aran teaser website

  1. ed says:

    lol thats Wierd but awesome

  2. Alilatias says:

    Chances are that it’s just a cool decoration that they’re using.

    As far as I remember, MSEA used the Black Magician in the Aran intro for their ‘What does the Black Magician look like under that cloak’ (or something like that) contest. I think that contest took place shortly before Aran was even released into the official KMS servers.

  3. lem says:

    This will be a coincidence?

  4. ShiKage08 says:

    I don’t think it’s just a mere coincidence. There was an interview posted on Southperry not too long ago that included stuff that Nexon Japan was planning to add to JapanMS. Evan was included in that text. I think Nexon Japan is going to surprise everyone soon.

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