Hi everyone. It’s been awhile since I updated this blog.
I’m sorry for not updating the blog frequently, there isn’t anything new I can tell you at the moment.

The last couple months was a busy period for me. I’m glad that’s over.
Right now I’m playing a new game, it went Open Beta just a few days ago.

The game is called EverPlanet, it is developed by NCLIPSE and published by Nexon. It’s a really cute game with a ”globe view” system.
There are four jobs: Warrior, Magician, Archer and Rogue. Right now there is only first and second job advancement.

I’m a Lv. 10 Rogue. I’m going to be an Assassin soon~!
I might make a movie soon about this game. Depends on my interest.

Two more weeks left and the current test server round of MapleStory will end. I can’t wait what Nexon has in store for Korea in February.
I am really curious about the very big patch in March.  But.. that’s too far away, it’ll come eventually. ^ㅁ^

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

13 Responses to EverPlanet

  1. Makani says:

    Haha, oh wow… They stole my hair. :l Great………..

  2. Jacky says:

    Seems cute. I wanna try it.

  3. Jeff says:

    THEY STOLE CAPPIES HAIR! I’m going to go rage the game now. I hope you support the cause. LOVE CAPPIE AND RAGE D<

  4. DarkRecon says:

    So in retrospect, this is pretty much a 3-D Maple? With different NPCs but the concept is a lot like it correct?

  5. Vitty says:

    how do u sign up for these games? do u live in korea?

  6. MRMAGICAL says:

    DarkRecon there is a maplestory 3D its called Kavatina Story. You woulda heard bout it if u had been followin spadow long enough

    • dotdot says:

      Uhhh if you look at the difference of Kavatina Story and Everplanet there diffrent.Everplanet=Warrior-Magician-Archer-Rouge-(may include pirate?) Kavatina Story=Magician-Giant/Warrior-Bad*bleep* Rouge.Plus if I do remember on a forum it wasn’t really Maplestory in 3D.Everplanet makes more sense as Maplestory in 3D.But remember theres always Maplestory 2.

  7. AnotherGuy says:

    Warrior, Magician, Archer and Rouge…
    Can’t any typical MMO be more creative?

  8. Distinctus says:

    AnotherGuy :
    Warrior, Magician, Archer and Rouge…
    Can’t any typical MMO be more creative?

    You think of something. :|

  9. Zero says:

    its maple Story X or something because has the same jobs….

  10. SlayerGhost says:

    Spadow :EverPlanet is not related to MapleStory.The four jobs are common and you can find them in ALMOST EVERY other RPG.

    I just kinda… fixed that fo you.

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