Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me ^ㅁ^

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

36 Responses to Happy Birthday to me

  1. Giraflare says:

    Happy Birthday Spadow :D Have a good one!

  2. Donny says:

    Best wishes on your birthday Kyo.

  3. MRMAGICAL says:

    Happy B-day Spadow :D

  4. Person says:

    Happy Birthday! :D *steals cake* *omnomnomnom*

  5. Pat says:

    Happy birthday man! you deserve a good one.

  6. DarkraiYoshi says:

    Happy Birthday, Kyo!!


  7. Veldo says:


  8. Rai says:

    Happy Birthday Spadow.

  9. inika41 says:

    Happy Birthday, guy.

    And cheers to the information you’ve been giving about Maplestory to us in America and Europe!

  10. Manu says:

    Happy birthday :

  11. hotmario says:

    Happy Birthday Spadow ^-^

  12. Hanabira.Kage says:

    Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday, and success in your future endeavours!

  13. Kayla says:

    Have a happy birthday person I dunno! ○ ○

  14. 소녀시대 says:


  15. 초록버섯냠냠 says:

    생일 축하 드립니다.~

  16. TmTripleS says:

    G’day Kyo!

  17. hahahaha says:

    Happy Birthday!

  18. vvcamrovv says:

    (Mimic munchlax in pokemon)
    (take the whole cake and put inside my mouth )
    Yummy (Chew chew)

  19. Diego says:

    Gratz… =D

  20. ed says:

    GZ kyo have hipi(happy) BitrhNDAY mine waz sucks :(

  21. artboy77 says:

    Happy Bday ^^
    *eats cake*

  22. Salamander says:

    Happy birthday~

  23. Shinx1-5 says:

    Have a Great Day Man?

  24. TehFrancis says:

    Happy birthday, your awesomeness! My last two haven’t been all that awesome, so I hope you’re having a good time.

  25. Angel Tears says:

    Happy birthday Spadow!

  26. Alilatias says:

    Holy crap it’s been another year already?

    Have a good one, Spadow!

  27. Abady says:

    Happy Birth day :) have an awesome one

  28. Nhan1st says:

    Happy b-day though I’m 2 days late.
    Don’t know how old your turning so lol…
    Keep up the good work with your blog

  29. Wetting says:

    Sorry I’m late, happy birthday! It’s 34 minutes into the 7th here now, but my birthday was the 6th!

  30. Anon says:

    Hey Spadow,

    Happy belated birthday!

    Thank you for providing good-quality, up-to-date information about developments in kms for the past year.

  31. imSOsleepy says:

    Hey Spadow, Happy belated birthday! If the date of your post is correct, we share the same birthday! :D Thanks for all the constant info

  32. LastOath says:

    Happy birthday Spadow…
    왜냐하면 당신은 좋은 사람입니다 행복 년 되세요!!!
    << use google xD

  33. Josh says:

    hey! ur bday is 1 day after mine!
    happy bday spadow!

  34. Axxez says:

    -From the future

  35. Elven Emily says:

    Sorry bout the super late reply.

    Happy birthday! You have the same birthday as my math teacher.

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