156 Evan at Road of Regrets 5

New Lv. 105 weapons were added in KMST ver. 1.2.270.
Some people might have noticed that there is a job requirement to wear a particular weapon.

In this video, you see a Lv. 156 Evan wearing it, but Evan is not a F/P Arch Mage..
This means that if you want to deal critical damage the required job to do so would be the F/P Arch Mage. Other magicians can wear this staff, but without the critical damage benefit.

This Evan has 1178 Hands, so he gains 50 HP every time when kills a monster.

( Lev. 105 ) 스태프 : 레바테인

Untradeable (Platinum Scissors of Karma can be used)
REQ INT: 318
Weapon Attack: +77
Magic Attack: +120
INT: +1
MP: +70
Durability: 25000
Speed: Slow (8)
7 Slots

Mob Category: Devil Type (6)
Mob Category Damage: 20%

400 Hands required to recover 50 HP when a mob dies.

Critical Damage: 20%; 5% probability
Required Job for Critical Damage: F/P Arch Mage

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8 Responses to 156 Evan at Road of Regrets 5

  1. eddie says:

    dayum, evans hit well over 100k with criticals.

    godly equipped evans will reach max 200k damage easily?

  2. batman88 says:

    they will always be limited with the 2k max magic thing so i doubt 200k can be done.

  3. Flare says:

    Why can’t it be I/L and F/P ):

  4. davie says:

    I’m curious to know what this Evan’s Magic is at right now. If he’s doing damage like this with mediocre gear (aside from that lukless staff) I can only imagine how good it’ll be with scrolled godly gear + elemental wand 5 o.o

  5. 1bin says:

    This is insane. Are those ice guards weak to earthquake or what?

  6. Zero says:

    too low the 50 HP recovery….

  7. DNDZ says:

    luvin this song :P

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