This week’s Cash Shop items:


Karma’s Scissors are out in the official version. I’m really surprised that it’s very cheap for such a powerful (cash) item. What does it do?

Karma’s Scissors

You have to drag an untradeable equipment (only equips), you can make it tradeable and able to trade with others, sell in your shop. You can’t make every untradeable equipment tradeable. You can only make Party Quest items (Horus’ Eye, Goddess Wristband, Cracked Glasses etc.), Zakum Helmet, Horntail Pendant and Belts tradeable.
I went into Cash Shop, but i don’t see the Karma’s Scissors, i guess it’s limited.

The Cart Wheel cash item allows you to resurrect in the map where you died. However, you can’t resurrect in special (event) maps, i don’t know if they include Zakum’s Altar or the Cave of Life.

The ring basically adds +1 STR/DEX/INT/LUK to all, you can have it equipped for only 1 day. There is another variation of this ring, you can have it equipped for 90 days.

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