MapleStory Chaos coming soon…

30 minutes ago Nexon Korea started their press conference about the upcoming Winter update. And it’s BIG.
This just came in from the twitter of NexonKR.

After ‘Big Bang’ comes MapleStory Chaos! Like ‘Big Bang’, the ‘Chaos’ update will come in three parts:

The first update ‘Return of the Hero’ is also known as the reorganization update and will make the heroes stronger and better. ‘Technological Age’  is the second update that will add new profession skills for your character. And as last, ‘Super Fight’ is the last update to come in January.

But wait.. there’s more! Lv. 140 equipment sets will be added and new high-leveled areas as well! Read more about the second major update of MapleStory.

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The popularity of Evan

Nexon Korea announced that with the release of the new job Evan, Maple Story recorded 240,000 simultaneous users during the Christmas period.

The release of Evan received an explosive reaction from users who have waiting for the big update.
This means Evan did not break the record. Nexon Korea recorded 240,000 simultaneous users when Knights of Cygnus was released in December 2008 and one year later Evan has done the same.

The release of the Pirate job in 2007  had a total of 200,000 simultaneous users. The same for Aran.
Right now South Korean students have a very long winter break, which means they have more available time to play.

We’ll see how the next job will do. The future will tell.

I have some other news that might be worth telling you; MapleStory DS is coming very soon. It looks like Nexon Korea is planning to release MapleStory DS in January. It was originally planned to be released in September 2007, but the schedule was extended.

Maple DS does not support Wi-Fi.

The last thing I want to tell is that the new creation of Wizet Studio ”Kavatina Story” has decided to temporarily pull the plug.
Kavatina Story (MapleStory 3D) a game created by Wizet Studio has been in OBT (Open Beta) since July 2009.
I stopped playing this game because the team did not release big updates. This also caused other players to lose interest in the game.

On December 31st the service will end and you will not be able to play.
Kavatina Story will be back with a new look and updates once they finished development.

MapleStory 2 & Major updates in 2010

Last year, I posted an entry about MapleStory 2 and MapleStory going 3D.
Many people were confused and thought MapleStory 3D was MapleStory 2. Well, here’s an update: it’s not.

MapleStory 2 was brought up and it was said in a press conference (to introduce the new class Evan) that the development team for MapleStory 2 was created last year and has been in development.
That’s all what we get to hear, more details cannot be revealed at the moment.
At least, it is 100% confirmed that the sequel to MapleStory will be released in the future.

In 2010, there will be major updates. For instance, in winter, MapleStory will release a new class + another major update. And the next summer, they are thinking whether they should release a new class or update current ones.

It’s not a surprise that more classes will be created, seeing the two latest (Aran & Evan) belong in the ”hero” category.

Now to something else: Today,  at G-STAR 2009,  players can experience the new class Evan in advance. (Can only access a few maps)
The teaser website opened as well, which shows us that Evan will be released in KMS on December 17, 2009.

[Click here to see the poster of Evan]

Will Nexon break another record?

December 2007 Pirate: A total of 200,000 simultaneous users was measured.
December 2008 Knights of Cygnus: A total of 250,000 simultaneous users was measured.
July 2009 Aran:  A total of 200,000 simultaneous users was measured.

The class that achieved the highest amount of concurrent users is Knights of Cygnus. Do you think Evan will surpass the 250,000 mark?