Yesterday’s test server patch

Yesterday test client version 1.2.478 has been released. This update contains part one of the adventurer overhaul!
In this update only the adventurer warrior and magicians are being changed. Currently the adventurer bowman, thief and pirate classes are on hold and cannot be created.  Right now in the public server nobody can create any adventurer.

The reason I am saying this is part one is because I believe the adventurer overhaul will be split in separate parts similar to the Jump! update. The world selection screen shows the two new illustrations of the warrior and magician. Most likely the update will be split in parts because development is still ongoing. There has been occasions where other MapleStory versions released all the changes in one patch. This is possible because many months have passed and the development on the adventurer overhaul is done.

The Auction House is being prepared. User interface has been added and the NPC where you can access it from has been added to the game. But it’s not done yet. I hope I can try it out soon!

Let’s continue!

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KMS ver 1.2.129 ~ Counterattack of the Blade

Today MapleStory has been updated to version 1.2.129 and there’s a lot of new content to play with.

First of all, the three warrior adventurer classes (Fighter, Page, Spearman) and the Soul Master class have been restructured.
Every Warrior and Soul Master got a free SP reset scroll in this patch.

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KMST V377 ~ Warrior restructuring part 3

A quick update on the situation in the test server. A new patch was released yesterday, I think these small changes are the finishing touch to the restructuring of the Warrior class. The patch for the official patch will most likely occur tomorrow.

To see part 1 of the recent restructuring of the Warrior class, please click here.
To see part 2 of the recent restructuring of the Warrior class, please click here.

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KMST V376 ~ Warrior restructuring part 2 & New events!

I expected more classes to be rebalanced but apparently it’s only the Warrior for now.
On the 24th of March, a new test server patch has been released and it contains part 2 of the Warrior restructuring, minor bugfixes and some events that the old and new Warriors will definitely like!

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KMST 1.2.376 ~ Monster Park (video)

A new test server patch has been released yesterday with more Warrior restructuring.
I have to apologize that I’ll cover this news later today or tomorrow. ^^

I did create a video about Monster Park for you. Please check it out~
Remember to watch it in 720p (HD) for high quality.

[Alternative Link]

-What is Monster Park?-

Monster Park is a new party play zone available from players who are level 20 or higher.
There are three gates you can enter. Each gate has a variety of dungeons you can enter solo or with party members.
The 50% additional EXP applies in this new content.

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9/1 – Current videos of the updated skills

Here are some videos after the balance patch and test server patch.
My previous post contains videos in the test server.

I will try my best to search for better videos.
Thank you for those who uploaded the original videos.

KMST 1.2.275 ~ Skill Updates: Backstep Shot (Haste + Wings)

KMS ver. 1.2.89 ~ Skill Updates: Fist, Energy Charge, Buster and Dragon Strike

KMST 1.2.278 ~ Skill Updates: Strafe

KMS ver. 1.2.89 ~ Skill Updates: Blast, Holy Charge, Rush, Thunder Charge and Charged Blow

KMS ver. 1.2.89 ~ Lv. 150 Paladin with updated skills hunting in Road of Regrets 5