Level 130!

Unfortunately my timing was not perfect to get a screenshot of the level up, but I’m level 130 now~!
After the first update of Big Bang was released, a lot of old players returned to MapleStory to check out the new stuff.
Since then I’ve been training on my Viper. Now I finally reached Lv. 130. I hope I can raise another 10 or 20 levels, but we’ll see about that…

Viper ♥

130 up

Level 130~
I died several times at the Path of Regret in Time Temple… ~_~

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Level 100!

I leveled to 100 today on Tespia. Twenty levels to go for Shadower.
Right now my base DEX is 85. But in order to wear Lv. 100 items, I will need 140 DEX. So difficult.;;

I’m gonna wait till Lv. 105 so I can get Maker Lv. 3 and use a DEX and LUK crystal and an attack diamond on a Blood Dagger.
The Blade Scroll hunt is going okay right now, I got a lot more scrolls today:

Today KMS will patch to version 1.2.91. Probably adding Cash Shop items and new events such as Valentine’s Day.
I hate the non-stackable chocolate drops. -_-;