What the doctor told me

Yesterday I went to the doctor.
Because I didn’t know what was wrong with me.
After waiting for half an hour, I entered his office.

I told him what the hell happened to me.
He checked my mouth, ears, eyes, back and chest.
He asked me to inhale while he had this cold thing on my chest. I already knew what was gonna happen if I inhale too much, I will cough.

After we were done with the check-up, he sat back on his chair and looked on his computer. A few seconds later he told me that I have pneumonia. T.T
This explains the severe coughing that I get every day…

I have my medication for the pneumonia and for the coughing and I am already feeling a little bit better now with the medications kicking in. ^^

I don’t think I will cover the new Tespia patch (1.2.345). I’ve read the patch note and it’s only about Halloween Mansion + events and bugfixes.
The patch is small and I think KMS will get the Halloween Mansion next week.

I hope I won’t get sick like this in December…
Thank you for your kind messages!!

I’ve got the flu

Hi all,

Last Sunday, I was dizzy all day so I decided to take a nap for 4 hours. After I woke up, I had this huge headache.
It was really painful. Now my life is getting worse because I’ve got the flu now, a severe headache every day and I’m tired every day.

Why did this happen to me?!
I’m going to do nothing this week except for resting. My body hurt so bad.. I really should pay a visit to the doctor.
I really hope I get better soon because the pain is unbearable. >_<

Wow~ Nexon has not released a single test server patch.. The last update was on the 16th of September, so it’s been a month.
What will the next patch contain? I think Halloween events.

I’m off to bed. -_-