KMS ver 1.2.133 ~ The Arrow of Speed

The final patch of the Jump! update. Adventurer & Cygnus Archers have their skills refined, system improvements and all Party Quests are renewed!
Every Archer is entitled to one SP reset scroll, you can only get it for a limited of time.

Recommended levels have been added to the Party Quests.
I have not tried out all the Party Quests yet.

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p.s. A poll can be found at the end of this entry. I ask for your vote.

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KMST V382 ~ Archer restructuring part 2

Hey everyone. From reading the comments in my previous entry, I think Archers are quite happy about the Jump update.
Today part 2 of the restructuring has been released.

The NPC Mirror of Dimension has a new makeover!
Some new Party Quests are available and others are not. All PQ rewards are revamped, but since I don’t have a lot of time at this moment due to guests in my house, I will only address the changed skills from the Archer job.

Hopefully I’ll have the time to explain everything in a few days.
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KMST V381 ~ Archer restructuring part 1!

The update finally came! I had a busy day. I do have an archer in the test server, but I don’t have time to level it up. As of this post, there are only six days left when the update will be released in the public server as of this post. I have information about the Archer restructuring, which you can check under the cut.
I will upload videos on my YouTube channel of the new restructured Archer next week!

Earlier I said that Party Quests will be renewed, which is true. I cannot participate in any Party Quest at the moment. The NPC will tell me that it’s under construction and that it will come soon. In this patch, there are upgraded versions of existing Party Quests rewards.
Three new Party Quests were added, however since they’re under construction I cannot tell you anything new.

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Patch for the public server is next week

The date for the anticipated last update of Jump! for the public server has been revealed!

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Small preview of the next patch

A small preview of what the patch in May will bring.

PART 01. Speed of the Wind
The power of gale will cut through the battlefield!
A more powerful arrow aimed towards the enemy’s heart.

PART 02. Era of a great adventure
Party Quests will be completely renewed!
Let’s go on a new adventure with each other!!

Renewal of Party Quests. Sounds interesting. By the way, did you know that I and other players cannot enter Nett’s Pyramid anymore?
It’s true. Access has been disabled from the NPC Mirror of Dimension a long time ago. I think we will see Nett’s Pyramid back this month.

This is the patch preview and the test server patch has yet to come. Expect it next week~
In the meanwhile, which Party Quests do you think that needs a renewal?

KMS ver 1.2.131 ~ Spell of Awakening

The Spell of Awakening update along with the 8th anniversary event is finally here!
I can smell a bandwagon of Fire/Poison mages coming up.

Like in the Counterattack of the Blade update, a special event called Boom Up is held to celebrate the revamp of Magicians.
In short: when you advance to the 1st job advancement at level 8, you will be rewarded with a Magician’s Ring (adds +100 MaxHP, +50 MaxMP and +3 Magic Attack) and three equipment boxes.
When you advance to 2nd job, 3rd job and 4th job advancement, you will be rewarded with a special 60% scroll (adds +3 Magic Attack and +3 INT) and an x1.5 EXP buff.

The Maple Administrator will give you a list with available Special Mastery Books or 1 Secret Mastery Book when you completed your 3rd job advancement at level 70. Existing players over level 70 will also get this event quest. ^^
Last but not least, Magicians who are level +120 and level up 5 times from their current level will get the same reward (not the Special Mastery Book) when you advance to 2nd, 3rd and 4th job.
This Boom Up event will end on May 11. I think that’s where the Archer revamp will start in the test server.

Anyways, Nexon did some tweaking in this update in the Magician skills.
Unfortunately Nexon changed all party play zones to regular play zones. The affected zones are Ellin Forest, Neo City, Lion King’s Castle and Knight’s Fortress.
The only area where there is party play zone is Monster Park.

Read more for the finalized revamped skills and the 8th anniversary!

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KMST V379 ~ Magician restructuring part 2

Part 2 and probably the last update before the patch goes live in the public server on the 21st.
I’m excited for this anniversary patch. A lot of players are disappointed that Nexon removed the popular party play zones and added it to Monster Park instead.

Well, that’s Nexon for ya!

There are new Maple equipment and new events, but I’ll cover that very soon.

This update fixed some bugs and tweaked some more skills of the Magician class.
Read more if you want to know the juicy details~

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