KMST V355 ~ Reorganization Update Part 2

It was only a matter of time for part 2. This update gives another set of skill changes and this time the SP Reset scroll was given to all characters.

This is good news for everyone who messed up their skill points during the Big Bang update, now you’re given a second chance.
The cap from the item’s maxHP, maxMP, physical defense, magic defense, accuracy and avoidability has been raised to 999.

Part 2 of this update offers new skill changes. Aran’s Final Blow can now deal 100% critical damage, Crossbow Master’s Sniping can now deal 4×900% damage only on boss monsters, the instant kill applies to normal monsters and there’s no more durability on Captain’s Battleship.

Read more for the changes~

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KMST V353 ~ The reorganization update has arrived

The latest update in the test server is finally the anticipated ‘reorganization’ update.
The reorganization update contains major stuff. New skills, skill animations and of course the changes.

As you see on the image above, Aran, Evan, Resistance and Dual Blade are back and available for creation!!
Currently Dual Blade is only available in the test server, I do not know if Dual Blade will be back for creation in KMS.

In this update, several combat calculation formulas (defense, accuracy and avoidability) have changed.
To reflect this change, the HP, MP, physical defense, magic defense, accuracy and avoidability bonus on scrolls and consumable items have been changed upward.

Future Soul Masters will have a hard time leveling, because Nexon replaced the Brandish quest with Soul Driver. That means when you advance to 3rd job, you’ll obtain a Brandish at Lv. 70 and Soul Driver at Lv. 100.
Soul Driver got nerfed too.. Soul Driver can attack up to 6 monsters with 180% damage instead of 8 monsters and 250% damage.

By the way, in the test server we didn’t get a SP reset scroll, but I’m fairly certain we will get one when this update hits the official server.
Read more for the changed skills!

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Aran, Evan and Resistance are limited jobs… for now

A new notice was posted on main homepage yesterday.
The notice says that after October 28, you cannot create an Aran, Evan or Resistance character in the official server anymore.
It will make those jobs limited just like the Dual Blade job.

This already happened in the test server, there was an update yesterday.
When you navigate to the character creation window, you will see this. ▼

These jobs are currently being reorganized.
Existing characters will be available.

It seems the Resistance and Hero characters will get an update. Reorganization? What do you think what will happen?
I don’t know, but I’ll find out soon~
There was no date given when the character creation of Aran, Evan and Resistance comes back.

KMS 1.2.108 ~ Big Bang: New reinforcement!

August 12, 2010
A new reinforcement, the Mechanic has arrived!

[Alternative Link]

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Mechanic: 3rd and 4th Job

So you want to know more about the Mechanic, eh?
I leveled up to 135 today in the test server and I took a lot of screenshots of the 3rd and 4th job skills.
I already gave an explanation for the 1st and 2nd skills. But.. new updates were released in the test server and many skills were modified.

Do you remember that weird picture from the 7th anniversary video? Now I know what kind of skill that person used on the picture. He used Atomic Hammer ▼

Atomic Hammer will be one of your main skills that you will always be using. When you use this skill, it will deal great damage and stun enemies for a period of time. Atomic Hammer is spammable,but there is a small delay.

The Atomic Hammer skill was a 3rd job skill when the Mechanic job was introduced. But, apparently, Nexon disagreed. One patch after Mechanic was released they moved Atomic Hammer to 2nd job.
Now Rocket Punch was moved from 2nd to 3rd job. I think that is stupid. Rocket Punch belongs in 2nd job and Atomic Hammer in 3rd job.
Nexon… >_<

Read more for more information about the 3rd & 4th job skills~
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KMST V331 ~ Mechanic

The last update that is part of Big Bang has been released in the test server:


Like Evan, the Mechanic can equip parts for his prototype.






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KMS 1.2.105 ~ Big Bang: The counter movement

July 22nd !!

The Black Wings organization started their plan to revive the Black Magician in a city called Edelstein.
The city council, mine and the city were destroyed by Black Wings.

Now, a group of citizens from Edelstein built a hideout under the city
and named their movement 레지스탕스. (Resistance)
They have been gaining strength and they are planning to rebel against Black Wings…

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