Dark Knight, RISE

”The Dark Knight who signs a contract with death will have its true nature revealed!”

This page was taken from the Secret Diary of Inkwell. It gives players a preview of what is coming soon to MapleStory.
I hope by now you know that all adventurers will be completely overhauled in the RED update. The scroll in the image above says at the top: Reincarnation.

Yesterday the MapleStory client was updated to version 1.2.194 adding several new content. In this update it brought skill refinements and balancing to the Wild Hunter, Aran, Evan, Xenon, Kaiser, Angelic Buster, Demon Avenger, Phantom, Mercedes and finally the Wind Breaker. It added a new theme dungeon for players above Lv. 30 called the Fairy Academy of Elinel.

A new party quest Altar of Masteria has been implemented. This party quest can be accessed through Crimsonwood Castle in Masteria via the Mirror of Dimension. It is the Korean version of the GMS Crimsonwood Keep party quest but I’d say.. less exciting. Hopefully I can bring a video of this party quest to you soon.
New bosses as souls are available: Ephinia and Arkarium. I’m on my quest to get Cygnus though! A few existing theme dungeons and party quests have been changed to more convenience.

I want to bring this post to your attention. I’ve said that I discovered new job ids in the quest data in a new test server patch.
Three weeks ago a Korean user on insoya found out about a new warrior class whose name was 에테르 (Ether). He said he got it from the MapleStory executable which means an unpacked client.
I didn’t believe it when I first saw it, even though he posted images as proof of his discovery. But now I don’t think he is lying.
When I go back to that post of three weeks ago and view his images, I see strings of information related to the world merge area. This area can be accessed by all characters from all the worlds in the game. We learned about the world merge area on May 19. This means the user could not know about it three weeks ago.
Besides that, there are also strings with the name Zero in it such as: 제로 착용 가능 (Equipable as Zero).

Time will tell, my friends.