KMS ver. 1.2.127 ~ New events and changes

Hey everyone. Yesterday the official server released a new patch which has an Attendance Check, Spring and Archaeologist event.
The Spring event was already available in the test server, but I didn’t explain it because you may know that overseas players have difficulty with patching their files.

You’ve already seen a preview of what we are getting this month. Technically, it’s in the official server now. There are new changes that I haven’t mentioned.

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KMST V371 ~ New events & New changes

Hey folks!

Nexon released a new test server patch on the 17th. New events & new changes. Nothing drool worthy.
Well.. There is something to drool about… But I will tell you that later~

In this update, they’re preparing for two new events. One event is already in progress and the other event will start later. The latter event is known as the Archaeologist event.
This event is known to me and this is probably the 4th or 5th time that I’ve joined this event.

Furthermore, there are new world maps available, PvP changes and something to drool about…

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KMST V367 ~ Ice Knight

Hey there! There has been a few patches released in the test server that I didn’t mention about such as the Lunar New Year events.
I think version 367 is worth telling you.

On January 15th, the Super Fight content was added to the official server. Since then there has been a lot PvP skill adjustments to make it fair for everyone. Recently I got a score of 1000 in Survival mode. There’s an event going where you have to achieve certain scores and if you achieved those scores, you will be awarded with Larson Challenger Event items. The event items expire, but if you have done all the score quests and eventually achieved 1000, you will be awarded with one permanent Larson Challenger item.

I got a pendant, but it’s useless for me because I already have a Horntail Pendant.
I rather have the shoulder pad since shoulder pads are really hard if you have lag in PvP. ㅠ

Anyway, the Ice Knight mode has been added to the test server. ^^

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KMS ver. 1.2.122 ~ Super Fight!

The third and last patch of the Chaos update has arrived in the official server on January 13, 2011!
Now I know why Nexon named this update ”Chaos”… It is literally chaos. The Super Fight patch got delayed by a lot of hours and when it finally opened, some servers (one of them was the server I play in) were still not open yet due maintenance and oh boy, that maintenance lasted a good amount of time. People were getting system errors and rollbacks. Good thing I went to bed.

Aside from the Windows Vista & 7 compatibility issue, which still is not fixed, new problems rises to the surface… All players living abroad are having a hard time patching the game. I can’t even patch the game because it’s so slow. Even my Tespia client isn’t updated yet because of this. -_-‘

I’m thankful that some people in Korea have uploaded patch files, so that players like me can patch much faster. I’m really dependent on those people now…

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MapleStory Chaos: Super Fight (대난투) update trailer

[Alternative Link]

I uploaded this video on YouTube yesterday and I like this video a lot. I didn’t expect an animation like this, did you?
One day left for me for the last Chaos update: Super Fight.
Enable Closed Caption (CC) to see the English subtitles.

Tomorrow it’s patch day and these days Nexon Korea isn’t doing very well. The Windows Vista & 7 compatibility issue and a lot of (Aran) hackers at the moment.
I’m not sure if I can record a video of PvP because of the compatibility issue.
I’ll let you know more by tomorrow and enjoy the epic Super Fight update trailer~ ^^

Windows Vista & 7 issues

No, this is not an invincibility feature from PvP, but an issue with my current operating system.
Since the update of the Technological Age, a lot of players, including me, are suffering from the incompatibility of Windows Vista and 7.

When I enter a channel full with people and I log out, the login menu is all messed up. Or sometimes I entered a crowded channel, then changed my channel and tried to enter storage, but instead of allowing me to transfer my items it would crash the game client.

Today, my friend suddenly wanted to go to Zakum with me for fun. I said okay and we both went to Zakum, we killed all the arms and then it was time to attack the body. I casted a couple of Dragon Strikes and I saw on my screen that something went wrong… It didn’t respond anymore and a few seconds later the client completely crashed.

Now this has happened before, but the amount of disconnections has increased since that patch. I can always fight against Papulatus alone, but if I fight it with other people, my game messes up with transparent windows showing up and some user interface missing.

Somehow for a very strange reason, the test server client is even worse than the KMS client…
But it could also be PvP, because I cannot complete a full match in PvP mode. Never.
After a few minutes of PvP, my game client crashes. And when this happens, my desktop wallpaper changes to a black color.
It’s really sad and it’s making me angry that Nexon does not acknowledge this.

Speaking of PvP, I really don’t know if it is gonna work in MapleStory. First it was the Striker, Wildhunter and Mechanic job who were really overpowered in PvP.

There was an update recently that added new PvP maps and changed the Battle Square entrance. So I just got off from a PvP  match with a majority of Night Lords playing and wow..
I entered the map and I get killed by a Night Lord throwing stars at me. After three seconds I resurrect and then I try to escape but no success because another Night Lord throws stars at me ”EXCELLENT!!”, ”EXCELLENT!!”, ”EXCELLENT!!”. This is really messed up… The PvP patch is just a few days away. -_-;;

I really hope Nexon makes MapleStory ”Chaos” compatible with Windows Vista/7 because this is just abnormal.
Fucking ridiculous.

대난투 D-DAY: 4

KMST V362 ~ PvP & other changes

A new update has been released in the test server yesterday. There are a lot of changes that I want to tell you about.
The name of the PvP map has been renamed to ”Battle Square”.  You can enter Battle Square through the Victoria Island cab.

Currently the Battle Square map is poorly designed with existing NPCs in place. They’re placeholders. The update made it possible that players can earn BP (Battle Points) and redeem the points for prices.

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