KMST V384 ~ New Adventurer Pirate: Cannon Shooter

Last week, I reported about new job IDs being added to the quest data which indicated that Nexon KR will release three new classes in the future.
Today the first new class has been revealed. I actually kind of knew what was coming from the new Adventurer Pirate class because there is a script attached to the NPC Valerie which says ”cannon_forewarning”.

The new Adventurer Pirate class is the Cannon Shooter. Do you notice that even though it’s an Adventurer, it’s still separated from the original Adventurers. Maybe it will be a limited class like Dual Blade.

The skill effects of the Cannon Shooter looks awesome. They use a new weapon; the Hand Cannon. The Hand Cannon reminds me of pillar that the Karok character uses in Mabinogi Heroes.
Monkeys aid the Cannon Shooter in combat. The Cannon Shooter has this awesome ‘ultimate’ skill. It can summon the Nautilus ship and everything turns dark just like Evan’s Dark Fog skill. Check the video around 0:55~

Unfortunately, I cannot play the game at the moment because I’m experiencing a delay/lag which makes the gameplay unbearable for me. T_T
This also happens in the public server and I hope it will go away soon because I really want to try this class.

However, I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel of a 4th job Cannon Master.
Video courtesy of 피부 from

[Alternative Link]

Everything looks almost ready for the implementation in the public server.
From reading the events in the game, it looks like this class will be released to the public server within two weeks. Probably next week already.
There is no restructuring for the Thief and Pirate planned yet which makes me sad because they both really need one. Sigh… -o-

What’s coming after Jump!?

Today the patch for the last part of Jump! has been released to the public server, the ”Arrow of Speed” update.
Don’t worry my friends! There are no nerfs since part 2. From what I’ve heard from friends, the new revamped Party Quests are nice. Fast experience gain.
I will soon make a new blog entry about this update.

So…. Jump! is coming to an end. What’s next? The data of this patch gave me the answer.
The patch note from this update said that Nautilus Port is in the middle of an upgrade.

NPC Valerie! Valerie is the student of Kyrin. Missiles? Construction site?
What is she planning? Hmm…  Valerie told me that she has something in store. Something about.. a secret weapon twice as strong. However, she told me it was a secret.

Hahahaha! You can’t hide secrets from me, Valerie! I know that there is going to be a new Pirate class!
There is a script attached to her in the data. The script is called ”cannon_forewarning”.
The forewarning is her current dialogue. Cannon has to be the new secret weapon that the new Pirate class will use.

New Pirate class?
Read after the jump!

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KMST V348 ~ Chryse and world & mini map improvements

A new floating island has been discovered high above the sky of Orbis!

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KMST V339/KMS V110 ~ New Guild Skill prices & New NPCs and mobs

Today KMS and KMST released a new patch.
The new guild system has been implemented.
After seeing the changes in today’s KMST patch, I must say that Nexon wasted a good month for a new patch.

The guild skill prices are ridiculous expensive. The prices in this post are already live in KMS.
Raising your guild level will be difficult because Guild Lv. 2->3 requires 160k GP. I don’t know the GP requirement for the other Guild levels, but I believe it will be a lot.

In today’s patch it’s possible to make someone else a guild leader!
Nexon decided to disable Guild PQ in KMS and KMST for a while. Does this mean that they’ll be working on an update or something new related to Guild PQ?

Maybe. New monsters and NPCs were added and this makes me believe that there will be a new area soon.

The first NPC looks really badass. He’s Van Leon and he is the Lion King and maybe… your enemy

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KMST V338 ~ Final changes to the guild skills?

Four days left until the current term of the test server ends. I think that this will be the final patch because if I look at the guild skills now, it seems they’re done… or not. -_-;;

Let me explain the system again for you if you haven’t read the patch note of version 1.2.335.
You can gain Guild Points by different ways:

– When the play time of a guild member passes one hour
– When a guild member in the guild levels up
– When a guild member purchased a guild skill
– When a new member has been added to the guild.
– Guild PQ

You lose Guild Points when somebody leaves your guild.

A guild skill can be bought and used when you have the required guild level. For example, Lv. 5 EXP Increase requires you to have guild level 10.
How can you raise your guild level to 10? By gaining Guild Points.
I only know that guild level 2 requires more than 20,000 GP.

Anybody can purchase a skill. When someone paid money for a Lv. 1 guild skill, other members cannot buy it anymore.
Also, when someone purchases a skill, the effect will be applied to any online members disregard their location. The buff won’t appear at the right top of your screen, so I think the guild skill cannot be dispelled.

When the time of the skill effect runs out, you can renew it by paying a small fee. There’s no cooldown, it all depends on how rich your guild members are.

With that being said, read more for the ridiculous new prices~

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KMST V336/337 ~ Guild Skill changes

The new guild system was released last Wednesday in the test server and it’s cool to see that we are able to create a guild on our own and the prices are adjusted.
The Guild Skills are great but it looks too good to be true.

The price to learn and the price to renew are expensive in this patch. And I discovered how expensive it is….

In version 1.2.335, I paid 20 meso to renew the Meso Increase skill. Unfortunately the Meso Increase and Trade Shop Efficiency Increase skill were replaced with two others. But, if it was available in version 1.2.336 then it would have cost me 20만 메소 to renew.

20만 = 200,000 meso

Below you can find the updated guild skills. Though, prepare yourself~

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KMST V335 ~ A new guild system

Hello everyone~

About twelve days left until the 2nd term of KMST ends. This term was great, I’ve experienced Big Bang, Resistance and the Mechanic job.
I’m always looking forward to what MapleStory is getting next aside from new jobs… =_=;;

Recently I said that there was a notice posted on the test server website saying there will come a new guild system.
Today the new guild system is available  in the test server.
I already had an idea of what it would look like and I was right: Guild levels and skills.

The patch note is kinda long with images and extra information. You’ll definitely want to read more about it~

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