MapleSEA’s ”Win A Trip To Korea” contest

MapleSEA held a “Win a Trip to Korea” contest with the launch of the Aran class last November.
The contest was about winning a trip to South Korea to explore everything what Korea has to offer~
Not only Korea, but also the Nexon office.

Four winners were chosen.

Occasionally I check the Facebook of GMS and MapleSEA because sometimes there are new photos and information on their profiles.
I already saw the ”Won Our Trip to Korea!!! >w<” album a couple days ago, but recently new photos of the Nexon office were uploaded.

I took a peek and saw interesting photos.  I’m actually envious of these four winners. I really am.
Does anyone know them in real life? I’m really curious about what they heard. And did they get the chance to ask questions about future content? I wish I could talk to them. >.<!

Also does anyone know when these pictures were taken? Because on one of the photos I saw a monitor with a picture of Lex, the newest boss monster that was released in Tespia version 1.2.300. (!)

I’m not going to post the whole album haha, but only a few shots from the Nexon office.
Source: MapleSEA’s Facebook (check it out!)

Do you want to see the photos that I found interesting?

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MSEA ver 0.86 – Aran

MSEA is getting Aran on November 18th. I took a look at their patch note and I saw something familiar.
They used my skill descriptions in the patch note…
I don’t know if they will use my descriptions in their game.

Click on more to see the descriptions.

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Is MSEA prepared for Aran?

On MSEA’s official facebook page, it says the following:

We’re sure many of you have already seen this, but doesn’t the Official Aran Promotion Movie from Nexon get you all excited? =) Maple has launched so many classes since it started, some of the more memorable ones being the Pirate class and the recent Knights of Cygnus – is Aran going to be your new favourite class when it hits MapleSEA? The cold winds have started blowing… Who knows when the snow storm will hit? =)

Not only this, but they added the official Korean promotion video as well:

‘o’… MSEA is releasing a  new patch tomorow but it does not contain Aran.
Will MSEA be the first version to get Aran outside Korea?

I’m surprised that MSEA is releasing huge updates. First Knights of Cygnus then the Balrog boss and tomorrow it’s going to release Ninja Castle. (Kaede Castle in JMS)
For those who not know Aran:

Aran is a new race based of the Warrior class, its primary weapon is a polearm. They can level up to 200 (unlike Knights of Cygnus) and their strength at Lv. 200 is equal as a Lv. 220~230. (It has been said in an interview)

Their hometown is called Rien, an icy snow covered area with very low temperatures located in a warm place due to the Black Magician’s curse. And yeah, the Black Magician is playing a big role in this story.

They also make use of a Combo system. It’s only available for Aran. (for now.. ;-) )

Aran was released on July 9th, 2009 in Korea and MSEA will get it this year. I can’t really remember, but I read in an interview that Aran was ready to be released to other versions in about 6+ months.

I created an Aran playlist on my YouTube channel for those who are interested in my videos.

Playlist -> Aran

MSEA ver. 0.72 (Episode 2)

Click here to see the patch note of version 0.72~

Summary: Episode 2 will release Temple of Time, Pink Been, Elin Forest, Mu Lung Training Center, Family System, PREVIEW KNIGHTS OF CYGNUS, Maker skill, dual language (English and Chinese), Title System (Medals), new EXP table, 4th anniversary and many more…

It has been confirmed that MSEA will get Knights of Cygnus in early June, being the first version outside of Korea to get this!


So many game content, the patch is around ~200 MB large. Basically Episode 2 is different name for a patch but it includes lots of game content. ThaiMS has also Episode 2.
Oh yeah, they also get a new pet and suit:


PinkBean ”Pink Bean – A short and chubby pet summoned through the Goddess’mirror. It is temperamental. Comes with a quote bubble and label.”

5000060.melong5000060.upset 5000060.sleep 5000060.cry 5000060.angry 5000060.guitar


What now?

So GMS will get Pirates and stuff related to that, and of course new Mount Covers (i need to check that out!), MSEA is getting Pirates too this month and EuropeMS is getting Zakum. I wonder what KMS will get, but i’m afraid it will contain nothing new, except for the new Gaga quest which is still not activated..

As you already know the Korean Nexon team is busy with the new 5 classes, together combined  called the Knights of Cygnus. More information about this class can be found on my blog, use the search feature. :)

I’m Lv. 83 now in KMS, it’s getting boring and boring, I’m not really ready for the Knights of Cygnus yet since that’s a complete separate chapter.  I really don’t want to try out the new Flame Wizard class, I’m not excited for that, i really want to try out the Night Walker and Wind Breaker. I’ll hope they will be coming these weeks!

As for the new MapleStory game, i can’t wait to see it! Tomorrow the GSTAR convention will start and lot of visitors will be coming and also a lot of game companies will be revealing their games. By the way, KMS is getting 2x EXP and 2x DROP from November 12th till November 16th, they are doing this for the school students because they already have a lot on their hands with exams and other things.
Unfortunately i won’t be be able to attend those days, I’m not sure. Here’s the timetable:

timetableSo Wednesday there will be 2x EXP, Thursday 2x EXP & Drop, Friday 2x Drop, Saturday 2x EXP and on Sunday 2x Drop. But i know that after this upcoming patch more greater stuff will be expected.  I know that Elin Forest will get an update, but when i dont know. We’ll see the upcoming weeks.