Dear Diary (day 18)

Dear Diary,

Lately I have nothing to do in MapleStory. I’ve already completed the missions for the 8th anniversary medal.
I’m desperately wanting for new content. So, bring it on Tespia~!

I’m expecting the test server patch to come really soon. It’s this or next week.
I bet all the archers in Maple World will go crazy when they hear about the upcoming changes.
Though, I’m curious what kind of changes the players are expecting. I don’t know a lot about archers, I do like the Marksman and Bowmaster. I played both classes and it was a really enjoyable experience.

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Treasure Monsters

Treasure Monsters started to appear in Maple World in the first Jump! update (Counterattack of the Blade).
It’s a special monster that can drop various valuable items and depending on the monster’s level, it can also drop an item at a 100% chance.

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KMS ver 1.2.129 ~ Counterattack of the Blade

Today MapleStory has been updated to version 1.2.129 and there’s a lot of new content to play with.

First of all, the three warrior adventurer classes (Fighter, Page, Spearman) and the Soul Master class have been restructured.
Every Warrior and Soul Master got a free SP reset scroll in this patch.

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KMST 1.2.376 ~ Monster Park (video)

A new test server patch has been released yesterday with more Warrior restructuring.
I have to apologize that I’ll cover this news later today or tomorrow. ^^

I did create a video about Monster Park for you. Please check it out~
Remember to watch it in 720p (HD) for high quality.

[Alternative Link]

-What is Monster Park?-

Monster Park is a new party play zone available from players who are level 20 or higher.
There are three gates you can enter. Each gate has a variety of dungeons you can enter solo or with party members.
The 50% additional EXP applies in this new content.

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KMST V375 ~ Monster Park & Warrior class restructuring

Hey everyone. It’s been a while. The past week was very quiet in the test server, but finally today an update has been released and it’s great!
Nexon finally acknowledged the poor skill effects of the Knight and Paladin class and revamped the effects in this update.

Furthermore, the Warrior classes, including Soul Master, have been restructured. Some classes have new skills and their skills refined.
What I noticed is that only the Warrior class has been restructured in this update. Does that mean there will be more coming up in the next updates?

A week ago, I published an entry about something that might be coming soon to the test server. Monster Park! It’s finally here~

Mr. Spiegelman decided to open a park where we can fight monsters with party members.
Want to know more?

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KMST V374 ~ Monster Park coming soon?

This patch doesn’t add something new except for minor changes. Though, there are a few things that are worth mentioning.

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