KMS 1.2.108 ~ Big Bang: New reinforcement!

August 12, 2010
A new reinforcement, the Mechanic has arrived!

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KMST V334 ~ Mechanic: D-2

A new test server patch was released yesterday. When I saw the update notice, I thought that Mechanic were gonna get nerfed again.
I was right. A couple of new skill icons, delay and damage adjustments and sounds for the skills were added.
I expected one skill to change: Laser Blast.

The damage of Lv. 1 Laser Blast is 284% instead of 404%. Lv. 30 Laser Blast is 400% instead of 520%.

I also noticed that when you use Laser Blast, the damage appears faster than before.
Metal Armor: Missile Tank is now better.

The basic attack of Missile Tank hits one enemy 6 times instead of 3 and they made it faster to cast the basic attack.
I’m surprised they made Missile Tank faster. The fastest attack that Mechanic has is Heavy Machine Gun. That’s just crazy, but with this change, I can say that Missile Tank takes the 2nd place.
When you stay in Missile Tank mode, you will lose MP even if you do nothing.

Yesterday I wrote a summary of the 3rd and 4th job skills of Mechanic, check it out~

As usual, with every new patch comes a new skill effect.
This time it’s Meditation:

P.S. I made a new video of my Mechanic. This one includes the new sound effects for the Mechanic skills.

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Mechanic: 3rd and 4th Job

So you want to know more about the Mechanic, eh?
I leveled up to 135 today in the test server and I took a lot of screenshots of the 3rd and 4th job skills.
I already gave an explanation for the 1st and 2nd skills. But.. new updates were released in the test server and many skills were modified.

Do you remember that weird picture from the 7th anniversary video? Now I know what kind of skill that person used on the picture. He used Atomic Hammer ▼

Atomic Hammer will be one of your main skills that you will always be using. When you use this skill, it will deal great damage and stun enemies for a period of time. Atomic Hammer is spammable,but there is a small delay.

The Atomic Hammer skill was a 3rd job skill when the Mechanic job was introduced. But, apparently, Nexon disagreed. One patch after Mechanic was released they moved Atomic Hammer to 2nd job.
Now Rocket Punch was moved from 2nd to 3rd job. I think that is stupid. Rocket Punch belongs in 2nd job and Atomic Hammer in 3rd job.
Nexon… >_<

Read more for more information about the 3rd & 4th job skills~
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KMST V333 ~ Mechanic changes

One week left until the release of Mechanic in KMS! Today’s patch changed Mechanic skills again and they finally fixed the Satellite bug.
This patch brought back the high EXP rates~!

27510 EXP at Lv. 9X

It was already easy to level up without high rates, but with the high rates it’s EASIER!
I’ll make sure to hit 120 today. Expect a video soon. ^^

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KMST V332 ~ Skill changes

This probably won’t surprise you that the skills of Mechanic has been adjusted.
Lucky for me I had the chance to test 1st, 2nd and 3rd job at Lv. 80 before this patched kicked in today.

I admit that Mechanic was overpowered before this patch and now I think it’s a little bit balanced. I don’t agree with Atomic Hammer being in 2nd job instead of 3rd.

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KMST V331 ~ Mechanic

The last update that is part of Big Bang has been released in the test server:


Like Evan, the Mechanic can equip parts for his prototype.






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KMS 1.2.105 ~ Big Bang: The counter movement

July 22nd !!

The Black Wings organization started their plan to revive the Black Magician in a city called Edelstein.
The city council, mine and the city were destroyed by Black Wings.

Now, a group of citizens from Edelstein built a hideout under the city
and named their movement 레지스탕스. (Resistance)
They have been gaining strength and they are planning to rebel against Black Wings…

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