Yesterday’s test server patch

Yesterday test client version 1.2.478 has been released. This update contains part one of the adventurer overhaul!
In this update only the adventurer warrior and magicians are being changed. Currently the adventurer bowman, thief and pirate classes are on hold and cannot be created.  Right now in the public server nobody can create any adventurer.

The reason I am saying this is part one is because I believe the adventurer overhaul will be split in separate parts similar to the Jump! update. The world selection screen shows the two new illustrations of the warrior and magician. Most likely the update will be split in parts because development is still ongoing. There has been occasions where other MapleStory versions released all the changes in one patch. This is possible because many months have passed and the development on the adventurer overhaul is done.

The Auction House is being prepared. User interface has been added and the NPC where you can access it from has been added to the game. But it’s not done yet. I hope I can try it out soon!

Let’s continue!

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KMS ver 1.2.131 ~ Spell of Awakening

The Spell of Awakening update along with the 8th anniversary event is finally here!
I can smell a bandwagon of Fire/Poison mages coming up.

Like in the Counterattack of the Blade update, a special event called Boom Up is held to celebrate the revamp of Magicians.
In short: when you advance to the 1st job advancement at level 8, you will be rewarded with a Magician’s Ring (adds +100 MaxHP, +50 MaxMP and +3 Magic Attack) and three equipment boxes.
When you advance to 2nd job, 3rd job and 4th job advancement, you will be rewarded with a special 60% scroll (adds +3 Magic Attack and +3 INT) and an x1.5 EXP buff.

The Maple Administrator will give you a list with available Special Mastery Books or 1 Secret Mastery Book when you completed your 3rd job advancement at level 70. Existing players over level 70 will also get this event quest. ^^
Last but not least, Magicians who are level +120 and level up 5 times from their current level will get the same reward (not the Special Mastery Book) when you advance to 2nd, 3rd and 4th job.
This Boom Up event will end on May 11. I think that’s where the Archer revamp will start in the test server.

Anyways, Nexon did some tweaking in this update in the Magician skills.
Unfortunately Nexon changed all party play zones to regular play zones. The affected zones are Ellin Forest, Neo City, Lion King’s Castle and Knight’s Fortress.
The only area where there is party play zone is Monster Park.

Read more for the finalized revamped skills and the 8th anniversary!

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KMST V379 ~ Magician restructuring part 2

Part 2 and probably the last update before the patch goes live in the public server on the 21st.
I’m excited for this anniversary patch. A lot of players are disappointed that Nexon removed the popular party play zones and added it to Monster Park instead.

Well, that’s Nexon for ya!

There are new Maple equipment and new events, but I’ll cover that very soon.

This update fixed some bugs and tweaked some more skills of the Magician class.
Read more if you want to know the juicy details~

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KMST V378 ~ Magician class restructuring & 8th anniversary

What did I tell you? A new test server patch was finally released yesterday after a few extensions.
My predictions came true. This update contains the Magician class restructuring, Monster Park expansion for players above level 120 and the 8th anniversary events.

An interesting development in this update is that Nexon changed the party play zones into regular play zones with exception of Monster Park.
This means that Ellin Forest, Neo City, Lion King’s Castle and Knight’s Fortress no longer give the +50% additional EXP per party member.
Nexon adjusted the stats of the monsters because of this change.

I’m planning not to post the info about the 8th anniversary events until it’s in the public server.
I like to see everything finalized and I want to really experience it the fullest with my Viper.

Let me introduce you to…

The unicorn pet!!
Another pet makes it way into this patch and it’s another one of those pets that has the ability to auto buff your skill.

I promised to explain Monster Park in detail and I will. In this update,  Monster Park has been expanded and finalized for all players from level 13 until 200.

A new type of item called Badge can be acquired from exchanging Spiegelman’s Coins.
More information will come soon about this~

Read more to see the changed Magician skills.

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Patiently waiting for the next patch

A new test server patch… It’s going to happen this week. Very soon.
The second update ”Spell of Awakening” will be released in April to the test server and public server.

I predict that the patch date for the public server is April 28. One day before MapleStory’s 8th anniversary.
My expectations for the upcoming test server patch are high.

The Magician restructuring, Monster Park expansion, new events and in particular the anniversary events along with the 8th year anniversary Maple equipment will all come together in the next test server patches.

I made an Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning) in preparation for the restructuring. ^o^
In other news, it seems that other MapleStory versions will receive the Chaos update sooner than I thought.
An associate producer from Nexon America confirmed in an interview that GMS will turn into Chaos in Summer.

However, CMS already made the first step by temporarily disabling the character creation of Aran, Evan, Dual Blade and Resistance.
The same thing happened to KMS and it was indicated that this was in preparation for the Chaos update.

The notice on the website says it will upgrade to V092 in late April which means CMS will get Chaos before May?
Interesting development. ^^

9/1 – Current videos of the updated skills

Here are some videos after the balance patch and test server patch.
My previous post contains videos in the test server.

I will try my best to search for better videos.
Thank you for those who uploaded the original videos.

KMST 1.2.275 ~ Skill Updates: Backstep Shot (Haste + Wings)

KMS ver. 1.2.89 ~ Skill Updates: Fist, Energy Charge, Buster and Dragon Strike

KMST 1.2.278 ~ Skill Updates: Strafe

KMS ver. 1.2.89 ~ Skill Updates: Blast, Holy Charge, Rush, Thunder Charge and Charged Blow

KMS ver. 1.2.89 ~ Lv. 150 Paladin with updated skills hunting in Road of Regrets 5

Monster Survival bug & A composed song

A while ago I posted about the Monster Carnival 1 bug. Well, there is a sequel.. Since the last bug fix patch of version 1.2.84 (bug fix patch #4) another glitch existed and not many people knew of this glitch.

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