KMST V360/361 ~ Lv. 140 equipment

Tomorrow the update of the ‘Technological Age‘ will start. An update that will contain five new skill techniques that you can learn. It’s not a new job!
One of those techniques is Alchemy. With Alchemy, you can create your own potions (attack, accuracy, STR/DEX/INT/LUK), you name it! Alchemists can also create this potion that transforms you into a giant. If you’re a giant you can attack other monsters by jumping up and down.
Even though it’s useless since it lasts for a short time , it’s actually really fun haha~

[Alternative Link]

And the release of a new high-leveled area called Door of the Future.
But more about that later~!

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KMST V359 ~ PvP & Door of the Future

Hey everyone! Yesterday an exciting patch from the test server was released.

This patch contains the release of the new high-leveled area including the new mysterious boss monster.
Other updates are fixes made to the profession skill system and also the release of PvP!!

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KMST V355 ~ Reorganization Update Part 2

It was only a matter of time for part 2. This update gives another set of skill changes and this time the SP Reset scroll was given to all characters.

This is good news for everyone who messed up their skill points during the Big Bang update, now you’re given a second chance.
The cap from the item’s maxHP, maxMP, physical defense, magic defense, accuracy and avoidability has been raised to 999.

Part 2 of this update offers new skill changes. Aran’s Final Blow can now deal 100% critical damage, Crossbow Master’s Sniping can now deal 4×900% damage only on boss monsters, the instant kill applies to normal monsters and there’s no more durability on Captain’s Battleship.

Read more for the changes~

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KMST V353 ~ The reorganization update has arrived

The latest update in the test server is finally the anticipated ‘reorganization’ update.
The reorganization update contains major stuff. New skills, skill animations and of course the changes.

As you see on the image above, Aran, Evan, Resistance and Dual Blade are back and available for creation!!
Currently Dual Blade is only available in the test server, I do not know if Dual Blade will be back for creation in KMS.

In this update, several combat calculation formulas (defense, accuracy and avoidability) have changed.
To reflect this change, the HP, MP, physical defense, magic defense, accuracy and avoidability bonus on scrolls and consumable items have been changed upward.

Future Soul Masters will have a hard time leveling, because Nexon replaced the Brandish quest with Soul Driver. That means when you advance to 3rd job, you’ll obtain a Brandish at Lv. 70 and Soul Driver at Lv. 100.
Soul Driver got nerfed too.. Soul Driver can attack up to 6 monsters with 180% damage instead of 8 monsters and 250% damage.

By the way, in the test server we didn’t get a SP reset scroll, but I’m fairly certain we will get one when this update hits the official server.
Read more for the changed skills!

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KMST V348 ~ Chryse and world & mini map improvements

A new floating island has been discovered high above the sky of Orbis!

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I’ve got the flu

Hi all,

Last Sunday, I was dizzy all day so I decided to take a nap for 4 hours. After I woke up, I had this huge headache.
It was really painful. Now my life is getting worse because I’ve got the flu now, a severe headache every day and I’m tired every day.

Why did this happen to me?!
I’m going to do nothing this week except for resting. My body hurt so bad.. I really should pay a visit to the doctor.
I really hope I get better soon because the pain is unbearable. >_<

Wow~ Nexon has not released a single test server patch.. The last update was on the 16th of September, so it’s been a month.
What will the next patch contain? I think Halloween events.

I’m off to bed. -_-

KMST V342 ~ New Van Leon eqp prices

A minor patch. Look at the cool world/channel background. ^^
This patch changed the prices of the Van Leon equipment.

I think the castle of Lionheart is ready for the official server. I’m almost level 139 on my Viper, I’m hoping to get to 140 before this update appears.

I really want the Van Leon knuckle… My plan is to get that knuckle and use all 60% scrolls. Hopefully all will succeed because my Reverse Equinox is crap. I don’t dare to use a potential scroll on my Reverse. T_T;

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