KMST V377 ~ Warrior restructuring part 3

A quick update on the situation in the test server. A new patch was released yesterday, I think these small changes are the finishing touch to the restructuring of the Warrior class. The patch for the official patch will most likely occur tomorrow.

To see part 1 of the recent restructuring of the Warrior class, please click here.
To see part 2 of the recent restructuring of the Warrior class, please click here.

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KMST V376 ~ Warrior restructuring part 2 & New events!

I expected more classes to be rebalanced but apparently it’s only the Warrior for now.
On the 24th of March, a new test server patch has been released and it contains part 2 of the Warrior restructuring, minor bugfixes and some events that the old and new Warriors will definitely like!

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KMST 1.2.376 ~ Monster Park (video)

A new test server patch has been released yesterday with more Warrior restructuring.
I have to apologize that I’ll cover this news later today or tomorrow. ^^

I did create a video about Monster Park for you. Please check it out~
Remember to watch it in 720p (HD) for high quality.

[Alternative Link]

-What is Monster Park?-

Monster Park is a new party play zone available from players who are level 20 or higher.
There are three gates you can enter. Each gate has a variety of dungeons you can enter solo or with party members.
The 50% additional EXP applies in this new content.

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KMST V374 ~ Monster Park coming soon?

This patch doesn’t add something new except for minor changes. Though, there are a few things that are worth mentioning.

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KMST V371 ~ New events & New changes

Hey folks!

Nexon released a new test server patch on the 17th. New events & new changes. Nothing drool worthy.
Well.. There is something to drool about… But I will tell you that later~

In this update, they’re preparing for two new events. One event is already in progress and the other event will start later. The latter event is known as the Archaeologist event.
This event is known to me and this is probably the 4th or 5th time that I’ve joined this event.

Furthermore, there are new world maps available, PvP changes and something to drool about…

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KMST V369 ~ Minor changes

A small patch was released in the test server. There’s no sign of new content yet.  A couple of PvP skills were adjusted for balancing reasons.
These changes in this patch were already implemented in the ver. 1.2.125 patch in January.
Changes like the reduction of the ice energy for the Ice Knight’s skills and updated skill icons.

New cash items in the Cash Shop ▼

MapleStory Korea will celebrate its 8th anniversary in 11 weeks.
I’ve got a feeling that this anniversary is gonna be big.

KMST V362 ~ PvP & other changes

A new update has been released in the test server yesterday. There are a lot of changes that I want to tell you about.
The name of the PvP map has been renamed to ”Battle Square”.  You can enter Battle Square through the Victoria Island cab.

Currently the Battle Square map is poorly designed with existing NPCs in place. They’re placeholders. The update made it possible that players can earn BP (Battle Points) and redeem the points for prices.

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