KMST V369 ~ Minor changes

A small patch was released in the test server. There’s no sign of new content yet.  A couple of PvP skills were adjusted for balancing reasons.
These changes in this patch were already implemented in the ver. 1.2.125 patch in January.
Changes like the reduction of the ice energy for the Ice Knight’s skills and updated skill icons.

New cash items in the Cash Shop ▼

MapleStory Korea will celebrate its 8th anniversary in 11 weeks.
I’ve got a feeling that this anniversary is gonna be big.

KMS ver. 1.2.125 ~ Ice Knight & Lunar New Year

Three days ago the Ice Knight patch was released in the official server. Much faster than I expected, but I don’t mind fast content.
In the test server, the Ice Knight was pretty easy to beat but it’s different now because the Ice Knight is stronger in the official server.

Not only Ice Knight was added, we got a bunch of Lunar New Year events which makes this patch a lot more better.

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KMST V367 ~ Ice Knight

Hey there! There has been a few patches released in the test server that I didn’t mention about such as the Lunar New Year events.
I think version 367 is worth telling you.

On January 15th, the Super Fight content was added to the official server. Since then there has been a lot PvP skill adjustments to make it fair for everyone. Recently I got a score of 1000 in Survival mode. There’s an event going where you have to achieve certain scores and if you achieved those scores, you will be awarded with Larson Challenger Event items. The event items expire, but if you have done all the score quests and eventually achieved 1000, you will be awarded with one permanent Larson Challenger item.

I got a pendant, but it’s useless for me because I already have a Horntail Pendant.
I rather have the shoulder pad since shoulder pads are really hard if you have lag in PvP. ㅠ

Anyway, the Ice Knight mode has been added to the test server. ^^

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