Amazing 10! Hot Time!

Today is May 4, 2013. Five days ago MapleStory turned 10 years old! However, the Anniversary update has already been released earlier.
There are tons of new events, Anniversary equipment and content. I will not be covering most of the events and content anymore. I have to look what is ahead of me, right?

Today there was a Hot Time event. Exactly at 2:30 PM everyone who is logged on in the game will receive a special Hot Time box.

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2:30 PM = Hot Time!

Once in a while there are pretty exciting MapleStory events. One of them is the Hot Time event. It’s an event where you have to be logged on before 2:30 PM.
When one minute has passed, you will get a package which has a SP reset scroll (100%) and a random item which can be a Timeless equipment or a cash item.

Today’s Hot Time event was different~ This time you can get a SP reset scroll and a mysterious love letter 100%! The mysterious love letter gives you a random amount of fame.
As a bonus, you can get either: a lucky medal, a cash item, useless potions, 60% scrolls, advanced equipment enhancement scroll or a secret mastery book.

Before it was 2:30 PM, the server was already overpopulated. A lot of people were waiting near the NPC Cassandra.
At 2:31 PM I got a message from Cassandra and she gave me a premium package.

When I received the package, I already saw a lot of server-sided messages of people getting Miracle Cubes.
So I opened mine and I got a 60% accessory for DEX scroll. =.=;;

I think I will throw away my SP reset scroll.. Because I don’t need it. I got +10 fame from the mysterious love letter.

It was a fun… for a while. I wanted the lucky medal…

+5 AllStat
+300 HP/MP
+5 Weapon and Magic Attack
+300 Physical and Magic Defense
+100 Accuracy and Avoidability

A Platinum Scissor of Karma can be used on this medal to make it tradeable. But… I don’t think it will be cheap.
I saw a few smegas of people selling this medal for 2 billion mesos.

Go figure…