Dual Blader and Cannon Shooter, ready for takeoff!

This will be our moment!

That feeling~

Seems like some people judged too fast about the “special treatment” for Dual Blader and the Cannon Shooter character class.
The RED update was actually divided in three updates, but it seems we’re getting a fourth update which will probably include this revamp.
As of right now, we don’t have Boss Arena (Boss PvP). I’m curious what Nexon has in store this time.

I have sympathy for the Flame Wizard and Night Walker users. No revamp for you yet.

KMST V355 ~ Reorganization Update Part 2

It was only a matter of time for part 2. This update gives another set of skill changes and this time the SP Reset scroll was given to all characters.

This is good news for everyone who messed up their skill points during the Big Bang update, now you’re given a second chance.
The cap from the item’s maxHP, maxMP, physical defense, magic defense, accuracy and avoidability has been raised to 999.

Part 2 of this update offers new skill changes. Aran’s Final Blow can now deal 100% critical damage, Crossbow Master’s Sniping can now deal 4×900% damage only on boss monsters, the instant kill applies to normal monsters and there’s no more durability on Captain’s Battleship.

Read more for the changes~

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KMST V353 ~ The reorganization update has arrived

The latest update in the test server is finally the anticipated ‘reorganization’ update.
The reorganization update contains major stuff. New skills, skill animations and of course the changes.

As you see on the image above, Aran, Evan, Resistance and Dual Blade are back and available for creation!!
Currently Dual Blade is only available in the test server, I do not know if Dual Blade will be back for creation in KMS.

In this update, several combat calculation formulas (defense, accuracy and avoidability) have changed.
To reflect this change, the HP, MP, physical defense, magic defense, accuracy and avoidability bonus on scrolls and consumable items have been changed upward.

Future Soul Masters will have a hard time leveling, because Nexon replaced the Brandish quest with Soul Driver. That means when you advance to 3rd job, you’ll obtain a Brandish at Lv. 70 and Soul Driver at Lv. 100.
Soul Driver got nerfed too.. Soul Driver can attack up to 6 monsters with 180% damage instead of 8 monsters and 250% damage.

By the way, in the test server we didn’t get a SP reset scroll, but I’m fairly certain we will get one when this update hits the official server.
Read more for the changed skills!

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The first Lv. 200 Dual Blader in KMS ~ 첫사랑2004

The Aran character ‘Kara‘ leveled up to 200 in 68 days. It was impressive to see the speed, however when Evan was released, ‘Slim’ leveled up to 200 in just 47 days!
But with an ultimate attack, you level up faster, right?

Dual Blade was released on February 25th in MapleStory, since then a lot of people have created characters.
After 72 days, a level 200 Dual Blader was born.

Quite surprising, eh? Dual Blade is such a strong and fast job, yet the Evan character is the fastest leveler.
Kara and Slim always trained in mini dungeons and they were with more people who gave them EXP and help.

Speaking of Dual Blade…

Dual Blade can still be created in MapleStory until May 9.
I quickly created one since I had an empty slot left.

Two more videos of Dual Blade and this job is limited?

Yesterday Dual Blade was released on the official server. On patch day, Dual Blade was tweaked again.

– Damage of Mirror Imaging  (Shadow Partner) increased from 50% to 60% damage.
– MP consumption of Sudden Raid increased from 470 MP to 980 MP.
– Increased delay of Slash Storm and Bloody Storm.

Before the increased delay of Slash and Bloody Storm, you were practically invisible all the time. But now when you attack with Slash or Bloody Storm, you will get hit by a monster.

When KMS releases a patch, they will post a patch note and a preview.
I looked at the preview of version 1.2.92(Dual Blade) and noticed this image.

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KMST V293-V294 ~ A stronger Dual Blade

I think I should clear up a few things.

Q: Actually the name of the new ‘thief’ is dual blade or dual blader??
A:  The name of the job changes per advancement.

Q: Hey Spadow how does the 1st Job Advancement work? So you make a normal character like normal and work your way through Maple Island like a normal class or what? And is it possible to make your character level 10 now and use it later to Job Adv?
A: You create Dual Blade through the character selection window. You will start on Maple Island and at Lv. 10 you will be a Rogue with a few skills: Nimble Body, Disorder, Dark Sight and Double Stab.
It’s not possible to create a Lv. 10 character and wait till Dual Blade comes out.

Q: What’s the different from 20 & 20+ job?
A: You will get different skills and a new job name.

Q: Hey spadow, whats the real mount of dual blade? Because I’m confused if the real mount of dual blade is that tiger or other mount. Can you please tell me the real mount?
A: In a recent patch,  the ability for Dual Blade to obtain the Monster Riding quest from Kenta has been added. So that means Dual Blade will get the Hog and Silver Mane mounts.

Q: So they wear one dagger and one blade? can they wear 2 blades? or 2 daggers? just asking
A: You cannot wear two blades. Only one dagger and one blade.

In version 1.2.293 and 1.2.294 the skills of the Dual Blade job got buffed.

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