The return of Spadow?


Could it be…? Maybe…

Hello everyone.

It’s been a long time, right? Looking at my blog, my adventure ended on the 8th of June in 2011.
That’s a looooong time! How have you been? In my absence MapleStory has gone through different updates either good or bad. Actually, the last update was bad. It made a lot of players in Korea upset.
I’m sure by now you know about the Unlimited update? An update that lifts the damage cap, level cap , raises the stats of boss monsters and the drop rate.

Nexon has lost players. But it seems the company is convinced the players will come back when the Summer update is released. Details about that will be revealed on May 19.
Why the sudden return? First of all, I’m not entirely sure if I will come back because I have lost a great amount of interest in MapleStory. I do play every day but the amount of time I spend is so little.
In my last post I said that I would continue posting updates through Twitter and YouTube and that’s what I did if you kept track.

If I come back to my blog I will maybe do it a bit differently on managing my blog. Though, would you care for my return?
I really love to blog and just spread my information to you so that everyone is aware of what’s going on in MapleStory and in the gaming world.
For the last 22 months I’ve checked my blog every now and then. If you worked so hard for your blog you just cannot delete it. It is a disservice to me and my visitors.

There you go. I might return to my blog and post updates like I used to about my adventures.