Patiently waiting for the next patch

A new test server patch… It’s going to happen this week. Very soon.
The second update ”Spell of Awakening” will be released in April to the test server and public server.

I predict that the patch date for the public server is April 28. One day before MapleStory’s 8th anniversary.
My expectations for the upcoming test server patch are high.

The Magician restructuring, Monster Park expansion, new events and in particular the anniversary events along with the 8th year anniversary Maple equipment will all come together in the next test server patches.

I made an Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning) in preparation for the restructuring. ^o^
In other news, it seems that other MapleStory versions will receive the Chaos update sooner than I thought.
An associate producer from Nexon America confirmed in an interview that GMS will turn into Chaos in Summer.

However, CMS already made the first step by temporarily disabling the character creation of Aran, Evan, Dual Blade and Resistance.
The same thing happened to KMS and it was indicated that this was in preparation for the Chaos update.

The notice on the website says it will upgrade to V092 in late April which means CMS will get Chaos before May?
Interesting development. ^^

KMS ver. 1.2.122 ~ Super Fight!

The third and last patch of the Chaos update has arrived in the official server on January 13, 2011!
Now I know why Nexon named this update ”Chaos”… It is literally chaos. The Super Fight patch got delayed by a lot of hours and when it finally opened, some servers (one of them was the server I play in) were still not open yet due maintenance and oh boy, that maintenance lasted a good amount of time. People were getting system errors and rollbacks. Good thing I went to bed.

Aside from the Windows Vista & 7 compatibility issue, which still is not fixed, new problems rises to the surface… All players living abroad are having a hard time patching the game. I can’t even patch the game because it’s so slow. Even my Tespia client isn’t updated yet because of this. -_-‘

I’m thankful that some people in Korea have uploaded patch files, so that players like me can patch much faster. I’m really dependent on those people now…

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MapleStory Chaos: Super Fight (대난투) update trailer

[Alternative Link]

I uploaded this video on YouTube yesterday and I like this video a lot. I didn’t expect an animation like this, did you?
One day left for me for the last Chaos update: Super Fight.
Enable Closed Caption (CC) to see the English subtitles.

Tomorrow it’s patch day and these days Nexon Korea isn’t doing very well. The Windows Vista & 7 compatibility issue and a lot of (Aran) hackers at the moment.
I’m not sure if I can record a video of PvP because of the compatibility issue.
I’ll let you know more by tomorrow and enjoy the epic Super Fight update trailer~ ^^

KMS ver. 1.2.119 ~ The Technological Age

Finally!~ The second part of the Chaos update has been released.
The ‘Technological Age’ update is an exciting update because you can learn new profession skills.
High-leveled players are in for a treat, because the Door of the Future has been added in this patch.

[Alternative Link]

I promised earlier that I would explain the new profession skill system when it hits the official server. And it’s finally here!

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The best event so far…

Since there is a maintenance going on..I think it’s the perfect time to tell you something about what the players of KMS are getting on January 1st.
Nexon gave us a lot of exciting events during Big Bang. One example of this was Hot Time. Logon at a specific time and obtain a package with surprises in it such as a SP reset scroll, items and scrolls.

New events were held when the first Chaos update was released, but this particular event is really great. It’s called 2PM event.

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The first Chaos update topped 280,000 concurrent users

Nexon has announced that the first Chaos update of MapleStory has topped around 280,000 concurrent users. That is less than the Big Bang update… Big Bang topped around 416,000 concurrent users making it a personal best record for MapleStory in Korea.

The chief who’s in charge of the overall development of MapleStory, Oh Han Byul, said in an interview that he would like to break the record of the Big Bang update. Unfortunately, Big Bang is still number 1. However, 280,000 is still a very good achievement.

Do you know why this update only topped less than Big Bang? Because it’s winter.  There’s always competition in the winter because of the large updates and many people have a long break.
It’s a perfect time for games to release their large updates like MapleStory, Dungeon & Fighter etc.

The last term of 2010 for the test server will end very soon… It was a pretty fun term and I liked the new content.
I hope I will be selected again in 2011~

Next week the second update of the Chaos update will be released and the third (PvP!) in January.
I’m anticipating for the new profession skill system and the new high-leveled area.

KMS ver. 1.2.117 ~ Return of the Hero

Yesterday the first patch of the Chaos update went live. This update ‘Return of the Hero’ gives Dual Blade and the Hero jobs balanced skills, along with the other jobs. I’m sorry, Mr. Mechanic. :<

I've already posted the skill changes that were made in the test server. If you want to know more, click on each part:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Everyone was entitled to one SP reset scroll in this patch. I used one and replaced Lv. 1 Snatch with Energy Orb.
Nexon Korea likes to throw in some new worlds with big updates. This has been proven with the launch of Aran, Evan, Dual Blade, Resistance and Big Bang…

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