KMST V369 ~ Minor changes

A small patch was released in the test server. There’s no sign of new content yet.  A couple of PvP skills were adjusted for balancing reasons.
These changes in this patch were already implemented in the ver. 1.2.125 patch in January.
Changes like the reduction of the ice energy for the Ice Knight’s skills and updated skill icons.

New cash items in the Cash Shop ▼

MapleStory Korea will celebrate its 8th anniversary in 11 weeks.
I’ve got a feeling that this anniversary is gonna be big.

Accuracy and avoidability percent change!

Update: The stats were changed back to + in version V303.

Just now I’ve been surfing on insoya and I see topics about a change in accuracy and avoidability.
I logged on Tespia and hovered the cursor on my equipment.

Guess what?
Accuracy and avoidability of every single equipment changed to %.

First HP on the earrings from Lex and now accuracy and avoidability. Do you think they will change defense as well?

KMST V224 ~ Aran changes


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