Coming soon!

Hey everyone. MapleStory’s first festival is just around the corner and I know what is coming soon.
In the latest update of Tespia, they’ve added new jobIDs to a lot of quests in which a ”Shadow Temple” has been mentioned.

The new jobIDs are:


This means it is an entirely new Warrior job. There will also be new areas.
I’m sorry for not posting a lot of updates, but I’m waiting for the festival to begin.

Other than MapleStory I have been playing Dungeon Striker which entered open beta a few days ago.
It is a new game from the creators of Dragon Nest. I’ve been playing in the closed beta and I anticipated for the open beta release.
If you have a hangame account you can download this game at Join the 엘리아 server because that’s where I am playing in.

Current videos of the new skill updates

I guess by now you already know that the ”Balance Patch” was released a few days ago.
What do you think? Do you think Nexon is improving the quality of the skills?

Fire Arrow can hit up to 4 enemies now which is pretty good. Viper’s stance effect has been increased to 90% and attack distance of Fist has been expanded. I can’t wait to try this stuff out!

Anyway, you guys want to see the skill updates in action? Well here are some of the videos. Enjoy!

KMST 1.2.275 ~ Skill Updates: Dark Sight

KMST 1.2.275 ~ Skill Updates: Fire Arrow & Exploison

KMST 1.2.275 ~ Skill Updates: Venom & Band of Thieves

KMST 1.2.275 ~ Skill Updates: Boomerang Step & Assaulter

Official Neo City poster

Official Neo City poster.
I like it.

HQ or HD videos?

I was viewing some of my videos on YouTube and thought if I should continue uploading HQ videos instead of widescreen HD videos.
Uploading 16:9 videos in HD are:

  • Larger in size,
  • Cannot see everything on a video
  • Pain in the ass to upload due to big size.

I always disliked the thick black border, but I’ve watched some HQ videos and I prefer HQ over HD.
I always think people don’t click the full-screen button, but viewing a HQ video in full-screen is very clear and good.

In HQ, you can see everything what happens, you can see your LV/HP/MP etc. In HD, you can’t because of the resolution.
My HD quality is pretty good, though. I mean, look at this video:

What do you think? Should I continue uploading my videos in HD  (High Definition) or HQ (High Quality)?

Upload Failed: An unknown error occured.

I’ve been trying to upload my Aran 3rd job video for the last 5 days, and every day the upload failed, the error was unknown.
This really pisses me off, because this video takes nearly 5~6 hours to upload. (It’s around 506 MB large, and my upload connection isn’t that great)

At the community forums, nobody gave me an useful suggestion, damn YouTube!


A new English KMS community –

A new English KMS community has been born ””. Adventures in KMS gets replaced by this forum, one of the AiKMS admins bought the domain.
By any chance, please visit the forums and sign up! If you need any help just go to!


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