MapleStory 2 – The public alpha test

Hello there. It’s been a while since we’ve met, haven’t we? I’ve been posting a lot of information on my Tumblr blog.
But I feel like I should give my WordPress blog another shot, because it is something I cannot let go.

You all have heard about MapleStory 2 by now. Almost six years ago, I first published news about the development of MapleStory 2. It’s shocking that almost six years have passed by now… The development team behind MapleStory 2, projectMS has decided to let users test their game in alpha state. The game was first developed by NSquare which was a collaboration between Nexon and NCsoft, but that team has been disbanded and projectMS came to life. That is also why you see NSquare in the cinematic trailer, but projectMS in the later videos.

In this blog entry I’d like to give you my review on the alpha test that was in progress from September 17 till the 21st.
Be warned that there is a lot of text. I am looking forward to your questions and opinions.

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