KMST V378 ~ Magician class restructuring & 8th anniversary

What did I tell you? A new test server patch was finally released yesterday after a few extensions.
My predictions came true. This update contains the Magician class restructuring, Monster Park expansion for players above level 120 and the 8th anniversary events.

An interesting development in this update is that Nexon changed the party play zones into regular play zones with exception of Monster Park.
This means that Ellin Forest, Neo City, Lion King’s Castle and Knight’s Fortress no longer give the +50% additional EXP per party member.
Nexon adjusted the stats of the monsters because of this change.

I’m planning not to post the info about the 8th anniversary events until it’s in the public server.
I like to see everything finalized and I want to really experience it the fullest with my Viper.

Let me introduce you to…

The unicorn pet!!
Another pet makes it way into this patch and it’s another one of those pets that has the ability to auto buff your skill.

I promised to explain Monster Park in detail and I will. In this update,  Monster Park has been expanded and finalized for all players from level 13 until 200.

A new type of item called Badge can be acquired from exchanging Spiegelman’s Coins.
More information will come soon about this~

Read more to see the changed Magician skills.

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Patiently waiting for the next patch

A new test server patch… It’s going to happen this week. Very soon.
The second update ”Spell of Awakening” will be released in April to the test server and public server.

I predict that the patch date for the public server is April 28. One day before MapleStory’s 8th anniversary.
My expectations for the upcoming test server patch are high.

The Magician restructuring, Monster Park expansion, new events and in particular the anniversary events along with the 8th year anniversary Maple equipment will all come together in the next test server patches.

I made an Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning) in preparation for the restructuring. ^o^
In other news, it seems that other MapleStory versions will receive the Chaos update sooner than I thought.
An associate producer from Nexon America confirmed in an interview that GMS will turn into Chaos in Summer.

However, CMS already made the first step by temporarily disabling the character creation of Aran, Evan, Dual Blade and Resistance.
The same thing happened to KMS and it was indicated that this was in preparation for the Chaos update.

The notice on the website says it will upgrade to V092 in late April which means CMS will get Chaos before May?
Interesting development. ^^

KMST V377 ~ Warrior restructuring part 3

A quick update on the situation in the test server. A new patch was released yesterday, I think these small changes are the finishing touch to the restructuring of the Warrior class. The patch for the official patch will most likely occur tomorrow.

To see part 1 of the recent restructuring of the Warrior class, please click here.
To see part 2 of the recent restructuring of the Warrior class, please click here.

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KMST V376 ~ Warrior restructuring part 2 & New events!

I expected more classes to be rebalanced but apparently it’s only the Warrior for now.
On the 24th of March, a new test server patch has been released and it contains part 2 of the Warrior restructuring, minor bugfixes and some events that the old and new Warriors will definitely like!

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KMST 1.2.376 ~ Monster Park (video)

A new test server patch has been released yesterday with more Warrior restructuring.
I have to apologize that I’ll cover this news later today or tomorrow. ^^

I did create a video about Monster Park for you. Please check it out~
Remember to watch it in 720p (HD) for high quality.

[Alternative Link]

-What is Monster Park?-

Monster Park is a new party play zone available from players who are level 20 or higher.
There are three gates you can enter. Each gate has a variety of dungeons you can enter solo or with party members.
The 50% additional EXP applies in this new content.

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KMST V375 ~ Monster Park & Warrior class restructuring

Hey everyone. It’s been a while. The past week was very quiet in the test server, but finally today an update has been released and it’s great!
Nexon finally acknowledged the poor skill effects of the Knight and Paladin class and revamped the effects in this update.

Furthermore, the Warrior classes, including Soul Master, have been restructured. Some classes have new skills and their skills refined.
What I noticed is that only the Warrior class has been restructured in this update. Does that mean there will be more coming up in the next updates?

A week ago, I published an entry about something that might be coming soon to the test server. Monster Park! It’s finally here~

Mr. Spiegelman decided to open a park where we can fight monsters with party members.
Want to know more?

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KMST V374 ~ Monster Park coming soon?

This patch doesn’t add something new except for minor changes. Though, there are a few things that are worth mentioning.

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