Spadow’s Blog becomes mobile friendly

Do you own an iPhone, BlackBerry, other smartphones or any phone that can access the Internet?
WordPress added two themes:

  • WPtouch
    Will be displayed to phones with modern web browsers like those on the iPhone and Android phones.
  • WordPress Mobile Edition and
    Will be displayed to all other mobile devices.

This is great! My blog loads faster and it’s much easier to view images and read.

1st Anniversary for Spadow’s Blog~

Hello. I’m Spadow.

Today, 22 September, marks the day that my blog is one year old.
Congratulations to me~ ^^

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It’s almost time to celebrate!

Guess what I am celebrating soon…


New theme made a new theme available for users.

What do you think? I like it, a lot better than the previous theme.
Although, this theme does not support custom headers.


Just a little notification: I’m Back.


A little update: I will be on vacation for around 3 weeks.

After that I’ll be updating this blog as you’re used to!

Update 8/8/09: My vacation ends in less than a week. I’m so outdated! ;_;



You can no longer vote.

I wil keep this theme for a while…