KMST V278 ~ Balance Patch part three

The preview of the return of the Adventurer gave us a hint that the balance was not done yet.
The third and probably the last balance patch has arrived.

The balance patch is scheduled for KMS on the 7th of January.

Check out Part One and Part Two~

Let me check out the new skill changes!

KMST V276 ~ Balance Patch part two

Part One. Part Two contains skill changes to the Magician, Thief and Warrior job. I’m pretty sure that Arch Mages will be happy with the skill change in this patch. Paladin got buffed up too.

Click here to check out the new changes!

KMST V275 ~ Balance Patch part one


메이플스토리 클라이언트 Ver. 1.2.275가 릴리즈 되었습니다.
MapleStory client Ver. 1.2.275 has been released.

이번 패치에서는 다음과 같은 사항이 수정, 추가되었습니다.
In this patch the following issues were changed.

<게임 관련>
<Game Related>

1. 위자드와 메이지의 스킬이 변경 되었습니다.
1. The skills of Wizard and Mage has changed.

  • 파이어 에로우가 다수의 적을 공격할 수 있도록 변경 되었습니다.
  • The number of enemies Fire Arrow can attack has been increased.
    ┕ Can attack up to 4 enemies (Lv. 21)

  • 익스플로젼의 공격력이 향상되고 및 공격 시전 시간이 짧아 졌습니다.
  • The basic attack of Explosion has been increased and casting time decreased.
    ┕ Attack increased from 120 → 130 (Lv. 30)

  • 엘리먼트 엠플리피케이션으로 증폭되는 마법 공격력이 향상 되었습니다.
  • The magic attack damage of Element Amplification has been increased.
    ┕ Magic attack damage increased from 140% → 150% (Lv. 30)

2.  해적 건슬링거의 스킬이 변경되었습니다.
2. The pirate skills of Gunslinger has been changed.

  • 모든 스킬 공격시 근접 타격 공격이 발동되지 않도록 수정되었습니다.
  • All skill attacks can be used when you are attacking too close.

  • 더블파이어의 사정거리 및 기본 공격력이 향상 되었습니다.
  • The range distance and basic attack of Double Fire has been improved.
    ┕ Damage increased from 80% → 110% (Lv. 20)
    ┖ Range increased from 350% → 380% (Lv. 19 & 20)

  • 백스텝샷의 재사용 가능 시간이 단축되었습니다.
  • The re-use time of Backstep Shot has been decreased.

  • 파이어 버너, 래피드 파이어, 쿨링 이펙트의 사정거리 및 공격력이 향상되었습니다.
  • The range distance and basic attack of Fire Burner, Rapid Fire and Cooling Effect has been improved.
    ┕ Fire Burner: damage increased from 160% → 190% (Lv. 30)
    ┕ Rapid Fire:  damage increased from 170% → 200% (Lv. 30)
    ┕ Cooling Effect: damage increased from 130% → 160% (Lv. 30)

  • 배틀쉽의 내구도가 증가했습니다.
  • Durability of Battleship has been increased.

  • 속성강화의 도트 데미지가 향상되고 결빙 지속 시간이 증가하였습니다.
  • The dot damage and freezing time of Elemental Boost has been improved.
    ┕ DOT damage increased from 5% → 10% (Lv. 25)
    ┖ Freezing time increased from 2 seconds → 4 seconds (Lv. 30)

3. 해적 인파이터의 스킬이 변경되었습니다.
3. The pirate skills of Viper has been changed.

  • 에너지 차지의 스탠스 효과가 향상되었습니다.
  • The stance effect of Energy Charge has been improved.
    ┕ Stance probability increased from 50% → 90% (Lv. 30)

  • 피스트의 공격범위가 확대 되었습니다.
  • The attack range of Fist has been improved.

4. 도적 시프, 시프마스터, 섀도어의 스킬이 변경되었습니다.
4.  The thief skills of Bandit, Chief Bandit and Shadower has been changed.

  • 인듀어로 회복되는 HP, MP량이 증가하였습니다.
  • The HP and MP recovery of Endure has been increased.
    ┕ HP increased from 60 → 100 and MP increased from 20 → 40 (Lv. 20)

  • 시브즈의 공격력이 향상되었습니다.
  • The damage of Band of Thieves has been increased.
    ┕ Damage increased from 210% → 250% (Lv. 30)

  • 다크사이트의 재사용 시간이 짧아졌습니다.
  • The re-use time of Dark Sight has been decreased.

  • 베놈의 독 데미지 지속시간이 증가하였고 성공확률이 증가하였습니다.
  • The remaining time of poison damage and success rate of Venom has been increased.
    ┕ Poison Damage time increased from 4 → 8 seconds and success rate increased from 30% → 50% (Lv. 30)

  • 암살의 데미지가 향상되었습니다.
  • Assassination damage increased.
    ┕ Accumulative damage increased from 12 seconds damage →   8 seconds damage (Lv. 30)

  • 부메랑 스텝의 재사용 시간이 단축되었으며 지형에 따라 사용이 불가능하던 점이 개선되었습니다.
  • Cool time of Boomerang Step has been decreased and can now be used regardless of terrain shape.

  • 어썰터의 공격범위 및 공격력이 상향되었습니다.
  • The attack range and damage of Assaulter has been increased.
    ┕ Damage increased from 450% →  500% (Lv. 30)

  • 메소가드의 메소 소모량이 감소하였으며 지속 시간이 증가되었습니다.
  • The Meso consumption of Meso Guard has been decreased and the duration has been increased.
    ┕  Meso consumption decreased from 78% →  61% and duration increased from 120 seconds → 180 seconds (Lv. 20)

The long awaited balance patch is finally here. Major changes to the existing Adventurer job. Although… This is just part one~
Nexon said in a Q&A that they will buff up Arch Mage and Paladin as well.

Patch, patch, patch!

This month a lot of different versions of MapleStory released new, huge content.
March should have been the jackpot for MS, but instead of delivering huge content, they released a party quest for Lv. 75 ~ 200.


Let’s have an overview of what kind of content other versions got for their March update.

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KMST 1.2.190 – Balanced skills

These skill changes are good to see. I can’t wait to use Screw Punch or Backspin Blow while Transformed! With these skill changes I’ll believe KMS now has a higher chance to kill Pink Been quicker. It’s still bugged at the moment. I expect to see more Pink Been updates, the patch notice said they added a Mastery Book:
[Mastery Book] Maple Warrior 30!
Who drops it? I do not know, but we will see in the future.

Pink Been in China MapleStory Test is good to go, i have seen screenshots of players trying to kill Pink Been after the 5th phase, but not the actual defeat yet.
For the patch notice, click on ”more…”
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9/1 – Current videos of the updated skills

Here are some videos after the balance patch and test server patch.
My previous post contains videos in the test server.

I will try my best to search for better videos.
Thank you for those who uploaded the original videos.

KMST 1.2.275 ~ Skill Updates: Backstep Shot (Haste + Wings)

KMS ver. 1.2.89 ~ Skill Updates: Fist, Energy Charge, Buster and Dragon Strike

KMST 1.2.278 ~ Skill Updates: Strafe

KMS ver. 1.2.89 ~ Skill Updates: Blast, Holy Charge, Rush, Thunder Charge and Charged Blow

KMS ver. 1.2.89 ~ Lv. 150 Paladin with updated skills hunting in Road of Regrets 5

KMS ver. 1.2.89 ~ The return of the Adventurers

Finally! The balance patch arrived.
Like I said, part three of the balance patch in the test server was the last one.

Everything from the test server is implemented in this patch. Including the Adventurer Rings.
I just noticed that the rings were nerfed. I edited my previous post about the Adventurer Rings.

Click here for the OLD stats.
These are the NEW stats:

Adventurer’s Cruel Ring
REQ LV: 30
Weapon Attack: +3
Magic Attack: +1
HP: +180
MP: +100
Has a 1% chance to instant kill 1 enemy
5% chance of dealing Critical Damage (20% Damage)

Adventurer’s Critical Ring
REQ LV: 30
Weapon Attack: +2
Magic Attack: +1
HP: +180
MP: +100
Has a 1% chance to instant kill 1 enemy
10% chance of dealing Critical Damage (10% Damage)

Adventurer’s Magical Ring
REQ LV: 30
Weapon Attack: +1
Magic Attack: +5
HP: +100
MP: +180
Has an 8% chance to stun an enemy for 6 seconds
5% chance of dealing Critical Damage (20% Damage)

And something new in this patch is that you can NOT wear Lilin’s Ring ()  and a Adventurer Ring (,,) at the same time. And you can only wear ONE Adventurer Ring.
This was applied and tested in the latest test server update and brought over to version 1.2.89.

It is probably for the best. People would be too overpowered if they could wear Lilin’s Ring along with these three Adventurer Rings.
I can’t imagine how many people are mad or happy at this moment.

For translated patch notes about the balance patch. ▼

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Yesterday there was a test server update that changed a few skills. Nothing major.

  • 파이어 에로우가 다수의 적을 공격할 수 있도록 변경 되었습니다.
  • The number of enemies Fire Arrow can attack has been increased.
    ┕ Can attack up to 3 enemies (Lv. 30)
    ┕ The Mob Count was 4.

  • 파이어 샷의 데미지가 상향 되었으며, 최대 6초간 화염 지속 데미지를 주도록 변경되었습니다.
  • Damage of Fire Shot has been increased, and it can now inflict 6 seconds of continuous fire damage.
    ┕ Damage increased from 150% → 160%.  Fire Damage lasts for 6 seconds. (Lv. 30)
    ┕ Fire Damage lasted for 7 seconds instead of 6.

And the Guardian Chief of Oblivion is now weak to Poison, Ice and Lightning.

└ Viper skill updates