MapleStory ~ Official Webtoon: Demian (Chapter 3)

The first and second chapter in English can be found here and here, thanks to Maplf. The artist (다솜) who created this webtoon has a Daum blog which can be found here.
I had spare time so this was possible all because of that. Anyway, read after the jump. Translation by me. Everything else by 다솜 (Dasom). :-)

Caution: After you have clicked on “read more”, please note that the images are really big, so therefore it might load slow. 

demian_1_engdemian_2_engdemian_3_engdemian_4_eng demian_5_eng demian_6_engdemian_7_eng

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13 Responses to MapleStory ~ Official Webtoon: Demian (Chapter 3)

  1. Dw says:

    This is fantastic! So that’s what happened inside the house.

  2. Krostos says:

    Sounds awesome and more thought out than what’s currently in-game, where he just comes back home and finds his house burning down..

  3. ckoh23 says:

    Is this canon to the story in the game?

  4. anon says:

    omg this is amazing, I wonder if he’s gonna do something for the heroes too.

  5. Emmanuel says:

    Damn, actually makes a lot more sense now. Thanks for the translations Spadow!

    • Emmanuel says:

      Coming from a dude that used to visit your blog a lot! Not much people come here though, and you’re still making blog entries…your thoughts?

      • Spadow says:

        A very large amount of visitors dropped when I quit my blog. My blog isn’t what it used to be a few years ago when it was on it highest peak. It was also possible because MapleStory was still interesting. But, the content Nexon has been dishing out are frustrating me and so I don’t feel like covering it all up with enthusiasm as I used to do.

        I still post snippets of information and reblog posts on Tumblr, though.

  6. zpoeuk says:

    Republicou isso em The Sorrowe comentado:
    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  7. Tamer Ismael says:

    Come on NEXON make it anime ASAP

  8. Sirius says:

    If this really happens , Nexon will deserve 1 cookie .

  9. Niernen says:

    That was quite sad. I saw it coming, but still, what an hard life.

  10. Woa that is a a deep look into the Demon Slayer and his brother…Wow Ark is shady…Than again he is a snake man
    Thanks for translating that

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